Koko Wa Ore Ni Makasete Saki Ni Ike To Itte Kara 10 Nen Ga Tattara Densetsu Ni Natteita

Ezo Gingitsune - えぞぎんぎつね

Chapter 152 - Lunch with the Beasts

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Lunch with the Beasts

Grulf had been running around wildly, but suddenly became very quiet.

He was now lying down next to me.

“…Grulf. Are you tired?”


It was a good thing to play to your heart’s content.

But I wished he wouldn’t play so hard that he couldn’t even move afterward.

We still had to travel back to the mansion.

“Grulf. You have to think about saving energy to go back.”


He barked once and then stood up before putting both of his front paws on my shoulders.

“I’ll just tell you now, but that’s not happening.”


Grulf wagged his tail and tilted his head to the side in a puzzled expression.

“Serulis. Grulf’s tired now. We should head back.”

“Yes. Grulf, it’s a race.”


Serulis dashed on ahead.

While this had come as a surprise, Grulf chased after her.

“Oh, so you can run.”

I muttered as I jogged after them.

As Grulf was quite out of breath, he was a good match for Serulis.

When we arrived at the mansion, Shia and Tama greeted us.

“Welcome back!”


“Thank you. Where’s Milka and the others?”

“They’re still studying.”

It was good that they were pa.s.sionate about their studies. I would have to thank Philly later.

I prepared some water for Grulf and then asked Shia,

“Shia. Did you go to the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“Yes. But there were no urgent quests.”

“We don’t know when we’ll be called to help at the water dragon settlement, so it’s hard to accept any quests now.”

“That’s true.”

Shia and Serulis were going to help in protecting the settlement.


“What is it, Grulf?”

After finishing his water, Grulf stood up on his hind legs and licked my face.

He was trying to tell me something.

“Do you want more water?”


“Are you hungry?”


His tail began to wag very quickly.

“I see. Well, it is almost lunchtime.”

As Milka was currently studying, I would have to prepare some food.

“Wait a little while. I’ll go and get you something.”

“I’ll help you.”


“I will help you as well!”

“Thank you, Shia.”

Tama and Grulf watched the house as we went to buy some food.

I wanted to buy something that was already made, but Serulis insisted on buying ingredients.

“This is a good opportunity! We should make something.”

“I see. Well, I guess we could…”

Grulf was hungry, but he could wait a little longer.

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And so we bought some ingredients and returned to the mansion.

Milka, Nia and Luchila all looked embarra.s.sed as Philly praised them.

“I’m very sorry that I forgot to prepare lunch.”

“Don’t worry about that. Prioritize your studies.”


“Yes. I’ll cook if I happen to be here. And if I’m not, you can go out and buy food after your lessons.”

“I can go and buy the food with you!”

Philly offered. But she was being targeted by the dark ones.

I told her this and asked her to be careful.


I looked to the side and saw that Grulf was sleeping on his back.

I suppose he became sleepy after eating so much.

Serulis looked at him and smiled.

“He must have been so tired.”

“Grulf’s still very young, after all.”

If he were human, I would have put a blanket over him.

But he was a wolf, so it would probably be too hot.



Lord Gerberga tried to approach the sleeping Grulf, and so I picked him up.

“Let’s let him rest for a while.”


Lord Gerberga also closed his eyes sleepily.

Tama was also being petted by Philly and looked like he wanted to sleep.

Perhaps it was time for the animals to take a nap.

As time pa.s.sed blissfully like this,

“I’m back!!”

Kathe’s loud voice suddenly rang from the front door.

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