Martial King's Retired Life


Book 13: Chapter 16

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Book 13: Chapter 16

“Don’t move.” The two words that hit Ming Feizhen’s ears sounded as though it was someone with a rock in his throat enunciating them.

Ming Feizhen opened his eyes to find himself still in the dark, bleak and damp dungeon. His body was still on fire, fractures were still healing, and he still couldn’t utilise internal energy for another month. If it wasn’t for the chilly sword edge at his neck, he’d be celebrating. After all, he had lost track of events in the outside world for quite some time.

Ming Feizhen surmised Emperor Yuansheng was too busy to spare manpower to search for him, especially considering the significance behind Huang Yuzao’s absence. If Hong Jiu wasn’t held up, he wouldn’t have returned to the capital late, and, by the sounds of things, Fiends’ Genesis had to have had a role in it.

Tang Ye and Su Xiao must have their hands full if they’re following my instructions. Boss… must be searching for me…

For an inexplicable reason, Ming Feizhen had a vivid image of Shen Yiren galloping towards his direction to rescue him.

Ming Feizhen day dreamt for a while before looking up at the shaky white-haired man holding him at blade point.

Yan Jiangnan’s white hair appeared as though it was sapped of moisture. Wu Ping’s sword looked as intimidating as thin tin in his shaky hand.

Ming Feizhen flashed a corner of his white pearls. “Have alcohol?”

“Who are you?”

Ming Feizhen sighed. “I forgot you only have a pot of tea here. Could I bother you to pour me a cup of tea?”

“Stop acting smart! Who exactly are you? How do you know my ancestor’s martial arts discipline? Why are you being held here? Wh-why did you kill my brother?!” Yan Jiangnan’s voice was so uncharacteristically shaky that one shake too intense would’ve seen him accidentally slit Ming Feizhen’s throat. He, nevertheless, knew better than anyone that he couldn’t have killed Ming Feizhen so easily if the blade wasn’t so sharp. Yan Jiangnan wasn’t injured in battle, so he could still move around despite having his skills erased.

As the prison Ming Feizhen was held sat at the rear of the eight doors, it had become an isolated chamber. While isolating it protected him from enemies, it didn’t provide just him but also Yan Jiangnan with time to recover. That was how Yan Jiangnan managed to save himself from qi deviation – for now, at the very least. Hence, Yan Jiangnan had the head start if they needed to fight.

“You’re the one who killed your brother. Not me. You. Or maybe you could blame your acc.u.mulated hatred, jealousy or whatever else. Alternatively, you could blame all of them. Slice it how you like, it wasn’t me.”

If the fact that Ming Feizhen was speaking the truth and the fact that he still had Wu Ping’s face wasn’t irritating enough, his condescending tone made it irritating enough.

“Had you not sewn discord, I wouldn’t… You’re to blame.”

“You’re the one who crushed his viscera with your own hand. Even if we factor in provocations, why would you need to hit him as if you were trying to kill an immortal? Why would you have delivered a fatal blow if you didn’t hate him?”

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“N-n-no, he tried to kill me, too! He tried to kill me, too! It was self-defence! You! You’re the one who killed him! I didn’t hit hard enough to kill him. You stabbed him several more times!”

Ming Feizhen cracked a smile after a long stare. “Sounds like you don’t want to revive your brother.”

“Shut up! What’s the second method?!” Yan Jiangnan thundered, face red.

“Jiang Chen can implement the second method, and he’ll help you, clearly. Feel free to implore him when you have the opportunity. If Miss Yu Lian’s head is still attached, you can seek his help.”

Though that was true, what bargaining chips did Yan Jiangnan, now a defenceless man, have at this point even if he was shameless enough to try?

“What about the third method?”

“Sky Palace knows how to go about it. Those ladies know more secrets about this world than anyone alive, and the third method is in their knowledgebase.”

“Enough with the pointless information. What’s the last method?”

Grinning, Ming Feizhen tapped his dome with a finger. “In here.”

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