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Book 13: Chapter 15

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Book 13: Chapter 15

Shen Yiren chuckled at her subordinates reactions of disbelief. “Don’t keep standing there. Help them move the stuff.”

Bai Yeshuang: “But…”

Shen Yiren dimpled. “Captain is right. In terms of rank, he is the leader of Liu Shan Men. I shouldn’t have had to handle those doc.u.ments. It’s time to return them to the person in charge of them.”

Forget Song Ou. Even Song Chi’s brain had yet to come around. They knew Shen Yiren wouldn’t be be happy about it. They might’ve expected her to start swinging, screaming or reporting them to Emperor Yuansheng, but they never expected her to acquesice.

The entire event was premediated. The decree was real, but Song Ou just leveraged the circ.u.mstances to seize power. Liu Shan Men was a free bank account and army for Song Clan, and it wasn’t within the realm of things Song Chi was concerned about. Furthermore, according to Song Chi’s understanding,their clan had yet to earn Emperor Yuansheng’s trust. Therefore, in the current forecast, Liu Shan Men would neither have any big roles nor be of much help. Song Chi accounted for every strategic and physical challenge that might’ve presented itself. Accordingly, he had Song Clan’s adepts from Yangzhou hiding around Liu Shan Men in case he needed to get physical, but Shen Yiren’s reaction was unaccounted for and unforeseen.

The brothers couldn’t determine if Shen Yiren still had another trick up her sleeve or just feigning indifference.

“If you want to move stuff, help yourselves.” Shen Yiren had a glance at her study as though she was reluctantly bidding it farewell prior strolling off without looking back.

As Shen Yiren pa.s.sed by him, Song Chi quietly said, “Had you stuck to being just my sister-in-law, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Shen Yiren just continued on her way, puzzling Song Chi even more, impelling him to question if he was wrong all along.

Once Shen Yiren was out of sight, Song Ou straightened up his back again and confronted Su Xiao because Su Xiao fought back hardest before. “Hear that?”

Su Xiao lowered his head and, in a m.u.f.fled voice, answered, “I heard.”

“Understand where you stand now?”

“I do.”

Song Ou slapped Su Xiao over the head viciously. “What are you standing here for, then? I want you to start moving the scrolls first.”

Su Xiao looked Song Ou in the eye. “I. Refuse!”

“What did you say?! What gives you the right to refuse?!”

“None. I just refuse.”

If Song Ou couldn’t put the l-, boy in his place, how could he expect others to obey him at the office? Hence, he drew his sword and thundered, “You going to do as you’re told or not?!”

Su Xiao stepped back as the sword cut into his private s.p.a.ce. “No!”

As soon as Song Ou missed his three-hit combo, he launched another one.

Six Phenomena Swordplay might’ve been a foundational discipline for Liu Shan Men’s constables, but constables were only taught the first three moves. The remaining three moves required one to have reached a certain level in their training to have any hope of mastering them.

Though Su Xiao recognised Song Ou’s three attacks were feints once he leaned his head back and saw Song Ou change direction to catch him with the fifth move, it was too late.

Since it was his first easy victory since serving as Liu Shan Men’s captain, Song Ou was immediately full of himself. “I could kill you without breaking a sweat. Now, are you going to do as you’re told or not?”

Su Xiao looked away as if Song Ou’s appearance was harmful on the eyes. “I know you hold a higher rank than I and that the decree came from His Majesty. You hold the advantage over me in every way, but I don’t respect you. I won’t take any orders from you. If you bite me, I’ll bite back. If you hit me, I’ll hit back. If you kill me, so what? People will remember me as a hero who stood his ground. It’s easy for you to kill me, but it’s impossible for you to make me submit.”

“You really want to die, don’t you?!”

Su Xiao looked Song Ou dead in the eye despite having a sword at his neck. “My last name is Su, first name is Xiao. Do as you please. I’m an impulsive person!”

Song Ou, face as white as a sheet, never really had an intention to kill anyone. After being publicly humiliated, though, his hand on his sword that was increasingly heavy started to shake. Suddenly, the weight was lifted. By the time he focused on it again, he felt a burning sensation from his hand.

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Whilst disarming Song Ou, Tang Ye had already pulled Su Xiao behind him and retreated. “Captain, Xiao Han is a kid. There is no need to draw a sword on him, is there?”

Su Xiao and Tang Ye: “Present!”

“You would dare to defy orders?”

Su Xiao and Tang Ye: “Sorry!”

“Are apologies of any practical use?”

Su Xiao and Tang Ye: “No!”

“Do you accept your punishment?”

Su Xiao and Tang Ye: “Yes!”

“Okay, I hereby fire the two of you. Get out of Liu Shan Men! Now!”

Su Xiao and Tang Ye: “Understood!”

Su Xiao and Tang Ye draped their arms over each other’s shoulders and jogged off as though they were heading out for a picnic.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-“ Song Ou had yet to react to that matter when he espied Shen Yiren ride off. “Wh-where are you going now?”

Shen Yiren casually answered, “I’ve thought long and hard. Rather than doing what I can’t, why not do what I can first?”

Everyone present: And what is that?

Shen Yiren smiled the same way she would after a refres.h.i.+ng swig of wine. “With my light sword and fast horse, I shall adventure in the pugilistic world once again.”

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