The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Book 2: Chapter 424

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Book 2: Chapter 424


Jacob’s body collapsed as Lukas regained control of his body. He was only a step away from Lee Jong-hak.

He reached out and grabbed a cup of water from the nearby table. The cup was filled with tepid water. Splash! He threw it towards Lee Jong-hak. Droplets of water scattered in the air before quickly growing in size.


Letting out a laugh, Lee Jong-hak grabbed his sword. Crackle. This time it was undoubtable. A clear current flowed along his sword.


The water droplets exploded. Lee Jong-hak’s eyes narrowed slightly as if this situation wasn’t as he’d imagined. His body was caught in the explosion and was sent flying backwards, through the walls of the house.

This building, the Cloud Pavilion, had been built precariously on the edge of a cliff. And for reference, the direction Lee Jong-hak had flown towards was that of the cliff. Drenched in water, he fell down the cliff thousands of metres in the air.


“What is the…”

Lukas confirmed the situation.

Two of the Seven Flowers, the Third Flower Cheon Jong-woo and the Fifth Flower Man Seol-gun, were dead. Their heads rolled across the ground like garbage. Looking at their expressions, they hadn’t even realised they’d died.

Sama Ryeong and Jo Sang-ak’s arms had been severed. In particular, Jo Sang-ak seemed unable to accept the devastation that had unfolded before his eyes and had lost his mind.

The two elders… were nowhere in sight. At least that was the case at first glance.

Lukas noticed that the ground where they had been standing was charred. He could only make a guess. The lightning, which had spread out from the swinging sword, had destroyed their entire bodies without leaving a trace.

And the last person.

Jacob was dying.


His body twitches occasionally, and although his wounds seemed fatal at first glance, it wasn’t much of a problem. His spine had been severed and was bleeding heavily, but it was possible to save him even if he had worse wounds.

As long as they were still alive, Lukas could save anyone.

At least that should have been the case.

As he placed his hand on Jacob’s back, Lukas’ expression hardened.


He couldn’t save him. He wasn’t regenerating.

The power of void wasn’t working.

Was Jacob’s body rejecting the regression?

…No. It wasn’t his body.

It was the lightning power that remained in his body that was pushing the void away.


There was nothing he could do. He couldn’t heal him. Lukas had no idea how to solve this problem. He didn’t have much time to contemplate it either. Jacob’s life was coming to an end.


Jacob’s lips were moving.

It was only after a moment that Lukas realised this. The first thing he noticed was his eyes.

Lukas was curious about what Jacob was thinking and what emotions were in his eyes.

And he was surprised.

Jacob’s eyes did not show any despair over his current situation, fear of death, or above all, resentment towards him.


He repeated the same question.

No. In the first place, Jacob had chosen to take the attack in Lukas’ place. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he didn’t resent him.

However… Why did this man save him? Even to the extent of giving up his own life? Lukas didn’t have any special relationship with Jacob. Instead, he had actually considered him annoying to the extent of wanting to kill him.

Jacob must have felt his killing intent.

And yet, Jacob still chose to save Lukas.

…He stopped his racing thoughts.

One thing was the clearest at this point.

Lukas could not save Jacob.

So the least he could do was listen to his last words.


But Jacob’s lips were just twitching, and he didn’t seem able to actually form any words. Instead, only his b.l.o.o.d.y breath roughly rasped from his lips.

The light in his eyes gradually faded. Cough, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Then Jacob’s movements came to a complete stop.

[Shouldn’t you eat him before he completely disappears?]


Lukas struck out with void to the source of the voice. Of course, there was nothing there. The power smashed the walls of the house and continued into the sky behind it.

“The h.e.l.l is this…”

Sama Ryeong bit her lip.

She could not keep up with the events that had happened in an instant, causing a gap to form between her processing of information and reality.

Of course, Sama Ryeong knew who the culprit behind this tragedy was.

Lee Jong-hak.

Someone who had recently appeared in the World of Void and a criminal who had ma.s.sacred the disciples of Flower Mountain. The most dangerous of the prisoners in the prison.

Of course, Sama Ryeong hadn’t witnessed his murders personally. She had been away at that time.

But she had spoken to him face to face before.

