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Ezo Gingitsune - えぞぎんぎつね

Chapter 251 - Marguerite

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Chapter 251 – Marguerite

Marguerite listened to my explanation with a serious expression.

At the same time, she used her right hand to gently stroke the arm of the apprentice that Goran was carrying.

“A True Ancestor…what does this mean…”

“And there are Evil Dragons, High Lords and magic machines!”

Kathe said boastfully. Her tail was wagging even more than usual.

“To be frank, I think you and your soldiers would have been driven back.”

Goran said seriously.

“Yes. I misjudged the enemy completely. I and the intelligence organization have made a terrible mistake.”

Marguerite admitted honestly. Perhaps Serulis had inherited her honest personality from her mother.

After that, Marguerite explained to us what was happening on her side.

As Marguerite’s apprentice had been abducted, she had led a group of soldiers and came to the rescue.

Of course, this action was taken with the permission of the Ringain Kingdom.

If anything, the Ringain Kingdom had been preparing to send their own knights with her.

However, Marguerite had felt that there was no time, and had rushed on ahead.

Marguerite was a Marquess and an amba.s.sador, but she was also an A-Rank magic sword fighter.

“Our information said that they were just Lords, and so I decided that we could handle it on our own.”

“Mother, thank goodness we were here.”

Serulis was right. It was miraculous how good her luck was.

Eric also breathed a sigh of relief.

Though, it was mostly because the reason that the amba.s.sador had come here with an army of soldiers was not due to some important political issue.

“I will leave Eric out of my report to the Ringain government then. Is that alright?”

Considering what had happened here, she could not avoid making a report.

A swarm of vampires, Evil Dragons and magic machines that were led by a True Ancestor. It was a matter of national defense.

“Aye, will you do that? I would greatly appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about it, Eric. I’m very good when it comes to negotiating with Ringain.”

Marguerite said with a smile.

Marguerite’s t.i.tle, Marquess Schmitt, was from a family that was closely connected with the Ringain royal family.

And due to this relation, Marguerite was acquainted with many of the royal n.o.bles.

That was why she was appointed as amba.s.sador.

After some time, Marguerite’s men finally returned.

“We found no traces of any surviving enemies in the mansion.”

“Thank you. And the magic stones?”

“Yes. Here they are. We also gathered these medals and magic tools.”

Her men were quite capable, it seemed. They had even brought magic stones from the Evil Dragons that we killed outside of the mansion, as well as the remains of the magic machines.

“Locke, please inspect them. You’re the best at doing it, aren’t you?”

“That’s true. I’ll look into them. Kathe and Shia will help me.”

“I understand.”

“Leave it to me.”

Kathe and Shia replied cheerfully, and so we got to work.

As I inspected them, I talked to Marguerite.

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“Kathe is quite knowledgeable about magic tools, and Shia knows more about vampires than me.”

“Most people would not be able to do it, but surely Locke can!”

“Yes, surely Mister Locke can do it!”

Serulis agreed happily.

“Well…that is likely true.”

Marguerite said, and then seemed to get lost in her thoughts.

“Marguerite. Are you thinking about using it again?”

“Yes. Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to travel back and forth?”

“It would be convenient, but surely it would also be considered a problem in terms of national security.”

Eric said worriedly.

“I think that can be solved if Locke uses some concealment magic.”

“Goran is right. Besides, even if they find out, you can just blame it on the Wind Dragon King.”

Royal dragons were not bound by the borders of human countries.

If they said that Kathe had done it, no one would be able to complain.

“If that’s the case, after it is opened, should I go and place it near the Ringain royal capital?”

“Locke. How long do you think it will take?”

Marguerite looked at me with hopeful eyes.

If it was opened up, she would be able to meet Serulis often. And that would make her very happy.

“You should expect it to take awhile.”

“I don’t mind if it takes some time. I’m just very happy.”

Marguerite said with a smile.

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