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Chapter 2313 - Gui Zu And The Other's Situation

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Chapter 2313, Gui Zu And The Other’s Situation

Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“Big Brother and the others have really been imprisoned by this old dog?” Anger filled Chai Hu’s face as he roared out.

“Of course!” Chi Yue growled, as a glimmer of gloominess flashed across her face, “It’s all because of me falling for this old dog’s cheap words, causing Big Brother and the others to get captured by him.”

“Despicable! What a vile person!” Chai Hu cursed and spat fiercely at the ground. Although he was seriously injured, he still spat his mouthful of blood and saliva at Luo Jin. Nevertheless, the latter stood there without moving an inch, relying on a little extrusion of power to block the incoming blood and saliva, as his gaze grew exceedingly gloomy.

Yang Kai frowned, “Senior, the Big Brother you are talking about… who are you referring to?”

Although he had faintly guessed it in his heart, he did not dare to confirm it, resulting in him tossing this question out.

Chi Yue replied, “It’s your High Heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder, Gui Zu!”

“Eh?” Yang Kai’s eyebrows rose in elation, “So, Supreme Elder is here?”

“En. Not only is he here, but he’s also currently imprisoned in a certain place within this City Lord Mansion, which I’m not privy to,” Chi Yue gave a slight sigh.

“What about the others? Are they also here?” Yang Kai asked impatiently.

Chi Yue replied, “Union Master Gu and President Ai Ou are also here.”

Observing her expression, Yang Kai noticed something strange, causing him to feel slightly shocked and prompting him to continue his line of questioning, “What… about Senior Wu Dao?”

When they had set off from Shadowed Star, their group was six strong. Other than Yang Kai and Chi Yue, their group comprised the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President Ai Ou, Sword Union’s Union Master Gu Cang Yun, High Heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder Gui Zu, and the last one being the strongest person in the Star Field, Senior Wu Dao.

Other than Yang Kai, who was only a Second-Order Origin King back then, the rest were Third-Order Origin Kings, possessing the strongest combat power within the Star Field!

Relying on the Star Emperor Tokens left behind by Yang Yan, the six of them opened the Starlight Corridor, and after many trials and tribulations, they arrived at the Star Boundary, only to be met with an ambush within the corridor, leading to a chaotic fight which they lost.

Yang Kai had thought that the other five were very likely to be together. At this moment, after hearing Chi Yue mention Gui Zu, Ai Ou, and Gu Cang Yun, he immediately knew that his guess wasn’t wrong.

However, it was unavoidable for him to get a feeling of unease due to her exclusion of Wu Dao.

Indeed, after hearing Yang Kai’s question, Chi Yue’s expression turned gloomy, “Senior Wu Dao… has already pa.s.sed away!”

“What?” Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically, somewhat unable to believe what he had just heard.

Wu Dao was universally recognised as the strongest person in the Origin King Realm in his native Star Field, a peak Third-Order Origin King, lacking only one step to enter the Dao Source Realm. The only thing stopping him was the insufficient World Principles within the Star Field, which led to his inability to promote his cultivation realm.

Even Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Supreme Elder, Long Tian Shang, was extremely respectful to Wu Dao.

Chi Yue and the others regarded him as the strongest Master among their ranks.

However, never in his wildest dreams did Yang Kai expect that Wu Dao would actually die! The person hailed as the strongest Master had actually pa.s.sed away.

“How did Senior Wu Dao pa.s.s away?” Yang Kai’s expression turned cold as he turned to look at Luo Jin, “Was it due to him?”

Although he did not have much interaction with Wu Dao, they had gone through a life and death battle together after leaving the Star Field. Therefore, Yang Kai felt incomparably angry and pained upon hearing news of his pa.s.sing.

There were only six of them that had left the Star Field to come here, yet one of them had pa.s.sed away. This caused Yang Kai to feel sadness in his heart.

Chi Yue, however, shook her head, “This matter isn’t related to him. Senior Wu Dao… failed his breakthrough to the Dao Source Realm and pa.s.sed away under the World Energy Baptism.”

Yang Kai turned absent-minded for a moment after hearing her reply, before finally giving a long sigh, “Such is fate!”

Originally, Yang Kai had a.s.sumed that with Wu Dao’s cultivation and background, it should not be a problem for him to break through to the Dao Source Realm after arriving in the Star Boundary. Although he was not a hundred percent confident, Yang Kai felt that it should be a guarantee that Wu Dao would have succeeded. However, from what he had heard from Chi Yue, the latter had actually pa.s.sed away during his attempt to break through.

If not for receiving this news personally from Chi Yue, Yang Kai would absolutely not believe that this could happen.

That was because Chi Yue had already broken through to the Dao Source Realm. So, to him, it was unbelievable that Wu Dao had failed.

