After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Please Let Me Have The Buff

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Moment of a Wet Dream!


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So dizzy!

It wasn’t just her head. Her entire body felt limp and soft as if she was lying in the clouds.

Sigh, maybe it was because of the lack of good rest recently, and also it was the time of the month, leading to this dizzy feeling. More sleep should help.

Qiao Mei comforted herself and closed her eyes again.

But then the next moment!


No, wait, why is there someone beside me? 

She widened her eyes and took a deep breath. As she moved her body slightly, she found herself in someone’s arms.

The man’s strong arm curved under her body and held her tightly. In the silence, she could almost hear the sound of a rhythmic heartbeat.

Thump thump thump!

When had Qiao Mei, who had been alone for more than twenty years, ever been hugged like this?

A huge wave of feeling rose in Qiao Mei’s heart and her breathing became even more rapid. She tried her best to open her eyes and look around, but all she could see was darkness, as if nothing can be seen clearly.

When her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could barely make out her surroundings.

It was an old-fashioned room with a muddy floor and a battered table set in the center. By the window was a faded dressing table with a large mirror glowing from the light.

Qiao Mei frowned and looked at the person beside her.

The man’s entire face was covered by his messy hair and only the lower half of his face was vaguely showing through. However, his jawline was perfect and his side profile shone with a jade-like l.u.s.ter under the moonlight.

What a beautiful man!

What was going on?

Who was this person?

Am I dreaming? And a wet dream at that!

When Qiao Mei thought of this, her entire face turned red. Even though she thought she was dreaming, she could still feel the burning sensation on her face.

Who would have thought that after being alone for more than twenty years, my first ever wet dream would feature such a beautiful man. Is this compensation from the heavens?

If that is the case, then… your wish is my command.

Qiao Mei reached out to touch the chest muscle of the man in front of her. The firmness she felt under her hand almost made her laugh out loud, she could feel his steady and strong heartbeat and his testosterone-filled breath spreading across his chest.

What a good figure!

The beautiful man felt the touch on his chest and let out a soft grunt of satisfaction.

His voice was low and husky.

Indeed, the heavens had taken pity on her, even this man’s voice was to her liking. This was such a beautiful dream!

“I want to sleep in this dream forever.”

Qiao Mei couldn’t help but let out a soft cry. However, she was caught by surprise the moment she heard her own voice.

What’s going on? Even my voice has changed in my dream? This voice is so delicate and charming, and each spoken sentence is so sweet to the core, that probably even the most famous vixen in history cannot compete with it.

This voice… was too seductive!

It would be great if I had this voice in reality. As she thought of this, she realized that the man who had his hands locked around her seemed to be waking up soon and was moving about in a daze.

Qiao Mei stretched out her arm and firmly pulled the man into her embrace.

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In her eyes, it was Qiao Yu who made her look so ugly in comparison.

One day, just as she was deliberately pushing Qiao Yu, she slid down the slope herself. Her head happened to knock into a hard rock and she died on the spot.


Qiao Mei exhaled and her eyes drooped.

So transmigration really did exist. Why did it happen to her? But why was she transmigrated to this body that was fat and had such dark complexion?

Why must the timing of the transmigration be last night?

It was indeed satisfying to enjoy s.e.x for a moment, but now that everything became real, it had become very scary.

I actually forced myself on someone last night… And this person is a handsome man? Won’t he kill me when he wakes up?

Thinking up to this point, Qiao Mei was on the brink of tears. The regret in her heart was so real that even the strong body lying next to her was no longer attractive to her.

Oh heaven! Save me!

Qiao Mei turned around, not daring to look at the man behind her. The flesh on her face trembled along with her movements, and her round shoulders shook a few times involuntarily.

“Xiao Mei, Xiao Mei, get up quickly. Your Aunt w.a.n.g specially came this morning.” An aged voice suddenly came from outside the door, accompanied by the crisp tapping sound of a walking stick.

Qiao Qiang led Matchmaker w.a.n.g in.

However, Matchmaker w.a.n.g curled her lips indifferently and surveyed her surroundings.

No one would want to marry this girl from the Qiao family even if they did not require a betrothal gift. With that big dark face and fat body, panting like an ox after a few movements, who would want to marry such a scourge?

Even w.a.n.ger Mazi, a cripple who lived at the end of the village, would probably shake his head.

However, Qiao Qiang had invited her over time and time again, as well as delivered staples of rice and noodles to her every few days. It would be unreasonable of her if she did not make this trip. Matchmaker w.a.n.g sighed. When the time came, she would just pa.s.s off a few old men as candidates and then leave it at that.

Qiao Mei, who was in the room, suddenly sat up when she heard the exchange outside. After knowing the whole original story, she knew that she was now in a bad situation!

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