Martial God Asura

Kindhearted Bee - Shan Liang de Mi Feng - 善良的蜜蜂

Chapter 5248: Overpowered White Dragon God-cloak

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Chapter 5248: Overpowered White Dragon G.o.d-cloak

“Brother Tian, I’m starting to get worried. Should we escape?” the black-haired elder asked.

The two of them had searched the mountain range a couple more times, but there was still nothing. He was worried that Yue Lian would punish him at this rate.

“Chu Feng has to be here. How could he escape when there’s such a powerful formation blocking his path?”

The white-haired elder was reluctant to give up, but he wasn’t as confident as before anymore.


The ground suddenly began quaking, causing cracks to appear in the mountain range. Thick puffs of dust gushed into the air, covering the sky. It looked as if doomsday had arrived.


The white-haired elder clutched his chest as his face warped in pain.

“What’s wrong, Brother Tian?” the black-haired elder exclaimed in astonishment.

“I don’t know either. I feel weirdly uneasy in the depths of my soul,” the white-haired elder replied with a confused frown.

The quakes soon died down, and the white-haired elder’s condition improved. However, the momentary quakes had caused ma.s.sive changes in the mountain range.

“Brother Tian, is it possible that your earlier discomfort is related to this phenomenon?” the black-haired elder asked.

“That’s possible,” the white-haired elder replied.

Sensing that something was amiss, the black-haired elder rose into the sky and said, “Let’s check out the situation.”

He made his way toward the source of the earlier quakes, and the white-haired elder followed him. Soon, they discovered a huge crevice that had split the mountain into two and extended deep into the ground.

A man sat inside the crevice—Chu Feng.

“He’s here? Was he the one who triggered the earlier quakes?” the white-haired elder exclaimed in shock.

He could still remember the stifling sensation of something gripping his soul earlier, but how could such intimidation possibly have come from Chu Feng?


The black-haired elder charged straight at Chu Feng without any hesitation.

After what had happened the previous time around, he wasn’t about to allow Chu Feng to slip away under his nose a second time. Not only did he release his oppressive might, but he also threw out an Ancient Era’s treasure to trap Chu Feng too.

It was a copper bowl that grew stronger depending on the user’s strength. He was confident that this copper bowl could hold Chu Feng in place.

As the copper bowl left his hand, it expanded from the size of a palm to over a hundred meters wide. It looked as if they had finally cornered Chu Feng.


Yet, with a mere wave of his hand, Chu Feng deflected the copper bowl that harnessed the power of a Half-G.o.d level cultivator.


The two elders were shocked.

How in the world did Chu Feng, a peak Martial Exalted level cultivator, manage to deflect the copper bowl? This was impossible!

While they were in shock, Chu Feng had already leaped into the air, charging straight toward the black-haired elder to grab his neck. Sensing danger, the black-haired elder instinctively executed his movement technique to escape.

But before he could take a single step, an unbearable pressure was already clutching his throat. Following that, he could feel his soul being sealed off, stifling his martial power.

Chu Feng had sealed off his soul.

“Answer my questions.”

Holding the black-haired elder hostage, Chu Feng turned to question the white-haired elder.

“I-I will!” the white-haired elder stuttered fearfully.

After witnessing how the black-haired elder was captured in an instant, he knew right away that he wasn’t a match for Chu Feng. He wasn’t in a mood to guess how Chu Feng had suddenly become so strong. All he could think of now was how he could survive this predicament.

“You’re Yue Lian’s men?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right.” The white-haired elder nodded.

“Why are Yue Lian’s men helping the Situ World Spiritist Clan? Did the two of you join hands?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. You killed Lord Yue Lian’s son, so he summoned us and instructed us to work together with the Situ World Spiritist Clan to subdue you,” the white-haired elder replied.

“How many subordinates does Yue Lian have, and where were they dispatched to?” Chu Feng asked.

The white-haired elder quickly wrote out a list of names with his spirit power before indicating where they were dispatched to, as well as their respective cultivation levels. Most of them were either early G.o.d-cloak World Spiritists or at early Half-G.o.d level.

