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Chapter 557 - A massacre

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Chapter 557: A ma.s.sacre

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There were three tests for Buddhist disciples.

Now that Zhu Jiahong had pa.s.sed the mountain of blades and sea of fire, he only needed to pa.s.s the last stage to obtain it.

Now, after the awakening of the immortal Emperor bloodline, Zhu Jiahong’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

Qin Chuan felt that if his immortal Emperor bloodline had awakened earlier, his name would definitely have been on The Prodigy roll, and he would definitely have been in the top 100.

Zhu Jiahong was also full of confidence. He was confident that he could pa.s.s the last round.


The last test for the Buddhist disciples was called the killing precept.

There were five abstinences in Buddhism.

First, he didn’t kill, second, he didn’t steal, third, he didn’t act lecherously, fourth, he didn’t speak nonsense, and fifth, he didn’t drink.

After all, the layman disciples of Buddhism were not true disciples of Buddhism.

The people who partic.i.p.ated in the test were all over the place, and their characters were very messy.

Buddhism emphasized that all living beings should be kind and benevolent, so killing was the first priority.

Therefore, those who had a strong killing desire would definitely not be able to become a Buddhist disciple.

When the third Test began, master Jing an would place an illusion on Zhu Jiahong.

In this illusionary realm, the things or people that Zhu Jiahong hated the most would appear.

At that time, master Jing an would judge whether he had pa.s.sed the test based on Zhu Jiahong’s performance.

Zhu Jiahong knew how important this test was to him, and he could not allow himself to fail.

After recuperating for a while, he once again came in front of master Jing an.

“Master, I’m ready.” Zhu Jiahong said respectfully.

Master Jing an didn’t say anything else. He pointed his finger at Zhu Jiahong’s forehead and immediately dragged his spiritual world into an illusion.

In that instant …

Zhu Jiahong felt his surroundings suddenly change as he saw familiar buildings and people.

Just as he was immersed in his surroundings, a few disciples of the Qingyun school in their uniforms got on top of him.

“Zhu Jiahong, Elder Gong he is out on some business. You should go and clean up the elder’s cave.”

“Zhu Jiahong, go and clean up elder Meng Long’s immortal’s cave later,”

“Zhu Jiahong, go and take care of elder Ming Yang’s spirit beast.”

Zhu Jiahong’s daily job in the green cloud School was to clean the cave residence for the elders, and sometimes he would do other

He knew that this was an illusion, and his senior brothers would not give him any work. However, he was curious about what would happen in this illusion, so he agreed.

Just as he was about to turn around and head to one of the elder’s cave abodes, a woman pulled him back.

He focused his eyes.

“Senior Sister Liu!” Zhu Jiahong was stunned.

“Follow me!” Senior Sister Liu was expressionless as she pulled Zhu Jiahong to a corner.

Zhu Jiahong didn’t understand what they were doing.

Senior Sister Liu looked around. After confirming that there were no outsiders, she looked at Zhu Jiahong with a very serious expression.

“Senior Sister Liu, what’s wrong?” Zhu Jiahong asked.

Senior Sister Liu was silent for a moment before she said with a serious expression,””Junior Sister Yan Qing was defiled by Luan xiucheng last night.”

“What???” Zhu Jiahong’s expression changed drastically as if he had been struck by lightning. His state of mind was instantly disrupted.

For a moment, he had forgotten that this was an illusion.

Yan Qing and Zhu Jiahong could be considered childhood sweethearts, and they entered the Qingyun school together.

However, Qing Yan’s apt.i.tude was much better than Zhu Jiahong ‘s.

When he first entered the green cloud School, he was taken in as a personal disciple by an elder.

Zhu Jiahong’s apt.i.tude was too poor, so he could only start as an outer disciple.

Although there was a huge difference in status between the two of them after entering the sect, it did not affect the relations.h.i.+p between them at all.

As Qing Yan was a direct disciple, she had a lot of cultivation resources on hand, so she gave some to Zhu Jiahong.

This way, even if Zhu Jiahong’s apt.i.tude was poor, he would have enough cultivation resources to make up for the gap between him and the other disciples.

It didn’t take many years for Zhu Jiahong to pa.s.s the test and become an inner disciple.

Because of this, many people said behind his back that Zhu Jiahong was living off a woman and that he had to rely on a woman to enter the inner sect.

Therefore, Zhu Jiahong was not well-liked in the inner sect and was often suppressed.

Zhu Jiahong’s att.i.tude was very good, so he endured it all.

He was very clear in his heart that he was indeed not worthy of Qing Yan now, so it was normal for others to say that.

Thus, he worked very hard in his cultivation. He would cultivate whenever he had time and never slacked off.

That was until he obtained that special cultivation method.

He knew that with this technique, his fate would change.

However, he also understood that if his cultivation suddenly improved by leaps and bounds, it would definitely attract suspicion.

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One had to know that the higher one’s cultivation level was, the harder it would be.

Just one move and Luan xiucheng was seriously injured.

Just as Zhu Jiahong was about to give chase, a large number of disciples and some elders suddenly appeared in the surroundings.

Those disciples were saying things like Zhu Jiahong was living off a woman.

The elders said that Zhu Jiahong was cultivating an outer sect technique and wanted to cripple his cultivation and expel him from the sect.

Zhu Jiahong’s state of mind was in a complete mess. He was filled with anger and had lost his mind.

“Zhu Jiahong, what are you waiting for? kill them!” The inner demon’s voice appeared again.

“Try to recall the faces of these people and what they said about you in the past.

“They said that you’re trash, that you only know how to live off a woman, useless things, and so on …” The inner demon continued to fan the flames.

The killing intent on Zhu Jiahong’s body was getting heavier and heavier, and the hostility in his eyes was getting more and more intense.

At this moment, a woman flew over from the crowd.

He recognized this woman. She was often with Qing Yan.

The woman was holding a very ordinary sachet in her hand, and there were traces of sewing.

Zhu Jiahong recognized the sachet.

This was his gift to Qing Yan, and it could also be considered as their token of love.

“Junior-martial brother Zhu, Qingyan asked me to give this to you.” The woman’s expression was sorrowful and lonely.

Zhu Jiahong looked at the sachet, and countless scenes of him and Qing Yan together flashed through his mind.

He regained some of his rationality and asked,””Where’s Qing Yan?”

The woman lowered her head, as if she had something she couldn’t say.

“Tell me, where is Qing Yan?” Zhu Jiahong had a bad feeling. He grabbed the woman’s arm and shook it violently.

The woman immediately burst into tears.

“Qing Yan, Qing Yan … She committed suicide!”


Zhu Jiahong was stunned after hearing this.

“You’re lying!”

“Qing Yan will never leave me!”

At this moment, Zhu Jiahong’s inner world collapsed and turned black.

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