Koko Wa Ore Ni Makasete Saki Ni Ike To Itte Kara 10 Nen Ga Tattara Densetsu Ni Natteita

Ezo Gingitsune - えぞぎんぎつね

Chapter 180 - Going To The Water Dragon Settlement

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Going To The Water Dragon Settlement

Apparently, the lesser vampires that attack the water dragon settlement always came from the same direction.

This was very important information.

“And which direction is that?”

The water dragon settlement was on the south side of the Mendilibar Kingdom.

If the vampire came from further south, that meant they were coming from the neighboring country. This would complicate things greatly.

Eric could not go out with his knights.

It would take a lot of prior negotiating in order to avoid it looking like an act of aggression.

“It is from the west side of the settlement.”

“In that case…it is most likely that the enemy base is within the kingdom.”

So there would be no problem attacking it.

Serulis was about to continue, but I stopped her.

“Wait. We should call Eric, Goran and Dorgo as well.”

“Th-that’s right!”

Serulis looked quite nervous.

She was going to talk about the results of their efforts in front of the king and the father she respected so much.

So it was no surprise.

“Wait just a moment.”

I said as I connected to the others through the communication bracelet.

“Do you have a minute?”

‘I have time!’

‘Yes. But, did something happen?’

Kathe and Dorgo were the first to respond.

‘I have time as well.’

Said Grand Chamberlain Morris.

‘While I am busy…I can go depending on how urgent it is.’

‘I as well.’

Goran and Eric said.

“Serulis, Shia, and Nia have returned. They were investigating to find out which direction the vampires were coming from.”

‘That is amazing!’

Kathe said excitedly.

I explained simply, and then Eric replied,

‘Yes, that is important information. We will need to talk about what to do next. In any case, I will head on over there. Should I go to the water dragon palace?’


And so it was decided that we would all gather together at the palace in one hour.

While Eric and Goran were busy, they were able to adjust their schedules.

“Serulis, Shia, Nia. Let’s go.”


And so we headed for the water dragon settlement.

As always, Leea greeted us there.

“Mister Ruck! I haven’t seen you since this morning.”

“Have you had your nap yet?”


Leea was also awakened whenever there was an attack.

But sleep was still important to her because of her age.


Grulf ran around us excitedly. He thought he was here to take a walk.

And so I had to stop him.

“Grulf. We didn’t come here for that.”


He stopped running and looked back at me with a puzzled expression.

His eyes were shining and his tail was wagging.


And then I turned to Leea.

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“Sorry, but I have to take Grulf on a walk.”

“I’m fine!”


Grulf saw that Nia was out of breath and looked at her with worry.

“Here is some water.”

Leea said as she brought some.

“Haaa…haaa… Thank you.”

Then Nia and Grulf glugged it down happily.

“And for you too, Mister Ruck.”

“Thank you.”

I also drank some water. The water from the water dragon settlement always tasted good.

“You sure are fast, Leea.”

“I am good at chasing people!”

She said as her tail wagged up and down.

“Hm? Do you play tag, Leea?”

Kathe asked her.

“Kathe, sorry for calling you so suddenly.”

“It’s fine. I didn’t have anything to do.”

“I…see. Where’s Dorgo?”

“Dad will be here soon.”

“In that case, we should wait inside the palace.”

We entered the palace drawing-room and Grand Chamberlain Morris brought out some tea and refreshments.

We accepted this thankfully and then Eric and Goran arrived.

Dorgo came immediately after.

“Sorry for calling you like this.”

“No, we want all the information we can get. So, let’s hear it then.”

Eric said with a serious expression.

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