Chu Feng noticed that the white-haired elder hadn’t indicated Yue Lian’s cultivation level, so he asked, “How strong is Yue Lian?”

“Rank five Half-G.o.d level, Royal Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritist,” the white-haired elder replied.

Chu Feng released his grip on the black-haired elder before asking him, “Is there any falsehood in his words?”

“Everything he said is true!”

The black-haired elder vigorously nodded his head, displaying none of his earlier arrogance.

“Only one of you can live,” Chu Feng said with narrowed eyes.

The two elders immediately caught the drift. Chu Feng was telling them to fight it out.

Don’t you like to play? Sure, I’ll play with you!

The white-haired elder knew that he was no match for the black-haired elder, so he quickly turned tail and fled.

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“Pardon me, Brother Tian.”

“How does it compare to your peak martial cultivation fighting prowess?”

Eggy had asked that question because she knew that Chu Feng had always been much stronger than those in the same cultivation level. It was just that his consecutive breakthroughs after obtaining the Asura World Spirit Army had shaken his foundation, resulting in the lowering of his relative fighting prowess.

“My current spirit power fighting prowess is above that of my peak martial cultivation fighting prowess. I can confidently say that I am invincible amongst world spiritists of the same level as me.”

Chu Feng shook his fists in excitement.

The spirit power inside him had never felt this powerful before, and that was considering his world spiritist bloodline hadn’t fully awakened yet. He couldn’t imagine just how powerful he would be once it was fully awakened.


A bright light suddenly enveloped Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could sense the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak’s power gathering in his hand, forming an ancient mark on his palm.

“It has returned. It looks like I’ve finally earned the acknowledgment of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak, or should I say the World Spiritist Immortal King’s acknowledgment?” Chu Feng said with a chuckle.

There was no way he wouldn’t recognize this imprint.

Back when he first obtained the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak, he entered a dream where he met an elder, who identified himself as the World Spiritist Immortal King from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

The elder told him that if he ever visited the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, all he had to do was to show this mark and no one would dare to stand in his way. It was just that the mark disappeared as soon as he awoke from the dream.

After such a long time, the mark finally resurfaced.

Other than that, Chu Feng sensed that the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak had gotten much more powerful. He was now able to freely utilize not just the cloak’s power but the power of the nine dragons.

“The cloak has finally fully recognized you as its master? Does that mean that it can raise your fighting prowess now?” Eggy asked.

“That’s not it. The cloak is still unable to raise my fighting prowess by a rank, though the power of the nine dragons will be useful to my world spiritist techniques. If I employ all my means, Gray Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritists won’t be able to breach my formation. Even Blue Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritists will struggle to deal with my formations as long as it’s not a direct confrontation,” Chu Feng replied.

“Woah, it looks like my Chu Feng is truly getting overpowered,” Eggy excitedly replied.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Chu Feng, as a White Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritist, should have been unable to decipher the formations of a Gray Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritist. There was a clear difference between world spiritist techniques and fighting prowess.

It was true that Chu Feng’s world spiritist bloodline raised his fighting prowess to a level comparable to a Gray Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritist, but his world spiritist techniques would still be beneath the latter. This was a gap that naturally arose due to their different levels.

Yet, Chu Feng was actually able to suppress Gray Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritists with his world spiritist techniques and even compete with Blue Dragon G.o.d-cloak World Spiritists.

This was a terrifying feat, especially now that he was a G.o.d-cloak World Spiritist.

That was also why he was overjoyed about it.

He knew that the power of the nine dragons only played a secondary role here. The key contributor to his strength was still his world spiritist bloodline, and he would grow stronger as he further awakened it.

This was good news since both the Nine Dragons G.o.d Cloak and the power of the nine dragons were just external tools. It was inevitable that they would slowly become irrelevant as he grew stronger. In contrast, his bloodline was his own strength that would grow together with him.

“How interesting,” a voice suddenly echoed behind Chu Feng.

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