The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Chapter V1C187 Turbulence (1)

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Season 1 Chapter 187: Turbulence (1)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 187 – Turbulence (1)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Agni’s reaction was excellent.

At the least, it was much better than Norn’s and Sunsir’s who died before him.

Of course, the most important factor to this reaction was the fact that his perception towards mortals had already been changed by the previous fight.

He had acknowledged the fact that they were threats to DemiG.o.ds.

A pillar of fire erupted from Agni and surged towards Frey, engulfing his body in an instant. But Agni knew that his fire wouldn’t even leave a scorch mark.

A spear of lightning broke through the pillar of fire and reached Agni in an instant.


Agni twisted his body immediately.

No, he’d reacted even before he saw it.

Nevertheless, it was impossible for him to completely avoid the attack. The bolt of lightning bit Agni’s shoulder like a hungry beast.

Rather than the terrible pain, Agni was more surprised by the attack that was faster than a thought.

In his Fire G.o.d form, Agni was able to move his body almost immediately in response to his thoughts.

Had it not been for Beniang’s Dragontongue, Ivan’s attack would never have been able to touch him.

Yet, it was this same Agni who couldn’t even react in time now. In fact, he had only managed to avoid the attack by luck.


Agni’s eyes, which had dimmed considerably, suddenly flashed white.

He no longer dared to hold back any of his powers. More importantly, his current situation was anything but good. He had used too much divine power in the last battle.

White flames poured out of Agni’s mouth.

Heart of the Sun.

The flames that would never go out finally appeared in the Amakan Desert. The power of these flames far surpa.s.sed any he had used up to that point.


But it was these flames that also disappeared as soon as he released them.

White light from Frey’s hand had pierced into the heart of the sun. And the heart of the sun, which had just swelled, popped with a ringing sound.

Agni stared at this sight with a blank gaze.

His mind had gone blank for a moment. His brain was unable to process what had just happened.

In the meantime, Frey appeared before Agni.

Agni flinched.

‘What the h.e.l.l?’

Wasn’t this man a Wizard?

He had no reason to come so close….

No. This could be his only chance.

Agni tried to use the Heart of the Sun again. At this distance, it would be unavoidable.

But before he could do that, Frey flicked Agni’s face with his finger.


And with that simple move, Agni’s head exploded.

At the same time, the little divine power he had left flowed away like an ebbing tide.

He’d lost.

Agni had this thought as he collapsed to his knees. His head, which had been destroyed, slowly regenerated, but Frey didn’t stop him. He also knew.

It was only Agni’s sh.e.l.l that had regenerated. Agni had already lost most of his divine power, and the remnants would soon disappear.

[…are you really human?]

Agni spoke in a soft voice.

His will to fight had completely disappeared.

Frey had killed quite a few DemiG.o.ds, but he was the first to respond in such a way.

…No. He wasn’t the first.

There was Riki.

[I can’t believe it… even though I can see it for myself.]

A simple finger flick without any skill had managed to reach his core.

Was it because he didn’t have any more divine power and he was already weakened from the previous battle?

He felt like it would have been different. However, he didn’t think he would’ve been able to win even if he was in his peak condition.

As Agni accepted this fact, the last of his power dissipated.

His spark of life went out.

Agni’s body fluttered as though he would disappear at any moment. He looked down at Beniang.

‘Truly… worse than a dog’s death.’

Beniang sacrificed her life to save dozens of people. If it wasn’t for her, they would have all been annihilated before Frey arrived.

On the other hand, his death was meaningless.

Agni closed his eyes.

At that moment, he recalled Leyrin’s face.

He shook his head. He wouldn’t regret it.

It was the decision he’d reached before he came to this place. He decided to accept everything Lord had done.

‘I’m not like Riki.’

That was why he was worried. He felt regret.

Right. It was probably what he should have done before he died. His role should have been to pa.s.s on ‘the word’.

Agni should have told Lord.

‘Lord, you’re acting strange now.’

He wasn’t sure how Lord would have taken it. However, he felt that it was necessary to say it.

The current Lord was very strange. He was different from before. And he wasn’t sure how that would affect the DemiG.o.ds.

