The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Book 2: Chapter 453

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Book 2: Chapter 453

He had received a similar offer from the Lightning G.o.d. But the Demon G.o.d’s proposal was more specific— more insulting. The Lightning G.o.d had offered for Lukas to become a Ruler. But the Demon King was different.

He knew what he meant by the word puppet. There was an example of it right in front of him.

“Are you saying you want me to take Sedi’s role? Does that mean you’ll let her go instead?”

“I didn’t say that. That interpretation is too much.”

“Just because you didn’t mention it doesn’t mean the meaning isn’t there.”

“The intent is different. Don’t tell me you can’t tell the difference.

That wasn’t a joke.

Lukas paused for a moment before speaking.

“You won’t threaten to use Sedi as a hostage. Is that what you’re claiming?”


The Demon G.o.d remained silent and Lukas’ expression became bleak. He quickly united his mind and entered the minimal time zone, but he couldn’t find any threatening attacks in the changed scenery.

He didn’t show any killing intent.

This being had caused Lukas to feel a sense of crisis simply by changing his temperament.

“…you, have a knack for making me feel uncomfortable. It was like this in the past too.”

Of course, even a fool could tell that wasn’t a compliment.

“I won’t repeat my question. I won’t ask twice. What I ask is my proposal and what I want is an answer. Any other conversation between us is unnecessary.”

—He hadn’t changed.

Rulers didn’t change. They wouldn’t.

But what had he expected, what did he hope for? Lukas chuckled.

It was impossible from the start.

“Then I’ll also make a proposal.”


The p.r.i.c.kling sensation on his skin intensified.

If there was a line that shouldn’t be crossed for the Demon G.o.d, the Lukas’ remarks had definitely crossed it. Because making a reverse proposal could also be included in the ‘unnecessary conversation’.

Keeping his eye on his every move, Lukas continued.

“Make me submit. With your thorns.”

“You will die.”

“It won’t be that easy.”

The Demon King let out a sigh.


Lukas’ last battle in this life began.

* * *

Black, Thorn, Demon G.o.d.

It could be said that the being in front of him was represented by those three ident.i.ties. Those words were probably closer to his essence than ‘Ruler’.

But Lukas was convinced that among them, the word ‘thorn’ was the most important.


There were no thorns in his sight. This was true even after entering the minimal time zone. Lukas leapt through s.p.a.ce to widen the distance between them. He still couldn’t see anything, and the Demon G.o.d was still standing still.

But Lukas still felt as if something was threatening him.


He constantly leapt through s.p.a.ce, but at some point, his calf muscles split. This had been caused by an invisible attack.

Lukas swallowed a murmur.

It was an attack that he couldn’t see even in the minimal time zone… In that case, did that mean it was undetectable even in this s.p.a.ce? Was there another ‘higher level s.p.a.ce’ beyond this one?

No, that wasn’t it.

Lukas now existed in the same world as the Rulers. Although there was still a clear gap in level, it was clear to him that they could at least see the same scenery.

So he changed his thoughts.

If he couldn’t think of an answer after thinking hard, then it was better to simplify his perspective.

Lukas closed his eyes for a moment. Then, after calmly a.n.a.lysing the situation, he reached the answer that was closest to the truth.


It was the power of one of the DemiG.o.ds, which made it possible to raise his vision to a level that couldn’t be reached with the normal naked eye.

Eyes white, Lukas glanced behind him and was able to grasp the truth.

‘It’s thin.’

It was an extremely thin, slender thorn. It was so small that it was impossible to see it with the naked eye. It had to be thousands of times thinner than a hair. There were tens of thousands of such thorns.

And the power of one thin thorn was enough to pierce through Lukas’ void and make his body a simple one of flesh and blood.

‘It’ll be dangerous to miss even a few of their movements.’

A smile crept across Lukas’ lips. It felt like he was walking on thin ice, but this gave him a thrilling feeling to an extent.

Was this his own feeling, or was it the influence of the other ‘Lukases’?

He didn’t have the time to think about it.

“Howling Tempest.”

A strong wind swept through the area. Nevertheless, the thorns didn’t scatter. Despite the heavy winds, they remained firm as they shot towards Lukas.

This level of wind was far from enough. Even though they were thin objects, they were as st.u.r.dy as solid spears.

In that case, he’d have to use a different tactic.

Lukas created a s.p.a.ce in front of the thorns shooting towards him. After being sucked into the s.p.a.ce, the thorns shot out of the exit Lukas provided.

This resulted in the thorns colliding.


He felt like he heard that sound.

As tens of thousands of thorns collided with each other, a formidable shockwave spread in every direction. And after the black air current covered the surroundings, there was nothing left.

It was mutual annihilation.

‘The power contained in each thorn is exactly the same.’

