Lady Su's Revenge

鲜仙 - Xian Xian

Chapter 618 - Being a Handyman

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Chapter 618 Being a Handyman

Two days later, the Mount of Holy Girl was quickly arranged under the supervision of Elder Zheng.

For the past two days, Su Li had been staying on Ban Qian’s Mount of Holy Boy. Occasionally, Ban Qian would take her to have a tour of the sect to help her get familiar with the disciplines of the sect.

Although Su Li was burning to get in touch with the Divine Thunder, she did not show any impatience. She mentioned it intentionally until Elder Zheng came over her in person to let her move to the Mount of Holy Girl.

Elder Zheng suddenly chuckled when he heard her words, “It’s good to be engrossed in practice. But you haven’t practiced my Fenglei Sect’s holy method. How can I let you touch the Divine Thunder? The Divine Thunder has a spirit. If it notices that your pneuma is unfamiliar, and you don’t master the holy method of the sect, it will regard you as an enemy and you will be in trouble.”

“The holy method?”

Su Li frowned slightly. Elder Zheng nodded, “Yes, only the holy boy and holy girl can practice the holy method, which called Ancestral Thunder Genuine Method. Even I’m not qualified to practice it. I believe that under Ban Qian’s help, you have been familiar with the sect these days. After you settle the affairs of the Mount of Holy Girl, you can go to the uppermost floor of book pavilion to view it by yourself.”

“I see…”

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. She did not say anything and nodded.

Elder Zheng seemed to be very busy today. After he explained to Su Li, he left and only left a well-behaved young female steward here.

“Your Highness, my name is Xue Zhen, who is responsible for the affairs of the Mount of Holy Girl. If you have any needs, please tell me.”

Su Li nodded and said quietly, “Let’s go to my Mount of Holy Girl. It’s improper for me to stay in the hall of Senior Fellow Apprentice all the time.”

“Yes! Your Highness, please follow me.”

Xue Zhen hurriedly lowered her head and responded. Then she walked in front of Su Li to lead the way. However, she was a little disappointed because this holy girl was too cold and she could feet the coldness in her words.

She thought compared to the holy boy, it was harder to get along with this holy girl. Thinking of the famous crazy girl on the Mount of Holy Boy, she sighed that she was not lucky like that girl.

Then Xue Zhen immediately comforted herself,

“Xue Zhen, you can’t think it that way! You are now the exclusive steward of the holy girl. Compared with those girls who need to wait upon the master and warm his bed, you are so lucky. Later, you must scrupulously abide by your duty!”

Although Su Li was walking behind, she could see Xue Zhen’s expression clearly.

It was commendable that Elder Zheng found an unaffected female disciple as her steward. He was so kind. But sooner or later her ident.i.ty would be revealed, and she would be unworthy of his kindness.

Su Li raised her head and glanced at the big tactical matrix for protecting the mountain, which flashed thunders and lightnings from time to time. If she had been born in this sect at the beginning, maybe…the b.l.o.o.d.y Accident of Holy Spirit wouldn’t have occurred.

Was her fate…

Su Li twitched her mouth and said, “Go faster.”

“Okay, Your Highness!”

After a short while, Su Li came to her own Mount of Holy Girl.

Xue Zhen wiped off the sweat on her forehead and introduced, “This mount was originally the residence of the core disciples, but it was vacant. According to the instructions of the First Elder, after removing the palace, we increased the height of the mount until it is at the same height as that of the Mount of Holy Boy. Then we placed the spiritual field, the Nimbus Gathering Matrix and the bedroom palace on it…”

Obviously, Xue Zhen had learned about it before. She showed the details of the Mount of Holy Girl for Su Li one by one.

Su Li walked around the entire mount in no hurry, and then she looked at the eaves in the hall silently.

In addition to waiting patiently these few days, she also noticed the similarities of the architectural style between Fenglei Holy Sect and Cang Lei’s Cave. Even if Immortal Cang Lei she met in Black Stone Forest back then was not a disciple of Fenglei Holy Sect, he must be related to the sect.

