Escape the Infinite Chambers

紫界 - Zǐ Jiè

Chapter 206 - Extra (V) - (END)

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Chapter 206 - Extra (V) – (END)

Editors: Humu & Kitty

One day, an unexpected guest came to the door of Xing Yan and Luo Jian’s house.

It was a strange man donned in a duck cap, grey jacket, and jeans.

He was standing at the door of Luo Jian’s house. When he opened the door, the man gave Luo Jian a polite smile and stuffed his business card at him.

Luo Jian lowered his head to look at the business card. On the card, beautiful white spider lilies were scattered all over. The words ‘Zhang Ying’ were written on it, and his post was written as ‘Transmigration Night’ studio.

“You are?” Luo Jian’s face showed his baffled expression. The sudden appearance of the man caught him by surprise. At the same time, he was slightly puzzled because it seemed that he had heard this name before—on the beautiful and enchanting white spider lilies on the business card, the name of the studio ‘Transmigration Night.’

“I’m Zhang Ying. Sorry, you must be disturbed by my sudden visit. In fact, I want to invite you and Mr. Xing Yan from your family to a party. Do you have time next” Zhang Ying went straight to the point as soon as he arrived. His smile was always on his face. In a trance, Luo Jian felt he was familiar with this person. When the other party lowered his cap and only showed the smile on the corners of his mouth, the strange sense of familiarity seemed to intensify.

Luo Jian felt that somewhere in his heart seemed to be throbbing, as if calling him to do something. However, after careful consideration, he did not quite understand what he needed to do. Luo Jian could only hesitate slightly. Xing Yan was not at home, and no one gave him advice, but he still agreed to the invitation of the strange man: “I have time. I don’t know what kind of party and where the party would be held, though?”

Zhang Ying’s smile became even more brilliant. He replied softly, “HuaTian Hotel on XiangYang Street, Lounge 205. It will take place at around afternoon, 11 o’ clock. It’s not a formal banquet. I only invited a few people, so you don’t need to be too formal.”

Zhang Ying said and raised his head, with his eyes under his cap exposed, staring at Luo Jian, “I’ll be there waiting for your presence.”

After he was done speaking, the man turned around and left, leaving only Luo Jian staring at the other’s back with his business card in Luo Jian’s hand. In fact, when Zhang Ying turned to leave, he inexplicably wanted to open his mouth to hold back the other party, but he could not open his mouth. Thinking that he could see this strange stranger again next week, Luo Jian was magically at ease.

What Luo Jian did not know was that after the man left, he also went to several different places, such as Duan Li and Ah Lan’s new abode. They also welcomed the unexpected guest as he knocked on the door and made the same invitation. However, while Duan Li was still slightly confused, Ah Lan had already agreed to the other party’s invitation.

“Why accept an invitation from a stranger?” Duan Li didn’t understand so he asked. In the pa.s.sing, he took his lover into his arms.

Ah Lan quickly rubbed in his arms, “I don’t know, but I just want to agree to it. Hm…… intuition, maybe?”

Ah Lan always had this terrifying and extremely accurate intuition, especially when it came to dealing with danger. Duan Li almost had an accident before. At that time, he and Ah Lan drove a car themselves as they went for a vacation. Maybe Duan Li was too tired and was not paying enough attention. At that time, Ah Lan who was sleeping beside him suddenly woke up. Then he quickly grabbed the steering wheel and swung it aside to avoid the danger of them colliding with a large truck across the road.

There were many occurrences of similar events in their lives. This terrifying and magical intuition was especially reflected in dealing with people. Ah Lan could always see at a glance what kind of person someone was—good or bad? Was this person an enemy or a friend? It was amazing that Ah Lan had such a pair of perceptive eyes.

However, although Duan Li’s talent was not comparable, Duan Li also had terrifying talents in some aspects. He had learned to hold a blade since he was in middle school. The master who had taught him how to use the blade always praised him as a genius. If they were in ancient times, he might have been a hero on the battlefield.

Oh, of course, in modern society, no matter how talented he was, he could not beat a gun.

After Zhang Ying left Ah Lan and Duan Li’s home, he went to other places immediately. The other two were not easy to contact, especially the one in the army. It took a lot of effort to dig him out. The other one was relatively easier to find.

But in fact, the other one was also not so easy to handle. He had been transferred to the emergency department. He was so busy that he was on-call for 24 hours. He seemed to be operating on patients all the time. And even in his sleep, he was still operating on others. While he was desperately busy, a nurse told him, “There is a man named Zhang Ying coming to see you.”

“Not meeting, not meeting! Let him wait a little longer. There are other patients waiting for me!”

“You’ve been letting him wait for two hours already,” The nurse stated yet again.

Dr. Hong scratched his head and did not want the man who had been waiting for him for two hours to continue waiting. He said to the nurse, “Let the doctor next door replace me. I’ll be back soon.”

The nurse nodded cleverly, and Dr. Hong rushed out like a rocket. If this inexplicable fellow said a lot of nonsense to waste his time, he would definitely peel a big sum of money off him.

Of course, the result was the same. When Zhang Ying proposed the invitation, Hong looked at the other party’s face and agreed. Even he himself felt that he was baffled by his promise.

After that, Zhang Ying ran to the army and found Luo Feng. The situation was the same. Luo Feng looked at Zhang Ying’s smile and agreed with him inexplicably.

So a week later, a group of people gathered in the hotel’s lounge magically.

It was a strange and novel rea.s.sembly for them. They were quite different in their ages, occupations, hobbies, etc., but when they sat together again, they did not feel anxious or uncomfortable.

Luo Jian saw Luo Feng and exclaimed, “Paternal cousin!?”

Luo Feng also saw Luo Jian and reached out to touch his cousin’s head. He also said with a smile, “I haven’t seen you for many years.”

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But this move was noticed by the ferocious Xing Yan. He pulled Luo Jian into his arms. Luo Feng’s paw awkwardly stopped in mid-air. He could only chortle a laugh, but he also did not mind. In fact, he knew the s.e.xual orientation of this little cousin of his from the very beginning.

Nie Cong seemed very shy. He just lowered his head slightly, but he did not speak.

Zhang Ying then continued, “I have other studio partners, but for some reasons, they are not here, so I have to introduce them to you next time. However, the reason why I invited you here today is very simple. The project of ‘Transmigration Night’ our studio is involved with is mainly to develop a very special online game.”

Several people listened to what Zhang Ying said and unconsciously looked at each other but heard Zhang Ying continue to say, “But this online game has some special, um…… it should be said that it is very special. In today’s market, all the online games you can see can be controlled only with a mouse and a keyboard, and I made this…… which needs someone’s brain to control it.”

“Holographic online games?” It was not known who said that.

“Yes,” Zhang Ying agreed and continued to smile, “It’s a holographic online game. Don’t worry. We’ve done a full test of its security, but we still feel that there are some deficiencies in this game. These deficiencies can’t be made up by our studio alone, so I need some help, such as…… your help.”

When Zhang Ying said this, he was very confident, as if he had never thought that this group of people would refuse.

As a matter of fact, none of the people in Luo Jian’s group refused. In fact, they were very happy. Somehow, this kind of joy surged out from some places in their hearts. As long as this group of people sat on a table, their joy would overflow and it would be hard for them to extricate themselves.

So, just like this, hearing that they still had a chance to play a game together, this group of people found it harder to reject the offer.

And when they sat here, they did not expect that in the future, they would create a new era of holographic online games.

In this reality that seemed to be unreal, they seemed to have found all their lost pa.s.sion in their past.


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