Lady Su's Revenge

鲜仙 - Xian Xian

Chapter 671 - Honey, I'll Listen to You (The End)

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Chapter 671 Honey, I’ll Listen to You (The End)

Qu Liancheng watched the scene in silence because he was an accomplice. At this moment, he was at a loss except to remain silent.

After adding an extra layer of protection for Bai Su, Ling Li dodged over to the Many-faced Witch, who had almost melted into a pile of flesh, and spoke calmly, “You’ve been cheated.”

A look of relief spread over the human face amidst the flesh, “I have sinned countless times in my life and deserve to die, but it is a pity that I couldn’t drag him to die with me.”

“I’ll let him accompany you in the h.e.l.l.”

Ling Li looked up at the dispersing dark clouds. He was born in the Qingshui Circle and had never slaughtered mortals. The fight between pract.i.tioners couldn’t cause the natural law to blast down the Destroy Thunder.

In other words, Bai Mo could do nothing to him.

“Be careful. He… must have a backup plan.”

The human face amidst the flesh gradually couldn’t maintain itself anymore and said in an intermittent voice, “Su Li wasn’t created by him. He is unqualified…”

Ling Li’s eyes froze. Then he smoothed his brow and nodded slightly at the fresh without a human face.

“Thank you.”

“I’m really surprised that you absorbed your father’s bloodline and achieved as a Great Emperor in just one year.”

At this time, Bai Ming’s voice rang out in this circle. One white figure flashed out and stood in the air looking down at Ling Li.

Ling Li’s eyes went cold abruptly. He waved his sleeve and flew to the same height as Bai Ming’s. The two looked at each other from afar.

Bai Su braced himself and saw the two men were wearing snow-white clothes. He realized inwardly that this was the final picture he foresaw.

It was not Fang Huaji but Ling Li who fought Bai Mo to the death.

But Bai Su foresaw a defeat!

Wasn’t even a Great Emperor like Ling Li a match for Bai Mo?

How about Su Jiuzhou? Where was Su Jiuzhou now?

In the nothingness, Ling Li stared coldly at Bai Mo for a moment and made a sudden disappearance. Then a Jingtian Sword Cut fell with a loud bang.

Sarcasm emerged in Bai Ming’s eyes. He took a casual att.i.tude and spoke, “Natural Law s.h.i.+eld.”

The huge golden sword shadow was chopped at three inches above his head. It seemed to encounter an absolute barrier and burst open directly under the recoil.


Ling Li’s pupils shrank abruptly. Before he had time to finish speaking, he saw Bai Mo smiling at him and uttering the words etched in the depth of his soul.

“Destroy Thunder!”


Under the vast clear sky, the black snakelike thunder struck straight into the nothingness with no need for brewing. Ling Li staggered out covered in scorched black and looked more frightened than ever.

“Are you very surprised? You’re wondering why I can blast down a Destroy Thunder on you?”

Bai Mo turned and flew up to the higher nothingness. The black thunder was spinning around him like the most obedient pet. He narrowed his eyes and gradually turned his chuckle into a laugh, then a wild one!

“You guys are right about one thing. It’s too late.

“This all thanks to Fang Huaji. If he hadn’t dominated the ma.s.sive death of living beings in the Qingshui Circle, I wouldn’t have been able to tilt the power of the natural law. Now the natural law doesn’t need any rules because… I am its rules.”

While uttering, Bai Mo leisurely blasted down a bucket-thick thunder on Ling Li and struck him to pieces. If Ling Li’s bloodline foundation wasn’t far superior to Fang Huaji’s, he would have disappeared like ashes and smoke at this moment. Even so, he would die directly as Fang Huaji after a few moments of support. Besides, now he had a chaotic soul and could no longer concentrate on thinking about self-help.


When Ling Li’s soul was chaotic, a crisp voice suddenly came into his ears, and then his eyes became clear. He saw the black lotus hanging at the handle of the Reincarnation Mirror that fell between the stones, hit the stone and made a crisp voice.

“Buw.a.n.g and others…”

Ling Li moved his convulsive body painfully and stubbornly to grab the Reincarnation Mirror, despite the black snakelike thunder striking him again and again.

The Reincarnation Mirror emitted light and barely s.h.i.+elded Ling Li in it. However, under the impact of the black snakelike thunder, the mirror surface soon cracked.

Ling Li forced himself to dismiss distracting thoughts and struggled to run a forbidden skill from his father’s memory. When he just formed a seal, he groaned in pain as if he was being executed by dismemberment. All his flesh dissolved and gushed into the nothingness.

At the same time, an illusory portal appeared in front of him.

Seeing this, Bai Mo got serious and leapt to grab the Reincarnation Mirror in Ling Li’s hand, but he was bounced back by the power of the illusory portal and turned pale.

“I guessed right. You’ll be a weakling without the natural law. A Great Emperor can crush you randomly.”

Bai Su laughed, “There’s more than 10% foundation of the Qingshui Circle you want in the Reincarnation Mirror. If they escape far, the spell effect will disappear. Then your plan to seize the Circle Nucleus will fail.”

“Old man, you know a lot.”

Bai Mo’s expression was more ferocious than ever before. He turned to look at Qu Liancheng, who was standing aside, “Go and seize his Reincarnation Mirror! Otherwise, your Ankui Valley…”

Before Bai Mo finished his words, Qu Liancheng smiled and interrupted him, “Our Ankui Valley has a successor in the Reincarnation Mirror. Even if you kill our whole valley, I won’t stop it and…”

Qu Liancheng’s palms turned black, and he rushed abruptly towards Bai Mo.

