The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Book 2: Chapter 504

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Book 2: Chapter 504

For a while, he stood there, unable to move.

Tuduk, tuk. A few drops of liquid fell from the sky like rain.

The reason it was ‘like rain’ was because it clearly couldn’t be rainwater.

The Next Stage seemed to have suffered great damage from Pale’s attacks, but it hadn’t fallen yet. It was still floating in the sky.

In other words, the falling liquid was something from the bottom of the Next Stage.

Some kind of liquid was leaking from the artificial island. Regardless of whether it was a drinking water reservoir or something else.

The implications of this situation were clear to Lukas.

Being hit as if it was rainwater, made Lukas feel dirty.

“…that conversation.”

Lukas’ lips twitched.

“I’m sure you heard it all.”


“Tell me. Is everything Diablo said true?”

[Most of it.]

The Lightning G.o.d’s dry answer came back.

The possibility he antic.i.p.ated the most.

The moment the possibility that Diablo had misunderstood something disappeared, his clenched fists tightened even more.

It had been confirmed by none other than the Lightning G.o.d, a Ruler.

No, that wasn’t all.

After hearing everything Diablo said, Lukas couldn’t help but understand what he was saying. This was because most of his unanswered questions and suspicions had been solved. It was not something that could have been made up.

…But even after obtaining the truth that he’d longed for, he didn’t feel any better. On the contrary, he felt heavier.

“Lightning G.o.d, what do you want from me?”

Lukas spoke harshly as if chewing the words.

“So this is it? The reason you wanted to send me to the Three Thousand Worlds. The reason you interfered when the Exile was playing his tricks was to make me aware of this.”

[That’s right.]


[Because I wanted to know what you would do after knowing the truth.]


[Didn’t I tell you? I want you to become the Void King.]

“You can become it yourself.”

[That is a difficult task.]

Although that is what he said, to Lukas it seemed as if he was saying it was ‘impossible’. After all, most things were possible for a Ruler like the Lightning G.o.d.

“What’s so hard about it?”

[The Four Knights. Don’t you know how much they hate the Rulers?]

“Don’t tell me you thought of forcefully making them submit like Diablo…”

[Of course I did. However, unfortunately, there is not enough time to make all four of them submit. I also don’t want to take an uncertain gamble in this case.]

“So you want me to be your proxy?”

The Lightning G.o.d didn’t answer, but it was clear affirmation.

But there was still something that was unconvincing.

“Diablo said. After the apocalypse* sweeps away everything, the only thing that will exist is the Void King. In order to survive, you would have no choice but to become the Void King.” (*: Previously just ‘destruction’, I changed it to highlight the severity and impact)

[Kuku. That’s one of the things the Lich got wrong. Hey, Lukas Trowman. Even if the world disappears, I will never disappear.]


[Because I am the Lightning G.o.d.]

That was a terrible reason.

[You don’t believe me.]

“Any words that are not supported by evidence are usually lies.”

[I already told you the reason.]

It was a pointless conversation.


Lukas gritted his teeth.

“…you have known about the apocalypse since a long time ago.”

[That’s right. I at least had a vague feeling about it before you were even born. The actual trigger for the apocalypse was the death of G.o.d. The implications from that incident were surprisingly large. As the Lich said, the apocalypse is no longer far away. Not from my perspective, but the perspective of a mortal.]

“Are you going to let that happen?”

[What is that supposed to mean?]

“Even if the apocalypse covers the entire multiverse, will you just watch.”

[That’s right.]

“s.h.i.t. Is it really okay for a Ruler to do that?”

Rumble, the air around Lukas shook heavily. Spider web cracks spread across the ground, and the surrounding debris rattled.

“The Absolutes, living beings, and universes are your responsibility! Are you really going to let all those who worshiped you like a G.o.d disappear?”

[Lukas Trowman… After such a long time, you really still don’t know anything about them.]

In a voice as if he couldn’t understand, the Lightning G.o.d spoke.

[All those who follow me understand me. Not to mention the Absolutes. You used to be an Absolute, so you should know… think about it. Do you think anything would change if all the Absolutes who follow me knew this?]


[Do you think a single one of them would struggle because they don’t want to be destroyed? Do you think they would tremble out of fear of extinction*? Or do you think they would be unable to overcome their fear and rebel against me? Think for yourself and answer. How would the Absolutes who learn the truth act?](*: the same ‘disappearance’ mentioned in the world of void, just changed to suit context)

“…they would follow your will.”

Lukas couldn’t help but spit out an answer mixed with disgust and pity.

“No matter what choice you make, they will follow you. Even if it meant their eternal extinction.”

[Exactly… And for most mortals, in the first place, death is no different from extinction. Most universes are not even sure about the existence of an afterlife. Within the scope of their knowledge, there is no difference between death and extinction.]

“That’s not wrong. However, that… isn’t that deception?”

The strength in Lukas’ voice gradually faded.

However, nevertheless, he didn’t stop talking.

“We know that’s not it. You know more than the ignorant, and you have a lot more power. So, shouldn’t your responsibility be greater as well?”