Such a terrifying guy. The power of every single one of those thousands of thorns was exactly the same.

Of course, Lukas had grasped the exact number of thin thorns. The number of thorns Lukas had just received was 37,132, exactly half of the total.

It might have been his luck that the total wasn’t an odd number.

‘However, this isn’t his full power.’

On the contrary, the power he’d revealed was only a small fraction.

His pride was scratched.

…He wanted him to go all out against him. He knew it was an impulsive feeling, but Lukas decided to not be patient.

His body shot into the air. For some reason, the Demon G.o.d didn’t send out any more thorns, he just watched on blankly.

After reaching almost to the ceiling of the cave, Lukas looked down at the Demon G.o.d.

“The difference in level is obvious. So there’s no need to waste any more time… I will now use the most powerful spell I can.”

“Your most powerful spell?”


Lukas cast his strongest spell.

A single Magic Missile.


The Demon King was still expressionless. He simply stared at the Magic Missile without saying a word.

Then Lukas chuckled.

“Of course, even if I sent trillions of spells at you, they wouldn’t leave even a single scratch. However.”


The entirety of Demonsio shook. This was because what was happening transcended the density of s.p.a.ce. Lukas created several ‘s.p.a.ces’ in front of him.


Blood flowed from his eyes, nose and mouth at the same time. This was because his current actions far surpa.s.sed the limits of his mental power.

“Lord’s power of s.p.a.ce. In a way, what I’ve created are Personal s.p.a.ces… the s.p.a.ces before me are no different from small universes.”


“I put magic circles in these universes. They’re only for an insignificant amplification spell, but the amount of amplification will be enormous.”


The magic circles in the s.p.a.ce he created overlapped. It was like a planet surrounded by a ring.

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“The main spell doesn’t need to be outstanding. In fact, if it’s too strong, the calculation might become complicated, so the simpler it is, the better…”

Coincidentally, the spot he landed was close to the Demon G.o.d.

“I’ve changed my mind. You’ve already learned too much about this world. You wouldn’t be a suitable puppet.”

The Demon G.o.d walked over slowly.

“It’s very fortunate. That I can just kill you here.”

“…that thorn.”


Lukas coughed.

“You’re still conscious after being stabbed by the [Thorn of Pain]? That’s amazing. When it comes to mental power, you definitely are close to our level.”

“That was your true essence…”

“Know that with honour. It’s been hundreds of millions of years since I last used that thorn.”

Lukas could feel the gradual approach of death.

It was a clean defeat with no excuses. But he had gained a lot. He had a clue about the Demon G.o.d’s power. Perhaps if they fought again, his chances of winning would be tens of times higher.


“Why are you laughing?”

There were two reasons. Finally, at the moment of his death, he thought about his ‘next life’. But he hadn’t fought the Demon G.o.d under the a.s.sumption that he would definitely return.

He just had a feeling. If he accepted the Demon G.o.d’s proposal, he would experience a fate worse than death.

That was why he fought.

To calculate his chances of victory, to obtain information, to preserve his dignity.

Most of all, he wanted to take a shot against the Demon G.o.d, a Ruler.

However, it was impossible. It was too much for Lukas.

For ‘Lukas’.

“You called it the Thorn of Pain. It’s an amazing power. It destroyed the several s.p.a.ces I made, pierced my body and even smashed the ceiling of Demonsio.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Lukas’ lips twisted.

“That power was a bit excessive. It was like an awl sticking out of the Demon G.o.d’s pocket.”


“I didn’t fight to die. I ended up dying, but… I had only considered this ending. Nevertheless, the thought of just dying peacefully makes my stomach twist.”

Lukas smiled brightly.

“So I decided to call an expert.”


Just as the Demon G.o.d asked this question.

A being appeared through the sky.

To be precise, they broke through the ceiling, but when looking up from the city, it was no different from them breaking the sky.

It was different from before. The fragments of the cave ceiling, which had already been cracked, began to fall like rain.

The Demon G.o.d ignored the huge stones falling like heavy rain.

At that moment, he was no longer looking at Lukas. Lukas didn’t even know that he was witnessing a rare sight. The sight of a Ruler panicking.

The being that the Demon G.o.d’s eyes had locked onto fell faster than the stones. And landed gently between Lukas and the Demon G.o.d.

Their blue hair could be seen through the scattered dust.

…He figured that she wouldn’t be too far away. That she wouldn’t have left completely. She was probably even close by.

So this move could be called Lukas’ second gamble.


A laugh escaped his lips.

His expression was relaxed, nonchalant. As he looked at the unchanging expression of the Ruler in front of him, he was no longer offended, and instead felt amused.



The blue haired woman snorted as she stretched out her hand. A blue sword rose up from the ground before settling in her hand.

Then, Pale smiled brightly and said.


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