The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years


Chapter V1C7 Overnight Changes(

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Season 1 Chapter 7: Overnight Changes(

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Frey Blake had changed!

The rumor quickly spread through the student body.

“Did you know he successfully faced Professor Kevin’s barrage of questions? 5 times!”

“Unbelievable. Isn’t he the first person other than Peran. Even fourth-grade students might get them wrong!”

“Besides, he even fought with David during a lesson and destroyed him.”

“I heard about it too. Weren’t his vocal chords and both his legs broken?”

“Wow. If he doesn’t get healed then he’s done being a wizard.

Frey’s environment also changed.

It was the next day. After the lessons, someone approached Frey, who was reading a book in the library.

These days he had been getting along well with Isabelle, so he thought it was her, but when he raised his head, there was a man standing there instead.

“Are you Frey Blake?”

“That’s right.”

“…you don’t say much. Don’t you know me?”

As he was trying to recall, the man frowned unconsciously.

‘What kind of look is that…’

The man coughed lightly to break the awkwardness and introduced himself.

“I’m Douman Milost. A fourth-grade student.”

Since he was only a second grader, Frey bowed his head without any complaint.

“So you are a senior. What’s the matter?”

Douman sighed slightly in relief at the att.i.tude that he was more familiar with from his juniors.

“Join the Traumen Rings.”

“Troman Rings?”

“You don’t know it?”

Frey nodded at that.

The thing that he was curious about was the ‘Traumen’ part.

That was Lucas’ own last name in the past.

“We are a group of students who represent the Westroad Academy. Of course, it’s not just a social gathering. The Traumen Rings is a club with a long standing history within the academy and only those who are selected can join.”

At this, Douman showed off the ring he was wearing with a confident expression. It was an orange colored flat ring that was covered in runes.

“Even after you graduate, as long as you possess this ring, everyone will look up to you. From a simple village tower to a royal mage or even a mercenary…you’d be able to pick whatever career you want.”


Douman licked his lips. An ordinary student would be quivering with excitement after hearing this but this guy’s reaction was very dry. It was the first time he’d seen such a reaction.

So he took out his trump card.

“Peran Jun is the current leader of the Traumen Rings.”

“Peran Jun?”

Come to think of it, he’d heard that name many times before.

Like a world record that would continuously be boasted in the history of the academy. He was a celebrity of the academy in a completely different sense from Frey.

“That’s right. Peran Jun, the heir to the Jun Family which is one of the Three Great n.o.ble Families of the Empire. When you join the Traumen Rings, you’ll be able to form connections with children from many aristocratic families, including Mr. Peran. We can even rely on our senior students and professors to help us improve by point out our shortcomings ”

Douman’s expression seemed to say, ‘could you possibly refuse that?’

Frey nodded at his words.

“I understand, but I will have to reject your offer.”


Douman’s eyes widened substantially.

He thought that Frey was only pretending to be unimpressed, but he never expected him to directly refuse.

“Wa-, wait a minute. Think this over carefully. I don’t know if it’s because you’re just a second grader, but if you join…”

“I’d like to practice by myself now.”


Douman’s face became red. Then he turned around. He hid his face because he wasn’t confident that he could hide his shame and anger. No matter how upset he was, he couldn’t display his anger to his junior.

Frey on the other hand, maintained his nonchalance.

‘I’m a bit interested in this Peran though.’


Frey had taught, been taught by and shared opinions with geniuses before.

In his life he had seen countless geniuses.

Nevertheless he had never seen a genius who surpa.s.sed all, form a group of friends. In his experience, geniuses didn’t form groups. Of course, Peran, who stands out among the crowd could be a bit different.

But right now he wasn’t too interested. Frey had a lot of work to do.

Frey Blake rejected the offer of the Traumen Rings!

The rumors spread very quickly. Maybe it was Douman’s handiwork.

The students’ reactions to the news varied. There were those who wanted to befriend him, those who showed hostility and those snuck glances at him from a distance.

Of course, Frey had a common response to all of them.


Frey became isolated.

“He got a bit stronger and now he acts pretentious.”

“Was his personality always like that?”

“Just leave him alone, he even refused the Traumen Rings Scout.”

“He’s a lone wolf.”

The students began to see Frey as an ‘Arrogant brat’ because he had improved his skills.

It was a rather biased opinion, but Frey didn’t care. Rather he felt like it was easier now because he didn’t have to bother with socializing.

Of course, there were exceptions.

Isabelle murmured depressedly and Frey looked at her.

“I still couldn’t find anything about battling. When I asked the professors, they said it was a very dangerous training method, so there are no records of it in the academy library.”

“That sounds about right.”

It was very dangerous. When Frey was Lucas, only wizards who had reached at least 5 stars were taught how to do it.

“Then where did you learn it?”


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“Can you lend it to me?”

Mana reserve, casting speed, magic power and mental power. There was a big difference in every aspect.

Because the difficulty to reach the 7 star phase could not be compared to what you experienced before.

That meant that Archmages had one or two mysterious means. It was power that David’s Vision Magic could never compare to.

In order for him to defeat a 7 star wizard, he had to at least enter the beginning state of the same stage.

‘A month should be enough to reach 5 stars.’

It would be possible even if he only did morning training in the empty lot near the dormitory.

However it would be difficult to reach level 6 with the poor mana there. And it would be even more difficult to reach 7 stars.

‘Should I just give up my status as a student now?’ (TL: i.e. drop out)

Frey contemplated for a moment.

In any case he had already been abandoned by his family so they wouldn’t care if he went missing.

He was sure that if he asked Professor Dio about the expulsion related procedures it would be easy.

But he soon shook his head.

‘It would be difficult to come back in if I leave.’

It was best for him to maintain his status as a student until he knew the true ident.i.ty of Syris Triznine.

‘Then I’ll just wait for a vacation in a month.’

When the vacation began, students usually returned to their hometowns to take a break.

Although a few tasks were given, they were not difficult as it was only a formality. Even if you didn’t do them the punishment wouldn’t be too serious.

The vacation was two months long, that was enough time.

‘I should go to Schweiser’s Dungeon.’

Perhaps his dungeon had collapsed or been robbed already, but it didn’t matter.

In the past Lucas Traumen had quite a few stashes.

You could say that in his dungeons one could find books that he’d read in the past, a few golems he’d made out of interest and other miscellaneous things(junk).

But Schweiser was different. He gave his dungeons a lot of care and affection.

‘His dungeon shouldn’t have collapsed yet.’

Moreover, the dungeon was positioned in a place unimaginable by ordinary people. If someone was able to find it, then they deserved to take some of the stuff inside of it.

‘I’ll need to go to the Ispania Mountains in the North.’

He was well aware of the strength of the monsters there.

Even at 6 stars it was impossible to guarantee that you can come and go as you pleased.



Frey’s goal was set.

First, he’d wait and hone his skills.

Then, on his vacation, he’d go to the Ispania Mountains to find Schweiser’s Dungeon.

After reaching the 7 star stage with the help of the magical equipment there, he would come back and meet the Head of the Academy.

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