[With great power comes great responsibility… That was one of the boring notions created by the weak to trap the strong. As far I know, there is only one thing to keep in mind before making a choice.]

Sighing, the Lightning G.o.d said.

[Regardless of the result that comes after, I must adapt. And I’ve never regretted a single choice that I’ve made in my life.]


[You know it, Lukas Trowman. I am a Ruler. A being who has never experienced defeat since birth. To be precise… I’ve never even experienced a crisis.]

There was a deep emptiness in the Lightning G.o.d’s voice.

At that moment, for the first time, Lukas felt that he’d gotten a glimpse of this incomprehensible being’s true thoughts.

[A sea route that has never experienced a single storm, a farm that has never experienced a single drought. Right. It’s not bad. However, what if you have sailed and sowed seeds for thousands or tens of thousands of years? What if you never failed once and succeeded constantly? How would you feel if such a life didn’t end and continued forever…]

Lukas realised that the Lightning G.o.d was displaying a never before seen kindness. He was explaining his case by using a mortal scenario.

[There is nothing more boring than a life without twists and turns… kukuku.]


[I know that even if I say this, no one would agree with it. However, Lukas Trowman. I’m feeling a bit thrilled now. It’s like an electric current is spreading to every corner of my body, and I have a sensation as if a heart that doesn’t exist is beating. Because.]

The Lightning G.o.d spoke in a cheerful voice.

[For the first time since I was born, I have something worth challenging.]

“…what if you fail that first challenge? What if even you cannot withstand the power of the apocalypse and disappear without leaving so much as a scream?”

[That won’t happen. Because I am the Lightning G.o.d.]

…Completely insane.

That was the conclusion Lukas reached at the end of the fruitless conversation.

He couldn’t understand why the Lightning G.o.d didn’t take any measures even though he had noticed this kind of cosmic apocalypse in advance.

Then he himself was startled by such a thought.

Was he now… trying to rely on a Ruler?


He had gotten weaker.

Just now, if the Lightning G.o.d had some method, a clear way to prevent the apocalypse,

Lukas… might have become a subordinate of the Lightning G.o.d. No, he definitely would have.

He had tried to pa.s.s his responsibility onto someone else,

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Something he hated so much.

Then, the house-like body stumbled as if it was about to collapse.

He bent over, his waist which seemed that it would stretch at any moment, stopped as if it had been frozen in time.


Then, his back, which had been completely bent, straightened as if the scene was playing in reverse.


When he heard the voice that leaked out, Lukas finally realised that it was no longer the Demon King.

“…Demon G.o.d.”

[Long time no see, Lukas Trowman.]

The Black Horned Demon G.o.d smiled.

“You have business with me?”

[You could say it’s an offer.]

“Enough of your bulls.h.i.t. Again, I’m not going to accept your offer.”

[That’s a strange thing to say. Have I ever made a real offer to you?]


Lukas closed his half open mouth for a moment.

When the Demon G.o.d had stolen the body of Sedi Trowman. Even at that time, the offer he’d made to Lukas had felt more like an insult. However, that already ‘didn’t exist’. Even the Rulers couldn’t realise G.o.d’s last miracle.

[Or, have you accepted the Lightning G.o.d’s offer?]


[There’s no need to pretend. I know the Lightning G.o.d exists within you right now.]

A convinced tone.

…He couldn’t help but wonder if the Lightning G.o.d had sent him some kind of signal.

[I didn’t do anything.]

Perhaps reading his mind, the Lightning G.o.d grumbled.

[If it had been the other way around, I would have noticed as well. That’s why I told you, it’s better to not encounter the Demon G.o.d too much.]


There was a hint of laughter in the Demon G.o.d’s voice.

[I’m not upset because something unexpected happened. Has your hatred towards us improved, Lukas Trowman? Seeing as you allowed the Lightning G.o.d to stay in your body.]

“That wasn’t my aim.”

[What do you mean?]

“I fought the Lightning G.o.d in the imaginary world. I won, but I wasn’t able to completely get rid of that guy’s remnant thoughts.”


The Demon G.o.d seemed to pause.

Then, he looked into Lukas’ eyes as if to ascertain the truth.

After a while, as if he realised something, the corners of his lips twitched.

[Kuk, haha, hahahaha!]

The small snicker became full blown mad laughter.

After bursting out laughing, the Demon G.o.d opened his mouth.

[You defeated the Lightning G.o.d? In the imaginary world? Just you?]

“Is that hard to believe?”

[It’s not a story I can believe or not. In the first place, it is impossible… kukuku.]

“Your arrogance is no surprise, but I’ll let you know that it was a humble victory. At that time, the Lightning G.o.d was in the state of controlling a puppet. Since he wasn’t able to show his full power─”

[It’s not a question of body. You said it yourself, it was a mental confrontation.]


[If the Lightning G.o.d was willing to use a bit more concentration, he could have summoned the main body of G.o.d in the imaginary world.]


[You’re doing something interesting, Lightning G.o.d.]

There was laughter mixed into the Demon G.o.d’s voice as he spoke.

[Why did you intentionally lose?]

(TL: Way to crush all of Lukas’ confidence.)

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