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Chapter 1308: Sky Devil Ge

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Chapter 1308: Sky Devil Ge

Countless stars dropped from the sky and fell on Cangzhi Plane.

b.l.o.o.d.y clouds emerged on the 35 primary material planes, and b.l.o.o.d.y rain fell.

“Stars fall, blood pours down from the sky! Golden Ape Emperor has fallen!”

“Another Empyrean of our universe has fallen!”

“Why can’t they get along? And fight Gumana Universe’s powerhouses together?”

“Get along? That’s impossible! In this era, our universe has only one opportunity at advancement to the Eternal realm. How can Empyreans who are dead set on fighting over this opportunity unite?”


Powerhouses in the universe sighed when they saw the visions of falling stars and b.l.o.o.d.y rain.

If it were not for the opportunity to advance to the Eternal realm, Empyreans would never fight a powerhouse such as Yang Feng to the death for no reason. However, countless prophets and divinators have predicted that there is an opportunity to advance to the Eternal realm in this era.

Naturally, those Empyreans cannot unite and can only fight endlessly for the sake of the opportunity to advance to the Eternal realm.

Yang Feng established the Ninth Warlock Imperial Court in order to gain great momentum, gather the power of the entire human race, and make himself more formidable and perfect.

In Infernal World, which was separated from the endless Abyss, tremendous vibrations surged all of a sudden.

On floors of Infernal World, the earth cracked and mountains collapsed as if the apocalypse has descended.

A devil grand duke looked at the devastation on the floors in horror and roared wildly, “What’s going on?”

An archdevil as big as the sky and blind in one eye slowly crawled out of a floor, and terrifying demonic might spread in all directions.

“That’s the legendary sky devil Ge!”

“The primogenitor of our devil race!”

“An Empyrean of our devil race!”


In Infernal World, the eyes of devil lords flashed with excitement when they saw the devil surrounded by countless chains and emanating a terrifying aura.

The sky devil with a terrifying aura is Ge, a powerhouse who once defeated Taboo Lord before they have ascended the Empyrean throne. He is an extremely terrifying sky devil. After Taboo Lord advanced to the Empyrean realm and became unequaled, he pursued Ge, yet the other party managed to escape alive. This shows that Ge’s combat power is incredible.

Ge struggle violently, and the countless chains binding him collapsed.

At the moment when the countless chains collapsed, the floor from which Ge emerged crumbled.

Ge opened his mouth and inhaled, and black aura ejected from his mouth and swept towards the floors of Infernal World.

“No! Don’t!”

The expression of a devil grand duke suddenly changed dramatically. All the power inside him was extracted, and he turned into ashes and disappeared.

“Why! Aren’t you the primogenitor of us devils?”

A devil viscount roared wildly in the direction of Ge. In just a breath of time, he was drained of all power and turned into ashes.

“Yes, I am your primogenitor. I gave you your life. Now give me back your life and become nutrients for my recovery!”

A cruel and overbearing voice streaked across Infernal World.

Rays of black demonic light dropped down from the clouds and fell on the floors.

Shrouded by the black demonic light, the helpless devil lords had their blood extracted, and then turned into ashes and disappeared.

Countless rays of black light entered Ge’s body, making his aura recover and become fearsome.

“Here I come! Devour Lord!”

Ge’s eye glimmered ferociously. He extended his hands and tore open the s.p.a.ce, and then plunged into the s.p.a.ce rift.

In an instant, outside the Eternal Duel Arena, a teleportation gate appeared and opened, and Ge walked out.

“Sky devil Ge!”

When Blue Moon Merfolk Empress saw sky devil Ge shrouded in twisting demonic light, her expression flickered.

Every Empyrean is a monster among monsters, a peerless prodigy of an era, an extremely formidable powerhouse. However, there differences in strength between Empyreans.

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The strongest are unequaled overlords like Time Lord and the rest of the seven Warlock Emperors. The weakest are powerhouses that just advanced to the Empyrean realm like Silver Autarch.

Under the siege of the endless soul projections, the 12 Ruler Saints were blasted 10,000 kilometers away. The 2 Empyrean rank heroic spirits were entangled by the soul projections of countless extraordinary life forms.

s.h.i.+ning with demonic light, Ge pursued the Holy grade mechanical rulers and smashed them one after another, including their core chips.

“So strong! So this is the primogenitor of the devils, the sky devil Ge! Worthy of a being who fought Taboo Lord and survived!”

Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered coldly. Countless runes shone, and he frantically extracted the power of the Kunmo Stone. He crossed the void and unleashed a halberd strike barreling towards Ge.

Four visions, a river of time, spatial gates, stars, and a black hole, appeared and shot towards Ge.

“Devour Lord, are you finally going all out? It’s a shame, but you’re too weak! Truly too weak! Even if you go all out, you’ll still be the one who’ll die!”

Ge smiled ferociously, and his remaining magic eye flashed with countless mysterious runes. A monstrous head formed from countless strange eyes flew out at once.

The countless strange eyes opened at once and radiated demonic light, which converged and attacked the four visions.

Under the bombardment of the fearsome demonic light radiated by the monstrous head, the torrent of time, the spatial gates, the stars, and the black hole were all obliterated. The remaining demonic light slammed into Yang Feng.

In a flash, Yang Feng felt severe pain in his head, weakness in his limbs, a slowed down flow of power in his body, and other symptoms as all kinds of incredible curses a.s.saulted him

Yang Feng’s body has already evolved into a perfect grade immortal body, making it comparable to that of a genuine Empyrean. Only his soul is still slightly inferior to that of a genuine Empyrean. As such, most curses cannot harm him.

But devils are naturally proficient in all kinds of strange curses. As the primogenitor of devils and one of the six sky devils, Ge’s arts of curses has reached the summit. Even Empyreans can hardly resist his curses.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Ge’s eye shone fiercely. In a flash, he appeared in front of Yang Feng and extended a claw towards the other party’s heart.

Now is the time Yang Feng is at his weakest. It is a great opportunity for Ge to inflict serious damage to Yang Feng in one go.

Ripples rose behind Yang Feng, and Ling emerged from behind him. The Whip of the Ruler in her hand shot out as if a poisonous dragon and slammed into Ge.


Along with an earth-shaking blare, Ge’s body caved in, and blood spilled into the starry sky.


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