The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Book 2: Chapter 482

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Book 2: Chapter 482

The gift the Demonic Cult received from the Great Galactic Alliance was an eight seater fighter jet named ‘Omega’.

The Omega’s appearance was in many ways different from the normal fighter jets that Lukas was expecting. Firstly, it didn’t look like an aircraft at all.

Instead, it took the form of a giant disc. Overall, it was only a bit thicker than a dish*. Instead of something that you could ride, it looked more like a large ornament or statue. (*: I’m a.s.suming satellite dish… but the word used also means dinner plate/saucer) (PR: Literally flying saucer lol)

“How do you ride this?”

It was Pale, who didn’t really care about things, that asked this question, but this time, it was understandable. Even Lukas, who had experienced all kinds of hardships, had a hard time finding the part that served as an entrance.

First of all, the entire surface was too smooth.

Overall, even after looking it over, he could not guess where the door would be.

“It is opened with voice recognition. Please wait for a moment.”

Dok Go-yun stepped up to the Omega and spoke in a solemn voice.

“The Supreme Heavenly Demon(天魔至尊)! Greatest of the Demonic Cult(魔敎天下)!”


A moment after that ridiculous shout rang out, something like a line appeared on the smooth surface. It was a very secretive appearance, like a snake emerging to the surface.

After a while, he realised that a very thin gap had appeared, so thin in fact that it might not be possible for even rainwater to get in.


With a sound similar to steam being discharged, the door swung open. The open door stuck to the ground and became a stairway.

“Let’s go.”

Dok Go-yun took the lead, and the other three followed.


Pale, who went in ahead of the others, let out an exclamation.

The interior of the cabin consisted of a clean and incredibly futuristic design with a white base. The walls, floor, c.o.c.kpit, interior decor, seats, beds, and other amenities were either grey or white.

And the inside was much larger than it appeared on the outside.

“If we activate the stealth function, we should be able to reach our destination without getting caught up in any unnecessary trouble.”

“What is a stealth function?”

“It’s a function for hiding. It makes it impossible to guess the location of the Omega by tracking our movement with the naked eye.”


Dok Go-yun went to the c.o.c.kpit. Then, he continued talking while manipulating the holographic screens.

“Even for a weapon made by the Great Galactic Alliance, its speed is quite slow for a fighter jet, but I heard that this model was optimised for combat and concealment. The fuel consumption isn’t too bad, so a round trip shouldn’t be a problem… Mm. By my calculations, it will take us about two days to reach our destination while taking the safest route.”

Today was October 1st.

And the general review meeting would be held in the next stage on October 10th.

So there wouldn’t be any problems with time.

“Then let’s do that.”

“Shall we leave immediately?”



When Dok Go-yun pressed a b.u.t.ton, the entrance closed.


Then, they felt the fuselage begin to float. For a moment, they could feel a slight shaking, but it was very faint. The Omega rose so gently that it could hardly be taken as a fighter jet taking off. Surprisingly, there was hardly any noise.

‘The Great Galactic Alliance…?’

Lukas realised that their technology could be ranked in the top tier among all dimensions. Slowly looking around the aircraft, he suddenly said.

“Are there things to eat?”

“Over here.”

Dok Go-yun opened a door on the wall, revealing a s.p.a.ce that was filled with food. Most of it was instant food and canned food that had a long shelf life and were easy to store.

He didn’t think they’d need to worry about food. That amount would be enough to last them a month.

‘Two days.’

…Now that he thought about it, His mind was a bit blank and his eyelids were heavy. This was a bit different from mental fatigue. For the first time in a long time, he felt sleepy.

Since there was no telling what would happen at the ‘next stage’, it was important for him to get some rest while he could.

Yang In-hyun, and Pale.

Since they were both in the same s.p.a.ce as him now, he could relax a bit.

“I’m going to rest my eyes for a bit, tell me if you have anything to say.”

“Ah, yes.”

Heading towards one of the beds, Lukas leaned his back against the wall. Nevertheless, he had no intention of sleeping completely relaxedly. Instead, despite closing his eyes, he still maintained a certain level of caution so that he could respond to any unexpected situation at any time.

* * *


Dok Go-yun.

The man who led the Demonic Cult as the proxy of the Heavenly Demon was currently facing a great difficulty.

Of course, their trip hadn’t suffered any setbacks. Although the Omega was slow—of course, when compared to other means— it was not that slow and was steadily moving toward their destination.