“I’ll stop you!”

Bai Mo frowned and drove the Destroy Thunder to strike Qu Liancheng into flying ashes, but he inevitably let Ling Li get a break. Ling Li steeply accelerated the speed of making finger gestures, and all his bones were turned into powder to fly in the portal. Only his weak soul was maintaining his spell casting.

Ling Li exchanged his body in the Great Emperor Realm for the rapid solidification of the nothingness gate. In just a breath, it was completely solidified. The portal opened wide, and a mysterious breath descended through the nothingness.

Seeing this, Ling Li smiled in relief and used his last strength to throw the Reincarnation Mirror into the portal.





“Father, I’m calling you! Father!”

The s.p.a.ce in the Reincarnation Mirror was filled with dark-red blood. Because of the curse of the Tianjiao List, all the talents couldn’t escape. Even in this mirror, they would just die slower.

In this s.p.a.ce, only Su Buw.a.n.g could still see the outside world.

He saw the tragic scene outside and Ling Li’s self-destruction of flesh. His body trembled violently. He ignored his image and shouted frantically in the s.p.a.ce over and over again.

But unfortunately, the Reincarnation Mirror was too weak to transmit his voice to Ling Li’s ears.


The portal closed. With a gloomy face, Bai Mo stared at Ling Li, whose soul was about to dissipate. His voice filled with deep hatred spread throughout the Qingshui Circle!

“You deserve to die!”

Ling Li’s mind gradually dispersed and his cooling soul was no longer able to respond to Bai Mo’s anger.

After this war, Bai Mo would at least wait for the Qingshui Circle to recover its vitality if he wanted to achieve his goal.

Unfortunately, Ling Li couldn’t defeat Bai Mo in the end. And he… still didn’t wait for her.

“No. I’m here.”

Ling Li’s soul was suddenly wrapped in warmth. He opened his eyes in astonishment and saw a pair of tender eyes. The tenderness in them was very rich.


His heart trembled, but he found himself unable to call out that name again with all his might.

Su Li shook her head slightly and embraced his soul. She bowed to gently kiss his transparent lips.

It was a long kiss.

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Ling Li’s soul dissipated and scattered into light spots. But as Su Li reached out to grab, they coalesced into a light ball. Then she threw it into the incompletely closed portal.

But soon, he became devoid of any thoughts. He was like a turtle in a jar because he cast himself to be the natural law, while the Circle Nucleus was full of hatred towards him and could annihilate him in an instant.

“The Undying Clan.”

The Circle Nucleus’ voice came into Su Li’s mind, “I already know what happened to my sister. Although you are the natural enemy of our clan, it doesn’t prevent our two sisters from showing respect to you.”

Su Li nodded slightly and saw the disappearing abyss and the recovering nimbus under the influence of the Circle Nucleus. She bleated, “I will soon leave this circle, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Thank you for your understanding. Your presence does make me fearful.”

The Circle Nucleus silenced her voice and no longer disturbed Su Li.

Su Li turned around and fell from the nothingness. She came to Bai Su’s side with a faint smile and said in a gentle voice, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m dying for real this time.”

Bai Su smiled, “I… did a foolish thing again and almost made a terrible mistake. Too many people died in this war. I can no longer see through your realm. Even if you can save me, I will… be reluctant. It’s time for me to go to h.e.l.l to atone for my sins.”

Su Li quietly listened to Bai Su’s last words, without speaking anything.

“The Many-faced Witch said before her death that your life was not created by Bai Mo. He is unqualified for that. You can go outside the Qingshui Circle and find your origin.”

“I will.”

Su Li made a response this time.

Bai Su smiled with tears and closed his eyes in relief.

“Then go do what you want to do.”

With that, the elder’s breath was gone and his soul scattered into light points for reincarnation.

Su Li buried Bai Su on the spot and stood there still for a moment. Suddenly, she turned into a mysterious light and disappeared in the Qingshui Circle.

At the entrance of a fancy restaurant in Jianghai City, Ling Li in a suit pushed open the gate with a reluctant look.

A waiter saw his face and immediately walked up to him with bright eyes, “Sir, do you have a reservation?”


Ling Li pulled his tie unnaturally and then took out his cell phone from his pocket unskillfully. He looked up and added, “It’s No. 086.”

“Sir, follow me, please.”

Ling Li walked with a frown.

Today was his 31st day back at the Blue Planet and also the day after he was released from a mental hospital.

It was all attributed to his mother not believing he had a wife and a grown-up son.

“I’ve been in the Qingshui Circle for tens of thousands of years, but only 2 years have pa.s.sed here. Is it because of the relativity theory?”

Ling Li lapsed into wild thoughts and felt upset.

In order to cure his hypochondria, his mother started to arrange a blind date immediately after he was discharged from the hospital.

Ling Li could only force himself to come over in order not to be sent to the mental hospital again. He secretly hoped that he would behave badly enough later to spoil the blind date.

With that in mind, Ling Li sat down under the guidance of the waiter. As he looked up, his reluctant face became stunned and glazed.

The woman sitting opposite him shook her gla.s.s and chuckled as before.

“What? Your son is almost 1,100 years old. Are you still here on a blind date?”

The woman’s wine suddenly turned black. She teased him, “Luckily, I took the trouble to find you, or I’ll poison you, okay?”

Ling Li’s eyes glistened with tears. He smiled embarra.s.sedly, “Honey, I’ll listen to you.”

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