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Ram de Night - 黑夜de白羊

Chapter 1152 - Annihilation

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Chapter 1152 Annihilation

Longsi watched the attack outside with a cold smile on his lips.

The armor of the Crystal Turtle was made of the hardest deep-sea crystal, and it was equipped with the sharpest technology from Atlantis.

Even if the Earth were to be destroyed, the armor of the Crystal Turtle would remain intact!

This Crystal Turtle was also known as the Ark. It was a ship specially created by the people of Atlantis in preparation for the great flood.

As the black light in the Crystal Turtle’s mouth grew denser, Longsi ordered the queen to adjust the cannon’s aim toward the distant land.

“Hehehe… If I can’t have it, I’ll destroy it!”

Longsi’s eyes shone with madness as he forced the queen to launch the attack.

A black beam of light shot out from the Crystal Turtle.

At that moment, a figure stood in front of the beam.

Just in the nick of time, Liu Yi used his body to block the beam. The beam’s diameter was more than a meter wide, and its destructive power was astonishing. If it had hit the land of China, it might have been wiped out completely.

Behind Liu Yi, a golden figure appeared, moving with him and striking out with six giant palms.


With the intimidating force of his golden palm, Liu Yi used his six giant palms to catch the Imperial Weapon attack with his bare hands!

The black beam flickered and then disappeared.


Longsi was terrified. How could this man have caught the Imperial Weapon attack with his bare hands? Was he some kind of ancient G.o.d or demon?

There was no way someone like this could exist in this world!

“This man is truly amazing.”

Queen Riven couldn’t help but admire the scene, “I never thought that after all these years, such a powerful person would exist on land. Longsi, your plan has failed.”

“Impossible! Keep firing! Keep firing! No one can stop the march of the great empire!”

Longsi roared.

At this moment, however, Liu Yi’s figure had already appeared on top of the Crystal Turtle.

The Crystal Turtle’s body was ma.s.sive, spanning a hundred meters, comparable to a mobile fortress.

Liu Yi stood on the turtle’s sh.e.l.l, raising his right hand.

“What does this man want to do?”

Longsi watched the scene through the screen, laughing, “Does he think he can break the Ark with his bare hands? Hahaha, what a wild imagination!”

Riven remained silent, feeling that this man seemed capable of creating miracles.

Liu Yi bent down, a golden light emanating from the palm of his hand.

“Wild Blaze!”

Liu Yi’s palm slammed fiercely onto the back of the Crystal Turtle, causing it to tremble.

“Hahaha, useless!”

Although the Crystal Turtle was shaking from the impact, its armor remained intact. Longsi burst into laughter, “This man is hilarious! He actually thinks he can break through our Ark! People on land are so foolish, so utterly foolish!”

Liu Yi took a deep breath, feeling the power within him circulating.

A Tai Chi symbol appeared on his forehead, and golden lightning kept circling around Liu Yi’s body. His hair gained a golden glow, reminiscent of a Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball.

Liu Yi had entered the third stage of the Divine Transformation!

His strength had reached the middle level of the Fourth Heaven! With such power, even the G.o.d Erlang could be easily defeated, let alone a single warship!

Dark clouds swirled in the sky, trembling with fear at Liu Yi’s power.

“Great Sun Palm…”

Liu Yi flew a certain distance, then slowly raised his palm.

“Ultimate Bliss!”

He pressed down with his palm, and the clouds in the sky were shattered!

A ma.s.sive fiery palm, spanning a hundred meters in diameter, descended from the heavens and slammed onto the back of the Crystal Turtle!


The Crystal Turtle was sent crashing into the ocean, causing huge waves. The alarm system inside the turtle began to blare, indicating the impact had caused some damage to its armor.

The Crystal Turtle had sunk into the sea but continued to sink further.

“Such a powerful impact.”

Riven tried to stabilize the Crystal Turtle using her power but found it extremely difficult.

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“It seems we can’t win this battle. I’ve decided to activate the spatial teleportation, allowing Atlantis to fall into slumber once again.”

“Let the power of s.p.a.ce tear you apart!” Longsi shouted as Liu Yi’s arm was torn to shreds.

“Hahaha! Come again!” Longsi prepared to use the Apocalypse Trident once more, but Liu Yi waved his hand, causing the trident to fly out of Longsi’s grasp and land in Liu Yi’s own palm.

Under the power of the Fourth Heaven, the Atlanteans’ resistance to the Moon Dream Technique was negligible.

“What?” Longsi was shocked that his treasure had been taken.

“Seems like fun,” Liu Yi said, as his severed arm began to regrow, leaving Longsi staring wide-eyed.

“Are you some kind of monster?”

“From my perspective, you’re the monsters,” Liu Yi replied, stabbing the trident into the ground. “Monsters that want to destroy our world. I used to believe in the equality of all beings, but now I see I was wrong. Your kind deserves to die!”

“Please spare our people…” Queen Riven suddenly knelt before Liu Yi. “Our people are innocent…”

“My queen, you mustn’t kneel to such a person!” Longsi objected. “Our empire will never be defeated!”

As he spoke, the trident flew back into his hand, quite convenient indeed.

“Of course you won’t be defeated; you’ll simply be annihilated,” Liu Yi responded mercilessly.

“You’ll be the ones annihilated!” Longsi gripped the trident with both hands, and a ma.s.sive black wormhole appeared behind Liu Yi.

The wormhole exerted a powerful pull on Liu Yi’s body.

“You’ll soon be devoured by this wormhole!” Longsi laughed. “By then, not even your bones will remain!”

“You all, who have mastered spatial technology, could have developed yourselves even better,” said Liu Yi with a sigh, as he let the wormhole tear at his body. “It’s a pity that you’ve chosen your own destruction.”

As Liu Yi spoke, he suddenly donned the emperor’s armor, which blocked the wormhole’s pulling force. “Bang!” Liu Yi raised his palm and slapped it into the wormhole behind him. A tremendous force filled the wormhole, neutralizing it completely!

“What?!” Longsi was frightened, thinking how could this be possible! The wormhole he created with his Doomsday Trident was neutralized by the opponent’s power? How powerful could this guy be?

“d.a.m.n it! Die!” Longsi was nearly insane. He stepped forward, thrusting his trident towards Liu Yi’s chest. But Liu Yi just stretched out a hand and grabbed the trident. “This thing is better off gone,” he said, and with his palm, he forcibly snapped the trident.

“My… my G.o.d…” Longsi was utterly dumbfounded. His weapon, the Doomsday Trident, was now useless sc.r.a.p metal!

“Want to be the king of Earth?” Liu Yi’s body suddenly moved forward, his finger pressing on Longsi’s forehead. “I’m sorry, but you can only be king in h.e.l.l.” With those words, Longsi’s head exploded, splattering blue blood.

The blood evaporated before reaching Liu Yi, leaving him looking clean and tidy. “Now it’s time for the entire Atlantis,” he said, the Tai Chi symbol on his forehead shining brightly. “All of this is the consequence of your own actions.”

“Please, spare my people,” Riven, now intimidated by Liu Yi’s power, knelt on the ground, pleading desperately. “My people are innocent…”

“I’ve already warned you!”

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