The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Chapter V1C130 Family Extermination (6)

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Season 1 Chapter 130: Family Extermination (6)

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 130 – Family Extermination (6)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

“First, we need to know the specific location of the Slaughter h.e.l.l.”

“Do you mean we have to ask Asura?”


“There is a summoning circle already prepared in my room. It can be activated at any time, so go do that. It shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll hold his attention.”


Sheryl nodded with a firm expression.

Frey hesitated for a moment before adding.

“Actually, I planned on defeating that DemiG.o.d.”

This caused a little playfulness to appear on Sheryl’s face as she said.

“Defeat a DemiG.o.d alone? Huhu. That’s hard to believe. Is that something that happened often in the past?”

“It is.”

But it had been after he’d reached 9 stars.

Frey sighed.

At his current level, it would be difficult to defeat Apep at night.

He could try fighting some more and maybe think of another method, but right now, the only thing he could think of was to stall until sunrise.

‘If it weren’t for the time limit.’

If there weren’t two more DemiG.o.ds coming as reinforcements, Frey would have had more than enough time to take care of Apep.

And he had the confidence to easily defeat him when he was in a weakened state.

But it was hard to do so during the night.

‘…those are just excuses.’

Unfortunately, his pathetic excuses wouldn’t make a difference.

In the end, the thought of defeating a DemiG.o.d alone had stemmed from his arrogance.

Frey shook his head and said.

“Anyway. It didn’t go as planned, so thank you for your help. And please be safe.”

“Please leave it to me!”

Sheryl nodded firmly, trying hard to not reveal the joy she felt inside as she turned around.

‘I’m fighting alongside the legendary hero right now.’

She felt strange.

To be precise, a feeling of excitement that she hadn’t felt for a very long time blossomed within her.

Sheryl was excited.

She was excited because she was now on the same battlefield with the great hero who had bravely fought against the DemiG.o.ds 4,000 years ago.

Even Sheryl herself was surprised by that fact.

She’d thought she’d gotten rid of such immature emotions centuries ago.

Like a girl in love, she tried to calm her pounding heart while thinking.

‘This isn’t weird.’

She admired Iris Phisfounder greatly, but she admired Lukas Trowman no less.

No, who wouldn’t admire Lukas Trowman?

4,000 years had pa.s.sed since his death but there was yet to be another person who was given the t.i.tle ‘Great Mage’. Not even one!

A name that could be used to represent all Wizards!

That was what Lukas Trowman was.

And now, that legendary Great Mage had returned, and she was even fighting against a DemiG.o.d with him!

This was something she believed could only happen in novels.

‘…I started feeling doubt about our fight against the DemiG.o.ds some time ago.’

Probably all the Circle members had struggled with similar thoughts.

Was it really possible for them to expel those transcendent beings from the continent?

It was nigh impossible.

This was something she’d felt for a long time. And that feeling had only become stronger after the failed battle against Nozdog a few years ago.

DemiG.o.ds were insanely powerful.

But now.

‘If it’s Master…’

If she followed him, she believed they could achieve it. That seemingly unrealistic goal of defeating the DemiG.o.ds.

She turned to the mansion.

Fortunately, unlike the rest of the property, the main building of the mansion remained intact.

Sheryl headed to Frey’s room. There was no sign of the summoning circle.

Naturally, Frey must’ve hidden it. Sheryl swept the floor.


Then, Asura’s b.l.o.o.d.y summoning circle, which had been concealed, was revealed.

‘It really is ready to be used at any time.’

All that was left was to actually do so.

Sheryl immediately activated the summoning circle.


Asura appeared in the room. He was so large that the ceiling collapsed, and even the furniture in the room was smashed.

[…what, you…]

Asura’s expression became hard.

He looked down at Sheryl before speaking coldly.

[Lilith’s vampire Contractor? Where is Frey?]

At that moment, Asura’s aura slammed down upon Sheryl, almost causing her to kneel subconsciously.

‘He’s completely different from Lilith.’

Asura, Lord of the Slaughter h.e.l.l. A vicious tyrant with six powerful arms.

She’d heard that he was the most vicious of all the Demon Archdukes.

Lilith had a wicked and twisted side, but she didn’t give off such an overwhelmingly intimidating aura.

Of course, that could be because Lilith had somewhat of an affinity to Sheryl.

Sheryl struggled to maintain her composure.

It was unwise to allow yourself to be suppressed by a Demon.

“I summoned you at the request of your contractor.”

[Do you think I’d believe that bulls.h.i.t?]

“It’s true.”

[Then bring Frey. I will talk to him myself.]

“He’s currently not in a position to talk to you.”

[Not in a position? Don’t play with me, girl. I will decide that myself.]

Asura’s expression became murderous.

He hated Lilith.

In fact, his feelings for her had long surpa.s.sed simple ‘hate’. So naturally, he would not have any good feelings for her Contractor, Sheryl.

Sheryl felt a deep sense of foreboding that Asura’s six weapons would strike her down if her words weren’t satisfactory, so she hurriedly pointed outside the mansion.

“Look outside. Then you’ll understand what I’m saying.”


Asura turned his gaze outside, where he saw Frey dodging Apep’s droplets.

[That guy is fighting another DemiG.o.d? It hasn’t even been that long since… In a sense, he’s a pretty amazing guy.]

“Master is currently in a fierce battle with the DemiG.o.d. The reason I could summon you was because he prepared in advance.”


Asura snorted slightly before speaking in a slightly softer tone.

[If you say so. Why did you summon me? Was it to help in the fight?]

“That would be great, but first, I need you to tell me the Slaughter h.e.l.l’s location.”

