Chue Mong Gak

Chapter 210

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Chapter 210

The cheapest accommodation that Ivel had found also functioned as a pub on the ground floor. Ivel was enveloped by the bar’s loud rowdiness the moment he entered, and a man looking to be the owner called out to him when Ivel walked to the counter. 

“3 Giga a night.”

“… I plan to stay for about 10 days.”

“Then 25 Giga.”

Ivel could only sigh at what remained of his funds after this. It wasn’t much, but it’s all he had to survive on.

“Just go out through that back door. I provide breakfast, but you won’t get jack if you come down late.”

The man instructed as he handed the key to Ivel. Free breakfast on top of the accommodations was the main reason Ivel picked this place. Those free breakfasts were all he was going to eat during his stay—all to save money. 

Ivel left the pub through the back door as instructed. The man quietly picked up the Communicator hidden under the counter.

“Yes. He’s just arrived. Yes. It seems he’s running low on funds. Sorry? Yes. I’ll keep an eye on him.”

Ivel was impressed by the view when he exited the back door into the lot behind the pub. In front of him were containers stacked together like a beehive. 

“So this is the famous single room.”

Designed by the vile Isaac, these rooms were no longer in production due to the creator’s infamy. But its functionality was proven, so the single rooms that were already constructed were distributed into the market. As a result, they were commonly seen at cheap inns and accommodations.

“My room is 2-17. Does that mean I have to climb the ladders?”

The rooms were stacked together like stairs, with just enough room for 1 person to walk in between each level. Ivel climbed to the 2nd floor and entered the room he was given.

“Wow. It’s tiny.”

The place was barely large enough for him to lie down. But Ivel was somewhat satisfied with this. This was much better than sleeping on the streets.

Ivel unpacked his belongings and counted what was left of his funds. There was enough for him to at least buy some bread, so he headed into the pub. 

“I’d like some bread and milk.”

Ivel placed a 1 Mega coin on the counter as he ordered. The man on the counter scanned Ivel from top to bottom and smirked.

“That won’t do jack to fill you up.”


Ivel laughed awkwardly. The man on the counter handed Ivel some bread and milk, along with a small stack of paper. Ivel looked curiously at the man, who replied crudely.

“These are tickets to New Port City’s buffets. I’m only giving you this because you don’t look like the gambling type.”

“Huk! Thank you so much!”

Ivel was keen to express his grat.i.tude. The man snorted.

“Hmph. There’s no need to thank me. Not like I bought this myself. All accommodations in the city get subsidised with those tickets. And I get to choose who gets it.”

Ivel carefully placed the tickets in his pocket like treasure. Ivel was wondering how he could repay such kindness—and then realised he didn’t need to worry about money for meals anymore. So he added on his order.

“Um, can I get a bowl of noodles as well?”

“Just wait.”

Ivel considered himself lucky, receiving such kindness from a man with such a cold demeanour. Ivel was waiting for his food when his ears picked up a news broadcast from a monitor to the side. 

-Currently, the political world is in turmoil with the rumours of a hidden successor to d.u.c.h.ess Pendleton. The d.u.c.h.ess’s official spokesman has yet to mention anything, but according to a leak, the d.u.c.h.ess will make a formal announcement about her successor soon. Experts believe that under-the-table discussions have been ongoing but have been kept informal until now because of d.u.c.h.ess Rivelia’s perfect health.  But early this year, d.u.c.h.ess Rivelia suddenly announced her retirement at the Empire’s Royal Palace, quickly bringing the issue to the surface.

-But hasn’t d.u.c.h.ess Rivelia been single all this time?

-That’s right. which is precisely why this new successor has become the centre of the scandal. Meanwhile, New Port City has begun calculating the likelihood of succession for likely candidates. Tens of names are on that list. Among them is the Marquis Alpendle, va.s.sal to d.u.c.h.ess Pendleton, with 1.3 times the return and the strongest candidate so far. Behind him is Count Hidington with 1.5, Count Colpen right around the corner with 1.7.

To think they would gamble with who will become the next Duke of Pendleton. Ivel looked dumbfoundedly at the monitor, while others in the restaurant mulled over the topic.

“There’s no one like Alpendle when it comes to blood relations. He is the nephew of the previous Duke Pendleton and d.u.c.h.ess Rivelia’s cousin.”

“But Marquis Alpendle has only 4 daughters. And considering his age, he’s unlikely to have any more kids. Unless they’re going to repeat this again, they’ll look for a permanent solution.”

“That would make Count Hidington the most likely candidate. He’s young, and although he hasn’t graduated from Campus, he’s administered a fief of his own under Count Hidington’s guidance.”

“But you can’t ignore education and connections. Count Colpen is a College graduate, you know.”

Ivel watched the crowd discuss among themselves on who to bet. Ivel couldn’t help but think that had they applied themselves to the studies with the same enthusiasm, they could have enrolled themselves in Campus or even College. 

“Wow. So this is New Port City.”

Ivel crossed the Sky Bridge connecting the two port cities, thoroughly impressed by what he was seeing. It was hard for him to take his eyes off the clean streets and fabulous buildings. 

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“Do you need a ride?”

The woman tapped on her somewhat voluptuous upper chest, revealing a silver star of her own. Ivel quickly bowed and walked toward the path the woman pointed at.

“I said you’re late! Run!”


The woman scolded, and Ivel was now in a full sprint. The woman smirked.

“He’s pretty cute.”

A man, who had been watching it all unfold from afar, took out a Communicator and reported. 

“Scenario 3-7, job recruit and mentor relationship. Can possibly lead to future marriage. Requesting more info regarding the female receptionist working at New Port City’s City Hall.”

Where is this. Who am I. Ivel pondered how things came to this as he looked at others in the waiting room with him.

Ivel had come here to meet someone—not because he wanted to work here.

“Thank you! I’ll do my best!”

A man did a 90-degree bow as he exited the door and carefully closed it behind him. Those in the waiting room looked enviously at the man, who seemed to have gotten himself a job.

The other applicants glared at the man with almost murderous gleams in their eyes, while the man smiled victoriously as he walked away. Soon enough, an elderly lady walked out of the room. Other applicants immediately looked straight ahead like stiff dolls.

“Hm. Mr. Reinhardt?”

“Yes! I am here!”

A man, clearly from a military school, walked to the elderly lady boldly. He almost completely eclipsed her with his height and giant frame. 

The elderly lady was practically treating Reinhardt like an eager puppy as she waved him into the room. She then addressed the other applicants in the room.

“Mr. Ca.s.sidy? You’re next, so make your preparations.”

“Yes! I understand.”

A man who looked like a hooligan responded stiffly at the lady’s words. Then again, who could possibly speak back rudely at her? She was such a famous lady that even Ivel, who didn’t even apply for the job, knew of.

She was one of the first members of the Isaac Cartel, a group of people that had worked under the villain Isaac in the past. She was Count Selia, financial minister of d.u.c.h.ess Wolfgang, wife of Count Cordnell, and a senior graduate of Campus. To the very young hubaes of Campus in the waiting, she was intimidating to say the least.

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