Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again

Brother Ling

Chapter 2234 - 2234 Is Miss Qiao Still in Rao City?

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Chapter 2234 - 2234 Is Miss Qiao Still in Rao City?

2234 Is Miss Qiao Still in Rao City?

Qiao Nian grew a little frustrated. She looked over and saw Qin Si playing a game on the sofa and shouting excitedly.

The sharpness in her eyes dissipated by more than half, and she turned listless. “Whatever!”

She said a few more words to Feng Yu before hanging up.

Qin Si had just finished a round. Seeing that Qiao Nian had finished her call, he immediately called her over. “Sister Qiao, come on. Let’s continue.”

In the team voice chat, Zhang Yang quickly asked, “Miss Qiao, are you done? By the way, is Miss Qiao still in Rao City? When will she be back?”

Qin Si immediately retorted, “Why are you asking about this?”

Zhang Yang said embarra.s.sedly, “My mother’s birthday is in a few days. My family is hosting a celebratory meal. I want to invite Miss Qiao. The venue is on the first floor of the Imperial Mansion, the usual place.”

Although the Zhangs were not one of the top families in Beijing, they were at least one of the middle families.

Back then, when Qiao Nian had just arrived in Beijing, many people thought that she was a b.u.mpkin that the Jiang Family had found in the countryside.

Who would have thought that the b.u.mpkin was actually a hidden big boss?

Zhang Yang had good judgment and knew how to conduct himself. Even though he did not think that an ordinary female high school student like Qiao Nian could be that impressive, he had always been polite to her. When he could help, he would always be at her beck and call and never spoke nonsense.

Who knew that he would accidentally cozy up to the right person? Look, the Zhang family was also getting better and better in Beijing these days.

Zhang Yang’s mother was going to hold a grand banquet on her birthday this time. Zhang Yang would definitely want to call Qiao Nian along.

After all, if Miss Qiao was willing to come, it meant that Master w.a.n.g and Young Master Qin would come.

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“Miss Qiao, are you free?” Zhang Yang asked carefully after telling her the date.

Zhang Yang knew that this meant she was going to send a gift to his mother. He was quite touched and did not want to be fake about it.

“Alright, I’ll tell my mother.

“Thank you, Miss Qiao.”

Qin Si could not stand it anymore and interrupted him. He looked up and asked the girl casually, “Sister Qiao, are you coming? Let’s play a round.”

Qiao Nian got up from the sofa without looking back. “I’m not playing anymore. You guys play.”

Before going upstairs, she sent a message to Jiang Zongjin to tell him about Lu Zhi’s collaboration with the Beijing Research Inst.i.tute on the chip development project.

Jiang Zongjin quickly called her.

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