Xue Zhen imitated Su Li, looking up at the eaves, but she couldn’t see anything. Then she couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

What could the eaves enlighten her?

Was the gap between ordinary people and the talent really so huge?

“Xue Zhen, arrange the handymen who take care of the medicine field and clean it in the mount.”

Su Li suddenly said, breaking Xue Zhen’s concentration, “I’ll go out.”

“Your Highness, don’t worry. It would be arranged before nightfall.”

Xue Zhen hurriedly saluted, but when she looked up, she found that Su Li had disappeared. She sighed with relief and immediately hurried down the mountain to the area of handymen disciples. Then, she posted the notice of recruiting handymen.

Once the notice was posted, all the handymen disciples went crazy.


“Hurry up!”

“If you can become the handyman of the Mount of Holy Girl, you may be favored by the holy girl and directly become an official disciple.”

“Hurry up and scramble for it. If you don’t go now, there will be no more places.”

“Newcomer, do you also want to go there?!”

A middle-aged man with a pockmarked face looked at Ling Li, who stopped his work, in amazement, and then walked to Ling Li with a fierce look. He was about to slap on Ling Li’s face.

“You just came here a few days ago! Behave yourself…”

Ling Li caught hold of that middle-aged man’s wrist and pushed it away. The man shouted and was thrown into the smelly puddle. The others who saw this scene were all shocked.

This newcomer Ling San was so strong that the administrator was no match for him.

Ling Li wore an indifferent face. He turned around and effortlessly squeezed his way out of the crowd. He tore off one of the few registration forms on the notice.

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After the battle of Shengxue Sect, he couldn’t make the same mistake again. So, he directly sneaked into Fenglei Holy Sect as a handyman disciple and waited for Su Jiuzhou to appear.

“Good job.”

Su Li paid her a compliment. The little girl blushed and rolled on the soft couch amusedly.

Su Bai peeped at this scene, and he couldn’t help showing a gentle smile.

Su Li came to her senses and quickly memorized all the contents of the jade slips of metal, water, fire, and earth. Although the amount of information was huge, they were still much simpler than curbs. It was not difficult for her.

Her mind was very clear.

For the Divine Thunders of Fire and Metal, she must learn these two holy methods. Only after crossing the threshold of these two methods could she have a reason to ask Elder Zheng to try to come into contact with the two Divine Thunders.

The rest things would be handled by Su Bai. After all, they were just two Divine Thunders that lost their spiritual bodies. They only had their spirits. Even if they were tied together, they couldn’t resist Su Bai’s control.

After she succeeded, she would have four Divine Thunders, but she still didn’t know how to activate the seed of Divine Thunder of Earth and how to fuse the Divine Thunders of the Five Elements.

Anyway, as long as there was a glimmer of hope, she would not give up.

Thinking of this, Su Li glanced at the dark sky outside. Then she turned and went downstairs to leave.

Xue Zhen might be anxious.

In the Mount of Holy Girl, the main hall was brightly lit.

Su Li walked slowly and calmly into the hall. Sure enough, she saw Xue Zhen waiting for her at the entrance of the hall. When Xue Zhen saw Su Li, she took a deep breath and walked over in a hurry to salute, “Your Highness, all the handymen have been selected, and they are all waiting in the main hall.”

Su Li nodded slightly, “In the future, you can decide on this kind of thing. No need to call them together to see me.”

“I don’t dare to do that.”

Xue Zhen declined, “Your Highness, this is your Mount of Holy Girl. It is only you who can make the decision, and I don’t dare to make any decision for you.”

“It’s okay. I don’t want to indulge in a life of pleasure and comfort.”

Su Li shook her head and stepped into the hall.

“Your Highness, we are here to salute you!”

“Your Highness, we are here to salute you!”

All the handymen disciples immediately knelt before her and said in unison.

Only a tall man with cold eyes, standing among the kneeling crowd, quietly looked at Su Li without saying a word.

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