Fate was the only explanation for this, as that was something that could not be countered by the power of man.

“What about Gui Zu and the others?” Yang Kai asked again.

Chi Yue answered, “They were alright the last time we were together. Furthermore, all of them have already reached the Dao Source Realm, though I don’t know their current situation.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Right at this moment, Chai Hu, who had been listening by the side, suddenly interjected, “Little Brother, you actually recognize my Big Brother and my other Brothers?”

Hearing his question, Yang Kai laughed, “Your Big Brother is the Supreme Elder of my High Heaven Sect, and I am the Sect Master of the High Heaven Sect. Of course I know him.”

Chai Hu gawked and looked at Chi Yue, “Could he also be…”

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Chi Yue nodded her head gently.

As they continued to form hand seals, the Source Qi within their bodies seemed to form a unique resonance with each other.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he mumbled in slight surprise, “A Formation?”

It only took a single look for him to realise that these people seemed to be preparing to use some kind of Spirit Array. Just like the Seven Points Black Tortoise Formation, this Secret Technique also used the cultivators’ own bodies as a base for its formation.

Right as his words rang out, the recently appeared cultivators proceeded to take action in succession. They unleashed their power in pairs, taking only an instant to connect together to form a large net visible to the naked eye that covered Yang Kai and the others.

The large net was formed completely out of Source Qi. Nevertheless, it possessed an extremely powerful sealing capability. Once it enveloped its target, it would be capable of sealing an entire region.

Chai Hu and Chi Yue suddenly felt their shoulders sink down, causing them to feel as though they were being pressed down by large mountains. The circulation of Qi within their bodies turned sluggish, their meridians became blocked, and a stifling feeling filled their chests, making them gasp for air.

Compared to them, Yang Kai seemed to be in a slightly better condition, though his body had also shrunk in height slightly.

As the large net descended, it caught Yang Kai and the others off guard as it instantly trapped all of them within.

“Young Master Yang!” Ye Jing Han’s face drained of all colour as she shouted out in shock. Du Xian’s expression also turned ugly as thoughts started to whirl rapidly in his heart.

Today, he had aided Yang Kai in front of everyone’s eyes, and thus had gone against Luo Jin, which meant that he had completely entered into a confrontation against the City Lord’s Mansion. He had only done so for the sake of going along with Ye Jing Han’s wishes. If not, how could he have possibly taken such actions? He was starting to blame himself for being too impulsive upon seeing Yang Kai in a situation that was far from good now. If they were unable to escape from the City Lord’s Mansion today, the few of them might have to stay here forever.

Thinking this way, he clenched his teeth and sneakily transmitted a message to Ye Jing Han, “Ye’er, later, on my signal, we’ll rush out of here together.”

Hearing his words, Ye Jing Han shook her head, “We have to rescue Young Master Yang.”

Du Xian replied, “That’s impossible. Later, when Luo Jin finishes up with Young Master Yang, we will be the next ones on his list. It’ll be too late for us to leave by then.”

“If Young Master Yang is unable to escape from here, we will also definitely be unable to leave. If you wish to leave, the only choice will be to rescue Young Master Yang.”

Du Xian stared at her in stunned shock, “You have that much confidence in him? He’s only a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator!”

Ye Jing Han gave a bitter laugh, “You will know in the future that some people will be able to achieve what others can’t despite their cultivation realm. Furthermore, Young Master Yang is related to the future rise or fall of our Thousand Leaves Sect, so we have to rescue him even if we die doing so.”

A myriad of expressions flashed across Du Xian’s face, as he went into a daze for a while. From what he could see, Ye Jing Han insisted on leaving with Yang Kai; however, how would he and the other Thousand Leaves Sect disciples save him in the face of so many Masters from the City Lord’s Mansion? Furthermore, Yang Kai and the others had already been surrounded, making it extremely difficult to rescue them.

“Hahahaha!” Seeing Yang Kai and the others being trapped by the Spirit Array, Luo Jin could not help but burst into a hearty chuckle, before saying with a look of contempt blanketing his face, “You young people don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Do you think that this King’s City Lord Mansion is a place you can act rashly and wantonly in without consequence?”

The faces of the surrounding guests turned pale, as they knew that Luo Jin was using this as an example of how he would deal with anyone who dared to follow Yang Kai’s footsteps. He had lost an immense amount of face today, so if he could not prevent Yang Kai and his group from leaving, he would really be unable to maintain his authority in Sky Crane City.

The secret command he had sent out earlier had finally come into effect at the most critical moment, causing Luo Jin’s heart to fill with glee and a glint of hatred to flash across his eyes as he stared firmly at Yang Kai. Thoughts of how to alleviate the hatred in his heart now filled his head.

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