The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Volume 2 - Chapter 307

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Volume 2 - Chapter 307

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years (Season 2) – Chapter 307

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Sei

It had been a year since the siblings had last met.

“We’ve found Diablo’s location.”

Hearing Lylia’s cold, business-like tone made Peran feel a tinge of bitterness.

His cute little sister, who’d always liked going to tea parties and b.a.l.l.s, had now become a stubborn negotiator with the ability to manipulate conversations as she pleased.

Naturally, Peran felt a bit of guilt and responsibility since it was his departure that caused this change.

Of course, he didn’t show any of this on the outside.

They stood facing each other not as two siblings of the Jun family, but as negotiators who represented the Circle and the Alliance respectively.


“Can’t it then be said that we have made the greatest contribution so far?”

“Well. We’ll have to verify the accuracy of the information first.”

“Do you really think we’d present false information at the meeting? That’s a bit disappointing. I can’t believe that’s the way the Alliance views our Circle.”

Ivan and Iris.

It gave the Alliance a bit of a headache when they shamelessly called themselves ‘the Circle’.

In the first place, they had long separated themselves into radicals and conservatives, realists and idealists, but those couldn’t be considered as accurate designations.

Nevertheless, it was important for both sides to maintain the legitimacy of the Circle, so neither of them would be willing to give up the name.

“Of course, if Her Majesty was here, I wouldn’t have had to mention such a thing. You should know just how meticulous I am.”


She had already partic.i.p.ated in several major negotiations.

She’d had many failures, but even more successes.

This gave her the chance to learn from the results of both sides and gain experience.

Thanks to this, she wouldn’t be pushed around even when her opponents were politicians or merchants with great experience.

‘…as expected, it won’t be easy.’

Nevertheless, Lylia had no choice but to acknowledge this older brother of hers. Even when she tried to misinterpret Peran’s personal opinions as the will of the entire Alliance, he naturally separated them.

He calmly stated that his words were his own opinion instead of Snow’s will, and clearly drew a line to distinguish the two.

After reviewing dozens of thoughts in his mind, he would then say the most effective response. For a man like Peran Jun, such a seemingly difficult process was as easy as breathing while exchanging words with his opponent.

“After the meeting, we sent a few of our people to Matuui. We should receive a report in a week at the latest.”

“Are you saying that we should have our conversation then?”

“That is an option. It wouldn’t be a problem to end this here.”

—However, if that was the case, then you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the merit of ‘finding Diablo’s specific location’.

Lylia easily understood Peran’s unspoken words and sighed inwardly.

Although she’d expected it, it really wasn’t easy.

She recalled Iris’ instructions.

She’d told her that there was no need to overly apply pressure to them. It was fine to just maintain their relationship with the Alliance as it was now. After the events of that meeting, that thought must have grown much stronger.

Ivan and Snow were clearly not on good terms with each other.

What Iris wanted was to get Snow to help her drive Ivan out completely, but Snow was no fool. This was proven by the ‘completely neutral’ stance she had been prattling about. Breaking it would be impossible even for Iris.

“…I lost again.”

Lylia pouted slightly as she grumbled as if she’d been wronged.

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It was only then that Peran smiled slightly, his business-like expression fading.

“By the way, shouldn’t big brother start a family soon?”


“The Rainstorm, Lady Sonia, is waiting for you.”

Peran made an embarra.s.sed expression when he saw Lylia’s mischievous smile.

The Rainstorm, who was waiting, was Peran’s former fiancee.

“Our relationship isn’t like that.”

“That’s an excuse that couples always use when they’re now starting to connect.”

“No. I’m serious. Besides… now really isn’t the time for that. I still have many things to do.”

Of course, Lylia knew that Peran was usually busy almost 24hrs a day. He didn’t have the time to give someone his heart.

Her mischievous expression soon became clouded by worry.

“I’m worried about you, big brother. If you keep running around like that, you won’t even notice when your body can’t take it anymore. It’s only after you stop, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that you’ll finally notice just how much you’re overworking yourself.”


“Sometimes it’s good to take a break. Any kind is fine. Whether it’s by making love to a lover or immersing yourself in a hobby. Or even spending time with close friends.”

Lylia looked deeply into Peran’s eyes for a moment before continuing.

“…well, I don’t think big brother has a single person you can call a close friend anyway.”

“I do.”


“A friend.”

Peran smiled brightly.

“I have one.”

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