Koko Wa Ore Ni Makasete Saki Ni Ike To Itte Kara 10 Nen Ga Tattara Densetsu Ni Natteita

Ezo Gingitsune - えぞぎんぎつね

Chapter 88 - The Mysterious Head and the Protection of the Dark God

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The Mysterious Head and the Protection of the Dark G.o.d

To be careful, I peeked into the room without entering it.

It was mostly frozen over inside. I could even see some of the frozen vampires.

However, there was one thing that wasn’t frozen.

It was a single giant head. And clearly not that of a human.

It was only a head, but it was taller than the average person.

There were three green eyes and instead of hair, it had dozens of thick tentacles growing on top.

Nothing could look more sinister.

“I see. So this is what the idol’s head would have looked like.”

I muttered to myself.

Then I searched for the core of the protection of the dark G.o.d.

It should be a crystal sphere, just like the one that the High Lord had.

(There it is.)

It was a good thing that I had checked the room before entering it.

If I had entered first, and the barrier had activated once the fight began, who knows what would have happened.

I launched a magic bullet.

But one of the tentacles on the Evil G.o.d head shot out and caught the bullet as if to protect the sphere.

“Those tentacles have surprising reach.”

The Evil G.o.d head was in the back of the large room.

While the core was in the center. I had not expected the tentacles to reach out so far.

The distance was about that of five adult men.

It was no ordinary monster, that was for sure.

Well, I would have to learn more about it later, but for now, I was confident in calling it the head of the Evil G.o.d.

From my fight with the High Lord, I knew that the area of effect for the barrier should be rather small.

Still, if it was activated, the place where I was standing would probably be affected.

And once it was activated, the effect would grow stronger the closer I got to the core.

In that case, I should not approach the Evil G.o.d head until I have destroyed the core.

And so I fired off multiple bullets in succession.

But the tentacles stopped every one of them. They not only extended far but they were fast.


The Evil G.o.d head began to moan in a deep voice.

It chilled the pit of my stomach and made me want to vomit.

I continued to attack the core while also sending some of the bullets towards the head itself.

And then I wondered.

Why hadn’t it activated the barrier yet?

Maybe it had not gathered enough curses to do it?

No, maybe it was only its followers, the vampires, who could activate it.

Perhaps the G.o.d itself was not able to do it.

“Still, making that a.s.sumption is a little conceited!”

I continued to attack both the head and core without giving it any time to rest.

And little by little, I increased the number of attacks towards the head.


The head blocked every attack with its tentacles.

Still, I continued to fire, often changing the course or speed of the bullets.

I was trying to make the tentacles get tangled with each other, but it did not happen.

And so I increased the number of bullets and speed even more.

But the tentacles only became faster as well.

But eventually, it was not able to keep up with me.

One single bullet grazed the head of the Evil G.o.d.


“Take this!”

Just as the Evil G.o.d let out a terrifying wail, I sent a giant bullet towards it.

All of the tentacles moved together in order to protect it. But the tentacles that were hit by the bullet were torn up and destroyed.

It was no longer able to block everything. Small bullets began to hit the head.

When the bullets disappeared, the tentacles spread out again.

The tentacles that had been blown off were now repairing themselves rapidly.

“All that, and it’s practically untouched again.”

Well, this was the kind of strength that I should have expected from an Evil G.o.d.

If this wasn’t the actual Evil G.o.d, how strong would the real one be?


“Still, victory will be mine.”

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I unleashed another giant magic bullet. At the same time, I launched the Devil King Sword at the core.

I would slam it with my hardest attack and try to finish this all at once.

My ten years fight with the devils had made me used to long fights. It had been a while since I last ended a battle so quickly.

I created a magic barrier with my left hand while raising my right hand and squeezing it.

My right hand was crushing not only the Evil G.o.d head, but the s.p.a.ce-time that surrounded it.

Raum Implosion.

It didn’t matter how strong its physical defense was.

I was twisting the laws of physics and crushing the s.p.a.ce it occupied.

It wouldn’t matter if it was made of diamonds or orichalc.u.m.


There was a low echo and in a flash, the Evil G.o.d’s head was crushed.

The giant head had been compressed to the size of my fist.


The head seemed to not understand what was happening.

It moaned in a way that was different than before.

Then I deactivated the s.p.a.ce-time compression magic. It depleted too much energy.

It would affect me in the long term if I used it for too long.

And I wasn’t sure that this was the last enemy I would be fighting.

When I deactivated it, the head returned to its normal size.

It tore apart as if in an explosion. Bones were crushed as they flew in the air. Fluids sprayed.

The tentacles were minced as they splattered.

The head was in a shapeless pulp now.

But it was moving. Slowly, it was recovering.

“You still won’t die…”

I had to deal a finishing blow.

And so I tried using the black beams of light I had just learned from it.

The parts that were hit began to burn and fall off.

“It must hurt to get hit by your own attacks.”

It tried to resist by putting up magic barriers.

But the black beams destroyed them easily. And the head started to crumble.

It burned for a while before turning into ash.

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