However, when he thought about it, he was overcome with anxiety for some reason. That was probably the reason why he had subconsciously stopped himself from thinking too deeply.

…If Agni were to die, then the presence capable of restraining Lord would be gone as well. Because Ananta and Nozdog would obey Lord’s will without question.

And the words of the mortals would never get through to Lord.

‘It wouldn’t matter unless a DemiG.o.d said it.’

Of course, he couldn’t imagine how Lord would react to it. Riki’s face then appeared in his mind.

‘Did you realise this, Riki?’

Agni shook his head at this question that suddenly appeared.

Then, the last flame burning in the desert went out.

* * *

Lord paused. Then he turned around and said.

[Agni is dead.]

[…What did you say?]

Nozdog asked in a surprised voice.

Ananta frowned fiercely.

“That fool! I told him to deal with his Apostle…!”

[It had nothing to do with his Apostle. Agni was directly defeated by the humans.]

Ananta’s mouth fell open.

He shook his head fiercely as if he couldn’t believe it.

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“That’s… ridiculous. Agni is like us, a being not even the Ancients could kill.”

[A being who appears once every tens of thousands of years has appeared among the humans.]

[…if that’s true, then how the h.e.l.l would we deal with a human like that…]

[There’s no need to worry, my comrade.]

“…do you have a plan?”

[That’s right. If I get my hands on what I want, then it won’t matter even if that human has the power of origin. We don’t have time to waste, so let’s set off immediately. Please lend me your strength.]

[Set off? Where are we going?]

Lord swung his arm, tearing the s.p.a.ce in front of them.

The view was a silent answer to Nozdog’s question.

It was a place where screams could be heard nonstop. A place with purple earth, a sun that burned black, and where countless rivers of blood flowed.

It was a land where the aura of death could be felt more strongly than anywhere on the continent.

It was h.e.l.l. Another name for the Demon World that was usually used by the Demons.

* * *

“I wonder how long it’s been since we last saw each other.”

Beelzebub, the King of Gluttony, spoke with a voice that sounded like numerous flies buzzing.

It was truly an amazing occasion. The six Lords of the Demon World had all gathered together.

Naturally, some of them were hostile to each other. For example, Lilith and Asura.

Nevertheless, the reason why they didn’t show their hostility to each other was because of the man sitting in the middle and giving off a terrifying aura.

The only person in the world who had the authority to gather all the Demon Lords in one place.

“If you called me here for something useless, I won’t let it go, Lucifer!”

Barbatos spoke with a harsh tone while staring at Lucifer with a burning gaze.

“Huhu. There’s no way the ruler of the Corrupted h.e.l.l would call us out for nonsense.”

Lilith responded in a seductive tone.

Then Lucifer, who had been silently observing everyone, finally spoke.

“Prepare for war, Lords of h.e.l.l.”


Silence filled the room.

The first one to open their mouth was Zepar. He spoke directly without concealing his displeasure.

“You’re not declaring war on us. So what do you mean?”

“The DemiG.o.ds will come to this world.”

“The DemiG.o.ds? Ha. You’ve completely lost your mind.”

Barbatos mocked him openly.

Zepar, on the other hand, spoke in a rational tone.

“The Demon World holds no value for them. I’m certain that Lord knows what we’re capable of. I don’t think they’d willing accept such heavy losses.”

“Are you saying that conquering the continent isn’t enough for them? Hmm. Very well. I always wondered what the DemiG.o.ds tasted like.”

The hall instantly became filled with noise. The Lords of the Demon World were all belligerent.

Even the calmest among them, Lilith, had a vicious smile on her face because she disliked the DemiG.o.ds.

Lucifer looked around and nodded inwardly.

‘It’s as I expected…’

His gaze then turned to the only being who had sat in his seat without saying a single word so far.

Whether he felt Lucifer’s gaze or if he had finally had enough, this being finally broke the silence.

“You f.u.c.king r.e.t.a.r.ds.”


The heated atmosphere subsided as though cold water had been poured onto it.

It was Asura who had frozen the group with his cold voice.

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