And she’d been dazzled by the spirit of integrity that seemed to exude from him.

…In all honesty, Sama Ryeong had wondered if that man was really such a butcher.

And if his ma.s.sacre was true, then why hadn’t they executed him right away? The Yang In-hyun that Sama Ryeong knew was not such a benevolent man.



That wasn’t the problem right now.

“What is your relationship with that man?”

Sama Ryeong looked at Lukas as she asked this. Because this man was the person who had brought Lee Jong-hak to this place.

Lukas didn’t respond. He continued to look at Jacob with an indescribable expression.

Sama Ryeong felt intense anger at this sight which seemed like he’d lost his mind.

“I’m asking you a question!”

It was then that Lukas responded. He finally turned his gaze towards her.


It was a short word. It wasn’t a request, nor was it an order.

It was closer to a prediction of what was going to happen. Sama Ryeong’s body was pushed to the side and slammed into the wall.


Even though she was alive, her arms had been cut off and she suffered fatal internal injuries. Unable to withstand the shock of the blow, Sama Ryeong’s eyes rolled back into her head as she fainted.

“Ma-, Martial Sister!”

Jo Sang-ak rang over to Sama Ryeong.

Lukas ignored everything and approached Yang In-hyun.

His body was covered in wounds… Right. Lukas had just given him some emergency treatment. Even then, it hadn’t been very effective. He’d tried to treat him to the point where he would be able to communicate, but Yang In-hyun was barely conscious and could only speak in a faint voice.

Now he understood.

Who made Yang In-hyun like this?

“Lee Jong-hak.”


“No, that’s not right.”


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When he thought about how Lee Jong-hak had destroyed Flower Mountain and driven Yang In-hyun to the brink of death, another being came to mind.

“What does that mean?”

“Do you have a hard time understanding what I said?”

“…what is your goal?”

The Lightning G.o.d simply smiled.


For a moment, only the sound of the rain could be heard.


Suddenly, the crown of the Lightning G.o.d’s head seemed to flash, and a sharp bolt of lightning hurtled towards Lukas. Lukas didn’t move. Crunch, instead, the ground in front of him rose up and blocked the lightning.


Lukas felt like the lightning fired by the Lightning G.o.d was more like a check than a real attack. This was then proven by the fact that he didn’t continue to attack.

“You’ve grown stronger. Haha. Can you answer my question? What did you give up in this place, and what did you get?”

“You ignore my questions and only ask about things you’re curious about. Your selfish way of speaking hasn’t changed.”

“Unchangeability is one of the most important qualities for a Ruler. We do not need to change. Because we were born perfect… unlike changeable beings.”

Lukas’ gaze became cold at those words.

“In any case, I owe you one. Since you healed this body.”

“Can you say that even after you tried to kill me?”

“You aren’t dead now, are you?”

“Someone else died instead.”

“Right. That guy who was with you… Who was that? Was he your disciple?”



Why did he really want to kill the Lightning G.o.d at that moment?

That wasn’t all. The conversation with him was gradually becoming unpleasant. He couldn’t stand the smirk that remained on his face.

But the catalyst that burst his fraying patience was the Lightning G.o.d’s next words.

“Then I’ll offer an apology for him. Lukas Trowman, don’t you want to be a perfect being?”

“A perfect being?”

“A Ruler.”

The Lightning G.o.d smiled.

“If it’s the current you, I think I could make it happen.

-He smiled.

While casually mentioning Lukas’ lifelong wish as if it was nothing important. He spoke about the purpose that he’d risked everything for… in a light, frivolous voice.

Lukas slowly lowered his head. Rainwater rolled down his jawline. It was cold. But there was something more annoying than that.

What answer should he give?

How could he get rid of this dirty feeling he had, even if only slightly?

After enough time had pa.s.sed for three lightning bolts to strike in the thunderstorm, the Lightning G.o.d asked.

“What’s your answer?”

It was around this time that [some Lukas] gave him a cool answer.

Lukas shook his head.


“Huh? What was that?”

And with a bright smile, he said.

“Suck my nuts, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”* (*: This was censored, I had to improvise)


The Lightning G.o.d’s expression hardened.

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