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Chapter 1342 - The Old Master Wants to Remove Jiang Xianrou from the Family Tree!

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Chapter 1342: The Old Master Wants to Remove Jiang Xianrou from the Family Tree!

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Old Master Jiang didn’t care how big of a bombsh.e.l.l he dropped.

Everyone had yet to recover from the heavy news of him announcing the heir of the Jiang family. He then threw out the second bomb. “In addition, I hope everyone can bear witness to the second thing.”

At this point, he paused slightly and looked up at Jiang Xianrou, who had yet to recover.

There was pain, sadness, and disappointment in his eyes, but no hesitation.

Old Master Jiang retracted his gaze and said solemnly, “Jiang Xianrou has no respect for her elders and doesn’t cherish her younger sister. I don’t have such a granddaughter. The Jiang family doesn’t have such a daughter… I invited everyone here today to let everyone witness it for me. From today onwards, Jiang Xianrou is no longer a member of the Jiang family. I’ve already decided to cross her name off the family tree!”


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“Grandpa?!” Jiang Xianrou never expected Old Master Jiang’s anger to burn her. For a moment, her mind went blank, and her face was filled with shock, surprise, and panic.

For a large family, there was no punishment worse than being removed from the family tree. Once a person was removed from the family tree, she would never enjoy the protection and glory that the family brought.

The Jiang family was not considered a top family in Beijing, but they were at least an intermediate family.

The Jiang family couldn’t compare to the Ye family, but they were still an existence that many could only dream of compared to some less affluent families.

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