Inadvertently Invincible

Xin Feng - 新丰

Chapter 531

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Chapter 531

Zhou Tong stopped in his tracks and looked down at the Secret Realm below him, deep in thought.

He had pa.s.sed through this place many times.

He had paid attention to this place before, and there had never been a Secret Realm. Now that a secret realm had suddenly appeared, it was somewhat miraculous.

He slowly landed on the ground. This Secret Realm in front of him was a bit mysterious. He did not enter without permission.

“Eh! It’s really strange. Why would a Secret Realm appear here? I remember that there doesn’t seem to be a Secret Realm here.”

His cultivation was at the Heavenly Immortal Realm and he was relatively steady. In the past, he was not the kind of steady person. However, his junior sister had said that she liked steady men. He gradually changed himself and gradually became steady.

There was no other meaning.

He just hoped that his junior sister could see the bright spots on his body.

He looked around, but he did not find any problems.

Or could it be that the secret realm had always been hidden in the past, only appearing now?

Zhou Tong thought. The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. Otherwise, he really could not understand anything else.

Within the primal Chaos Secret Realm.

Lin Fan and the others were waiting for someone to pa.s.s by. However, it had been a few days since someone had arrived. Qin Yang was getting a little impatient. He had been wondering if it were fora bad idea to place the Chaos Secret Ralm there.

However, he trusted Lin Fan.

Since Lin Fan had not said anything, what else could he say?

Look, someone is here. I told you not to be anxious. Someone will definitely discover this place. Hurry up and come in. This is a good Secret Realm. What’s there to see? Lin Fan urged.

Right now, he was really looking forward to what the other party would think after coming in.

For example, he exclaimed.


This Secret Realm is really amazing. I didn’t expect there to be so many treasures. Or maybe they can say a lot of praise.

Qin Yang said, “This guy seems to be a little weak.”

“It’s okay if he is weak. As long as someone comes, he can continue. Don’t worry, we are ready this time. We can do a good job.” Lin Fan said.

The Secret Realm that they had set up previously was very bad.

The feeling of deliberately tempting others to fight was very obvious. Anyone with a bit of brain would basically be able to see this problem.

Zhou Tong stood at the entrance of the Secret Realm for a long time before finally deciding to take a look inside.

The Secret Realm was full of temptation for any immortal cultivator.

His vision blurred.

Zhou Tong stood at the entrance and looked at the situation in the Secret Realm in surprise. He took a deep breath. The immortal energy was very strong and there were green gra.s.s growing around him. It gave people a different feeling. He looked up and saw a scorching sun hanging high in the sky.

“Is this a Secret Realm or has it changed its location?”

He even suspected that this Secret Realm was somewhere in the Immortal Realm.

He took a closer look.

There were no traces of anyone stepping on the ground. Then, his excited body trembled. No one had come. Didn’t that mean that this secret realm was the first place he had come to?

“I am the first person to enter this Secret Realm.”

“Doesn’t that mean that I have a great opportunity to find treasures in there?”

With such expectations in mind, he started searching for treasures and carefully headed deeper in.

Lin Fan summarized the characteristics of many mystic realms and combined them into the Chaos Secret Realm.

Right now, he was the G.o.d who controlled the Secret Realm. He could change any place in the Secret Realm. As long as someone entered the Secret Realm, everything they did would be seen.

He was thinking about how many benefits he could give this little immortal cultivator.

A dao artifact?

This was already very generous. It was not easy for ordinary immortal cultivators to have a dao artifact that belonged to them. By the way, he could come across another bottle of eixirs.

But that was all.

Two items were already not bad. It was not good to be too greedy.

“Brother Lin, do you want to give him some trouble?” Qin Yang asked. He liked this feeling very much. Those who entered the Secret Realm were like puppets that had been raised. They could deal with them at any time.

Lin Fan said, “No need. He is the first person to enter the secret realm. If he scares him away, that would be bad.”

How could he listen to Qin Yang’s suggestion?

If he really believed him, then the result would be a complete tragedy.

Zhou Tong vigilantly looked at the surrounding situation. He crossed the gra.s.s and arrived at a waterfall. The hundred-meter-tall waterfall was very spectacular. When the gushing water columns fell, the rumbling sound was continuous and astonishing.

“What a spectacular sight. From what I can see, this is a Secret Realm that is naturally formed.”

He stood in front of the waterfall and did not leave. Instead, he felt the shock brought about by this spectacular scene.


All of a sudden.

He looked at the waterfall in astonishment. Just now, there was a flash of light. It was very bright. He was definitely not mistaken.

Could it be…

He thought that this was a Secret Realm. Perhaps there was a treasure behind the waterfall.

He controlled the treasure on his body and flew into the waterfall with a whoosh. Then, it spun around and flew back into his hand.


He rose into the air and charged towards the waterfall. He pa.s.sed through the waterfall. It turned out that there really was another cave. It was a secret room.

Because it was behind the waterfall, the secret room was a little damp. At the same time, it gave off a feeling of vicissitudes. The spider web was tied at four corners, but there were no spiders.

When he saw this scene, he was stunned.

He was a bit scared. Any living being that existed here would definitely become a spirit. However, looking at the current situation, there was clearly no such thing.

“It doesn’t seem like it was formed naturally. Perhaps it was a cave opened up by an ancient senior.”


He discovered that on the circular stone platform in the middle of the secret room, there was an elixir floating.

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When he saw this item, a smile bloomed on his face.

Moreover, this stone tablet was something he had specially left behind.

It’s to let him know that you need experts to come later. With your cultivation, you are really a little weak.

“The path of life and death!”

Zhou Tong pulled out the Immortal Weapon, and his heart began to swell. He looked at it carefully, then put away the Immortal Weapon and looked at the stone tablet with rapt attention.

“What does this mean?”

He was very puzzled and looked forward. Suddenly, he rubbed his eyes because he found that there was light flashing in the extreme distance.

It was not a ray of light.

Instead, many rays of light were flashing.

Those were definitely immortal treasures.

He couldn’t endure what was in his heart. He stepped into the path of life and death. Thinking about it, he was rich. He was completely rich. However, the moment he landed, an astonishing pressure pressed down on his body.


An invisible blade swept over, tearing apart his trousers. It even tore through his flesh and blood. Blood dripped down.

He activated his qi to form a shield.

However, he couldn’t hold on at all. The shield was too weak in front of the blade.

He quickly retreated and looked at the path of life and death in horror.

He was actually unable to block it.

“How could this be? My strength is not weak.”

Zhou Tong was unwilling. I am already in the Heavenly Immortal Realm. Why can’t I hold on? Could it be that I really have to cut off all ties with these immortal treasures?

Qin Yang, who was watching the scene, was about to laugh to death.


This person was so shameless.

Even a Heavenly Immortal could say that his strength wasn’t weak.

Can we have some face?

This was exactly what Lin Fan wanted. Seeing that he couldn’t obtain it, he asked if he felt uncomfortable.

That’s right.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go find some experts. It’s best to call all the experts in your sect over. Then, a group of people will enter the secret realm to gain experience. When they encounter treasures, because they don’t like each other, there will be a fierce conflict.

That would be great.

Sure enough.

Zhou Tong’s thoughts had long been seen through by Lin Fan. He did not continue to try. Instead, he stayed where he was and pondered for a moment before quickly leaving.

He was going to inform the sect about the Secret Realm.

An unexplored secret realm was not simple.

He was going to make a great contribution.

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