Shen Jian - 神见

Chapter 3611 – Ten Strongest Experts in the Limitless Land

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Chapter 3611 – Ten Strongest Experts in the Limitless Land

Of course, Huang Xiaolong’s words would never register in Wei Qi’s mind. After all, the man couldn’t be more dead.

The beauty who served Wei Qi a moment ago stared at Huang Xiaolong with a pale face.

The experts of the Ice Mountain felt an explosion going off in their minds when they saw what Huang Xiaolong did.

Wei Qi was the son of Zhou Chi’s eldest disciple, and he was the only son at that! He was showered with lots of love even from the other disciples of Zhou Chi and everyone could only imagine the rage everyone would fly into when his death was discovered.

Zhou Chi was a G.o.d of Creation who had acc.u.mulated 13 billion units of grand cosmos energy! His rage could cause the Limitless Land to tremble and entire regions to quake.

When w.a.n.g Xin saw how Huang Xiaolong killed Wei Qi, he was stunned. In several breaths of time, the man who was speaking to him went ahead and killed Zhou Chi’s grand disciple!

Hei Yu, the prince of the Black Flame Celestial Empire, was equally speechless.

A group of experts flew towards the Ice Mountain as everything played out and it was evident that they were there to request an audience with Zhou Chi. The person in the lead was a G.o.d of Creation at the grand completion stage.

“Your Majesty, we just received news that someone killed Zhou Chi’s grand disciple, Wei Qi, at the entrance of the mountain.” One of the experts flying behind him relayed the news.

“What?” The G.o.d of Creation frowned and gasped in shock.

“Who grew the b*lls to kill Wei Qi?!” 

“I heard that it was someone who called himself the Blue Dragon Young Master… Apparently, he knows Lin Xian of the Yin Yang Celestial Empire.” The subordinate explained.

“Blue Dragon Young Master?”

Lin Qiankun and the others practically sealed the news the moment the battle ended in the Yin Yang City, and no one knew what happened during the exchange between Huang Xiaolong and Ying Ze. As such, no one had any news on the Blue Dragon Young Master.

“Let’s hurry…” The G.o.d of Creation increased his speed once again after a moment of thought.

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“Your Majesty, this is a good thing! If Lord Zhou Chi decides to make things difficult for the Yin Yang Celestial Empire, our Glorious Celestial Empire would be able to gain a lot of benefits!” The subordinate continued.

The Glorious Celestial Empire had some beef with the Yin Yang Celestial Empire since a long time ago, and if Zhou Chi chooses to mess with Lin Qiankun because of the Blue Dragon Young Master’s act of killing Wei Qi, they would gain a ton of benefits!

The G.o.d of Creation in the lead was Celestial Emperor Rong Ying of the Glorious Celestial Empire, and his strength was comparable to Lin Xian.

Rong Ying chuckled, “You’re right. Let’s hope that this whatever dragon young master kills several more people from the Ice Mountain. When Zhou Chi rages, the Yin Yang Celestial Empire will definitely be dragged into this.”

The experts behind him roared with laughter.

It didn’t take long for their party to arrive. When they stood in the air above the plaza, they saw Wei Qi’s corpse deep in the ground.

“Is that the Blue Dragon Young Master?” Rong Ying looked at Huang Xiaolong and muttered. He frowned as he couldn’t sense Huang Xiaolong’s aura.

Several dozen figures emerged from the peak of the mountain as they charged towards the plaza as soon as Rong Ying and the others arrived.

“That’s Wei Chong!” 

Wei Chong was Zhou Chi’s oldest disciple, and he was the strongest among all three disciples! He was a G.o.d of Creation at the grand completion stage, and he was close to the half step Universe G.o.d Realm.

“”Wei Chong’s aura is terrifying! I’m afraid he’s about to enter the gates of the half step Universe G.o.d Realm…” An expert behind Rong Ying sighed.

The man was one of the old ancestors of a super family in the celestial empire, and he was G.o.d of Creation at the large completion stage.

“Wei Chong is one of the strongest G.o.d of Creation at the grand completion stage in the Limitless Land! He definitely deserves the t.i.tle…” Rong Ying muttered, “He challenged Lord Zhang Guoteng in the past and they fought to a draw.”

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Zhang Guoteng was a half step Universe G.o.d, but Wei Chong managed to fight him to a draw!

“No.” Wei Chong stopped Zhao Mang and growled, “I’ll kill him myself.”

After he spoke, he started to walk towards Huang Xiaolong.

He hadn’t fought seriously since his last battle with Zhang Guoteng. He had been comprehending the mysteries of the universe all this while, and his strength reached a whole new level. He felt that even if Huang Xiaolong was a half step Universe G.o.d, he would win all the same.

A pair of twin blades appeared in Wei Chong’s hand as he charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

Before he could actually attack, a voice boomed through the air. “Wei Chong, fall back.” 

The voice was a little hoa.r.s.e and a white haired old man appeared before their eyes before anyone could react. No one other than Huang Xiaolong knew how he appeared before them.

“Master!” Wei Chong and the others bowed hastily when they saw Zhou Chi standing in front of them.

Celestial Emperor Rong Ying and the others either bowed or got to their knees, and those who were of lower status prostrated themselves on the ground.

Zhou Chi, one of the ten strongest experts in the Limitless Land, had arrived!

He had 13 billion units of grand cosmos energy, and not even Chen Huanzhi, the grand marshal of the Limitless Celestial Empire would dare to slight the man.

Zhou Chi’s hair might be white, but his back was ramrod straight as he stood between Huang Xiaolong and his disciples. His eyes sparkled like stars as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. “Is there a reason you came all the way here?” 

Even at his level, he failed to see through Huang Xiaolong’s strength. There was only a sneaking suspicion in his heart that told him that he wouldn’t be able to defeat the youngster before him.

“I heard that you have a lot of universe-level spiritual veins…” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

With his expression drooping slightly, Zhou Chi narrowed his eyes, “Are you here to steal my treasury?!”

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