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Brother Ling

Chapter 1343 - Saying Sister Nian Is Not Suitable

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Chapter 1343: Saying Sister Nian Is Not Suitable

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Yuan Qing was anxious to persuade Old Master Jiang. She said in a low voice, “Brother, don’t be foolish at this time! I don’t agree with what you said about the heir. Qiao Nian grew up in Rao City and was raised by someone else. How long has she been in Beijing? What does she know at her age? She only knows how to study… How can she inherit the Jiang family? Even if you don’t like Xianrou, there’s still Jiang Yao. Jiang Yao entered Tian Chen in his early twenties. His future is limitless. Isn’t he more suitable than Qiao Nian?”

Old Master Jiang was expressionless. His expression did not change because of her words, but his tone was firm. “What I have decided will not change.”

“But!” Yuan Qing was restless and looked a little anxious.

She was anxious.

She had been currying favor with the Jiang family’s second branch for more than ten years.


This was so that in a hundred years, Jiang Zongnan’s family could take care of her descendants on account of their ‘sensible’ elder.

Old Master Jiang suddenly said that the heir of the Jiang family was Qiao Nian, shattering all her beautiful dreams.

She had not forgotten how she had jumped up and down to protect the second branch when they were splitting the a.s.sets.

That time, she could say that she had offended the eldest branch completely.

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In the past, she didn’t care about this matter. If she offended him, so be it. Jiang Zongjin was just a poor teacher, and Qiao Nian was just a student. She wasn’t afraid that they would hate her in the future as long as she clung to the second branch.

Yuan Qing couldn’t maintain her composure. She tightened her grip and her face turned red. She said sarcastically, “I’m your elder. How can you speak to me like that? Are all of you so disrespectful to your elders now?”

“That’s enough. You can’t be considered an official elder.” Old Master Jiang glanced at her indifferently with an obvious warning in his eyes. “I didn’t call you here to teach me how to do things. Just sit there and listen. You don’t have to express your opinion. Go back to your house if you don’t want to hear it.”

Yuan Qing was embarra.s.sed by his straightforward words. She couldn’t say a word for a moment. She sat there awkwardly and did not dare to make a sound.

“These two matters are settled.” After announcing the two matters, Old Master Jiang looked tired. There was a layer of green under his eyelids, and he did not look well.

He waved his hand and said to the Jiang family members, “You guys can go back first.”

Tang Wanru and the others did not look too good, especially Jiang Yao and Jiang Xianrou. Their expressions were extremely ugly.

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