Occasionally, they would encounter flying beasts, demons or strange looking objects, but they never noticed the Omega’s presence.

The problem was that things were going too smoothly.

The cabin was quiet, a s.p.a.ce filled with science with not even the slightest hint of conversation.

‘…it’s awkward.’

So awkward he could die.

What was this?

Weren’t these three companions? That couldn’t be true. If it was, then why hadn’t they said a single word to each other?

The three monsters didn’t seem to have the slightest interest in each other. Dok Go-yun decided to take a glance at them.

First of all, the blue haired woman, Pale, was the noisiest of the three. Of course, her noisiness didn’t come from talking too much.

Pale was currently seated in front of the refrigerator, frantically digging into their food supply. Empty cans rolled aimlessly beside her.

As far as Dok Go-yun knew, the food in storage should have been enough to last them a month, but at this rate, it didn’t seem impossible for it to be completely emptied within two days. It even made him want to dissect her to see what the h.e.l.l her stomach looked like.

Of course, Dok Go-yun had neither the authority nor the courage to stop her.

Naturally, his gaze shifted to the other two men.

Yang In-hyun was looking at the pa.s.sing scenery outside with his hands clasped behind his back. As he looked at the clouds filling the blue sky, he gave off a free and solemn feeling as if he was a taoist hermit. But Dok Go-yun couldn’t shake off the fear he felt.

The Demonic Cult had been crushed by this man’s sword, and even he himself had almost died.

Forcing his gaze away, he looked at the last man.

The man with dull blonde hair sitting on the bed with his eyes closed. He’d said that he was going to rest his eyes, but from Dok Go-yun’s perspective, it looked as though he was meditating. Most importantly, he couldn’t find even a single opening.

In any case.

In Dok Go-yun’s eyes, out of the three, Lukas seemed to be the most rational and communicable. However, even he didn’t seem to have a particularly social personality.

‘Say something, anything…’

It felt like an entire day had pa.s.sed, but in reality, it had only been about 30 minutes.

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Didn’t these guys feel awkward? Was he the one who was being weird?

Dok Go-yun looked at Lukas. Although this man was basically expressionless, for some reason, his expression seemed a bit sour.

“Uncle, play with us.”

His face didn’t fit being called uncle, but Pale seemed to always call Lukas that. Despite the cheerful voice calling for him, Lukas shook his head without moving.

“I don’t want to do stuff like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like gambling.”

“Huh? What part of this is gambling? This is just for fun.”


Lukas tried to close his eyes again, but Pale didn’t let him. Grabbing him by the forearm, she forcibly dragged him over.

And so, a one of a kind game of catch the thief began.


“Can we stop for a moment?”

At Yang In-hyun’s voice, the hand of Dok Go-yun, which was about to pull a card, stopped.

“No, not you. Can we stop this lump of flying metal?”

“Ah, yes. Of course.”

With an embarra.s.sed expression, Dok Go-yun got to his feet and asked.

“But may I ask the reason…?”

“There are people screaming on the ground.”


“We should save them.”


He said the ground.

Dok Go-yun’s eyes blurred slightly as he looked down. Naturally, he could only see the floor of the aircraft. No, even if the floor had been made of gla.s.s, the Omega was currently flying thousands of metres in the sky. It would be impossible for him to see what was happening on the ground.

However, it was impossible for Yang In-hyun to say such a thing casually.

“It wouldn’t be very hard to land, but we would need to check if there were any dangers in the area first…”

“It would be too late then.”

“I’ll go ahead.”

Lukas stood up from his seat. His expression carried a hint of annoyance and displeasure. Dok Go-yun hoped that it wasn’t because he’d lost 18 consecutive games of catch the thief. (TL: Lukas is so bad at card games lol)

“How fortunate. I wanted to get some fresh air.”

“Me too! I’ll go with you!”

Pale raised her hand and said.

Nodding, Lukas looked over to Yang In-hyun.

“Can you stay on standby here? I think it would be a mess if the Omega were to be broken while Pale and I are gone.”


Yang In-hyun nodded his head candidly. The expression of Dok Go-yun, who was going to be left alone with the man he was most uncomfortable around, was slightly rotten.


Lukas looked down. When he used Clairvoyance, he was able to see the scene that had been noticed by Yang In-hyun.


But the scene he witnessed was different from what Lukas was expecting.

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