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Chapter 1345 Test

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Chapter 1345 Test

For a few days in a row, Qiao Mei locked herself in the study. She took out all the ancient books in the room and looked through them carefully, but she did not find any records about this ring. There was not even any drawing of something similar.

She then drew a picture of the ring and the b.u.t.terfly mark and showed it to each and every shop owner at the Antique City. All of them said they had never seen such a ring.

It was really strange to think that other than the jade pendant left behind by Wu Min, there were still other accessories with magical functions. This ring was only one out of many.

However, if this ring had any magical function, Qiao Mei should have been able to sense it after so many days. Why was it that she did not feel anything at all?

The only difference now was that whenever she activated her energy, the b.u.t.terfly on her chest would glow red. The more energy she used, the fainter the color of the b.u.t.terfly.

"Can this be some kind of divine beast? Maybe it'll become a b.u.t.terfly fairy after nurturing itself with my body and energy for a period of time?" Qiao Mei lay back on the rocking chair and made wild guesses.

She had read many fairy tales in her other life. Perhaps one day, this b.u.t.terfly mark would take on a human form and become her slave? She could only make unrealistic guesses as she really did not know what the b.u.t.terfly mark was supposed to do.

Qiao Mei suddenly remembered that in many television dramas she had watched in her other life, the characters would need to say an incantation in order to activate magic. Could it be that this b.u.t.terfly also needed an incantation?

Qiao Mei stood solemnly in the middle of the study. After thinking for a long time, she decided to do a horse stance. There was a determined and decisive look in her eyes as she stared ahead. Then, she suddenly shouted, "s.p.a.ce-time backpack!"

Even after waiting for five seconds, nothing happened around her. Qiao Mei touched the tip of her nose awkwardly and muttered softly, "Is it the wrong incantation?"

After that, Qiao Mei went through a long period of trial and error.

"Laser sword!"

"Thunderstorm! Snow!"

"Open sesame!"

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"Blood guidance! Alliance with b.u.t.terflies! Elves from afar! Please heed my call! I summon you here! Please appear quickly!!!"

Qiao Mei crouched on the windowsill and looked at the two people squatting below. "Do you think I can't hear anything you say?"

Xia He and Feng Hua raised their heads in shock and looked at Qiao Mei. Then, the two of them smiled awkwardly and walked away from Qiao Mei's study with their arms around each other's shoulders.

As Qiao Mei turned around, she suddenly felt a little dizzy. She quickly held onto the window to support herself. In her mind, she suddenly saw an image of many bugs gnawing at wood. She could even see the texture of the wood clearly.

"Oh! Can this be… the window frame?" Qiao Mei hurriedly lifted her hand and kept a distance away from the window frame. The image in her mind also disappeared at the same time.

She stared blankly at the window frame. It was Xia Wen who carefully selected and bought the wood. There should not be any problems, right? However, where did that image just now come from? She was clearly looking at this window frame.

Qiao Mei took a hammer and a saw from the storeroom and cut out the damaged part of the window frame that she saw. It was true! The damaged part looked exactly the same as the image she had in her mind! Even the number of bugs was the same!

Qiao Mei could not believe that this was happening. She then placed her hand on the closet and slowly activated her energy. The b.u.t.terfly mark on her chest turned light red and the interior of the closet appeared in her mind. Qiao Mei knew very well how the items inside were arranged and what material the closet was made of.

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