Koko Wa Ore Ni Makasete Saki Ni Ike To Itte Kara 10 Nen Ga Tattara Densetsu Ni Natteita

Ezo Gingitsune - えぞぎんぎつね

Chapter 164 - Attack of the Dark Ones

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Attack of the Dark Ones

Once the defense measures were set in place, life continued as I went back and forth from the water dragon settlement and the mansion every day.

We were also worried about the royal capital.

And so I stopped by the Adventurers Guild every morning.

Josh and Ario were almost always there.

“Mister Locke, why don’t you come rat hunting with us some time?”

“That sounds really fun, but I’m a little busy these days.”

“Of course, you are. You’re so skilled. There must be all kinds of requests coming your way.”

It looked like Ario and Josh were making steady progress.

And I was glad to see young people grow.

After leaving the guild, I returned to the mansion in order to go to the water dragon settlement.

Grulf would get his walk, and I would patrol the place.

In the afternoon, it was practice with Nia and Serulis. And then magic lessons with Milka and Luchila.

A week pa.s.sed like this.

Then one night at the mansion, I was sleeping with Grulf when my bracelet started to vibrate.

‘Lord Ruck. We are under attack.’

It was Grand Chamberlain Morris’s voice.

I jumped out of bed and answered.

“I’m on my way.”


“Grulf. I’m going to the water dragon settlement. You can stay and sleep.”


I grabbed the Devil King Sword and ran to the magic circle room on the first floor.

I avoided wearing pajamas to bed because of situations like this.

Of course, I wasn’t wearing armor, but still slept in my normal clothes.

Serulis poked her head out from her room. Perhaps she had heard me running down the steps.

“What happened?”

“The water dragons have requested help!”

That’s all that needed to be said.

I went into the magic circle room and teleported to the water dragon settlement.

I felt a little dizzy, as was usual after teleporting.


“So you came too, Grulf?”


“Don’t hurt yourself.”

I then ran out of the magic circle building.

Leea was waiting outside.

Tonight, she was in the shape of a dragon.

She was smaller than Kathe and had a pretty, blue color.

“Ruck. There are invaders from the gate! Morris is holding them back now.”

“Understood. There is a possibility that lesser or arch vampires will get in. You should stay with the other water dragons and keep watch.”

“I understand.”

And then Grulf and I ran towards the gate.

While we ran, a voice sounded from my bracelet.

‘Locke. How are things going?’

Unfortunately, Goran had been sleeping in his own mansion tonight.

Well, that was usual, so it could not be helped.

“I’m headed towards the scene right now. So I do not know. I’ll call you if it seems like we need help.”

‘I see.’

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“So you stay and rest for now.”

And that had been a very powerful bullet. The average dragon would have fallen.

But not the evil dragon.

Not only did it not fall, but its attention was now on me.

I shouted at it.

“Fight me first!”

And then I shot out 30 magic bullets all at once.

There were two types of reactions from the vampire lords and evil dragons.

Some underestimated me, and accepted the blow.

Others sensed the danger and desperately dodged them.


Two vampire lords and three evil dragons took lethal blows because they lacked caution.

The other water dragons quickly put an end to them.

The ones who had seen the danger and dodged the attack were the more dangerous.

And my attention moved towards those powerful enemies.

Without hesitation, I charged forward.

The breath of the evil dragons and the magic of the vampire lords shot out towards me.

I increased my speed.

Their magic and breath landed where I had been a moment ago.


There was a loud grinding sound as dirth shot up into the air along with a storm of rocks.

The air became full of dust.

“Mister Ruck!”

Morris’s frantic scream echoed in my ears.

At the same time, I jumped out of the cloud of dust and cut off the first evil dragon’s head with the Devil King Sword.

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