[Why do you want the Slaughter h.e.l.l’s location?]


Sheryl briefly described her plan to Asura.

After hearing it, Asura seemed a bit displeased.

[So you want to send the DemiG.o.d to the Demon World and leave it to me?]

“…is that a no?”

Sheryl became nervous.

If Asura refused to help, then their plan wouldn’t be able to progress.

After being silent for a while, Asura spoke.

[I will help you this once.]

In the end, he wanted to fight a DemiG.o.d at least once.

After all, he had been treated badly by them numerous times.


Sheryl did not conceal her joy.

Then, Asura asked the question he was curious about.

[But is it possible? Dimensional travel consumes an enormous amount of energy.]

It wasn’t the same as sending an avatar like he had done to come to the continent. The plan was to transmit the DemiG.o.d’s true body.

But then, after thinking about it, Asura nodded.

[Nevermind. It’s possible with Frey’s mana.]

He knew just how dense and abundant his contractor’s mana was.

If it was that guy, he would be able to activate the dimensional movement without difficulty.

[To travel between dimensions, one would need to have a transcendent level body and mind. But since it’s a DemiG.o.d, that wouldn’t be a problem either. Hmm. Interesting. It certainly is a different approach.]

He’d always wanted to fight against a DemiG.o.d, but he’d never thought about forcing one into a fight in such a way.

A fierce smile spread across Asura’s face.

[Fine, vampire. But you don’t know much about coordinates in the Demon World, do you? So how would I tell you the location of the Slaughter h.e.l.l?]

“The Black Dream h.e.l.l is Lilith’s territory. If you tell me the approximate location relative to there, then we’d be able to calculate the coordinates.”

When he heard Lilith’s name, Asura’s expression became uncomfortable, but in the end, he sighed and said.

[The Black Dream h.e.l.l is to the southern end. My territory is in the opposite direction from that b.i.t.c.h’s.]


Sheryl’s mouth opened wide.

[Is there a problem?]

“…it’s much farther than I expected. It would require much more computational power than I thought.”

No matter if he was Lukas Trowman or an 8 star Archmage, it would still be an enormous burden for him to carry out so many calculations. (TL: if only she knew)

[Besides that, I doubt the DemiG.o.d would get caught in the dimensional movement.]


That was also something Sheryl had thought about.

A magic circle was required to cast the dimensional movement.

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‘A huge amount of mana will be released. Besides, it will take a while to cast.’

The defense he was using now was many times stronger than what he’d used against the Holy Breath.

No matter how amazing the spell was, there was no way it could kill him.

‘Regardless of what it is, when this spell ends, you’ll die.’

It was then.



Suddenly, Apep felt like heaven and earth were being overturned.

That wasn’t all.

He felt like he was floating, then sinking, then bouncing around.

It made him incredibly dizzy. He felt like vomiting.

Apep’s head was spinning to the point where he could no longer tell up from down.

‘Wha-, what is happening?!’

The coc.o.o.n of darkness was so thick that he could not see what was happening on the outside. However, Apep did not understand what was happening.

Was there something that could cause such dizziness even to DemiG.o.ds?

His vigilance increased to the max.

Thanks to that, he hesitated in removing the coc.o.o.n.

When the tossing finally subsided, Apep slowly removed the coc.o.o.n.

And the scene that unfolded before him was something that Apep had never seen in his thousands of years of life.


A terrible scream pierced his ears.

The pitch-black ground, purple sky, and disgusting stench that caused Apep to unconsciously cover his nose.

[I was dubious at first, but it really succeeded.]


Then he saw a throne as large as a mountain, on which sat an equally large being.

It was a creature with two heads and six arms, and as he spoke, a red haze seemed to flow from his body.

[Welcome, DemiG.o.d, to the Slaughter h.e.l.l.]


Apep shivered without realising it.

Then, he was stunned by that fact.

‘I feel intimidated?’

It was the first time he’d felt this way toward someone who wasn’t of his kind.

Humiliation gripped him as he grit his teeth.

“Who are you?”

[I am Asura, Lord of this place.]

“This place?”

[Didn’t I tell you? This is the Slaughter h.e.l.l.]

Asura let out a laugh before becoming serious.

[…hmm. By the way.]

He inspected Apep closely, his disappointment clear on his two faces.

[Looking at you here in the Demon World, DemiG.o.ds don’t seem that impressive. I’m not sure I could even enjoy you properly.]

“You… are you insulting me?”

[Did it sound like that?]

Even after hearing Apep’s angry tone, Asura remained indifferent.

He simply looked down at him from his large throne.

Apep grit his teeth at the fact that someone was looking down at him.

“Don’t look down at me.”

[I could barely hear you from up here.]

Apep’s face turned red.

He knew where the Slaughter h.e.l.l was.

The Demon World.

The place where the Demons lived. It was one of the six in this place.

He also knew that this place was very chaotic.

Apep wasn’t sure why he came here, but he couldn’t tolerate this sc.u.mbag pretending to be above him.

“Shut up! You’re just a demon who’s locked up in this world and acts like a slave to the humans! Do you know who I…”

[You’re stupid. Don’t you understand yet? Who are you to tell me to shut up?]

Asura laughed.

[This is my world, my territory, my castle.]

“So what? My strength hasn’t changed! It will be the same as on the continent!”

“Mine isn’t.”



[I said my strength isn’t the same as in that place.]


Asura lifted one of his six arms, and the sword held in its hand was lifted as well.

It was a sword larger than a mountain.

[Do you know what that means?]

Apep stared at the sword with a blank look on his face.

[Here, you are less than a bug.]

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