Shen Jian - 神见

Chapter 3172: The Vastness of the Universe

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Chapter 3172: The Vastness of the Universe

After everyone had successfully broken through to Venerable Sovereign Realm, Huang Xiaolong was not in a hurry to enhance their cultivation further for the time being. He talked about the grand dao with them every day, whilst improving their bloodline, talent, and physical body with his Huang Long Bloodline, the blood moon, and Pure Soil.

If Huang Xiaolong wasn’t free, he would send Yuan Tianyi or the ten overlords or the ten beast kings in his place to guide the Huang Family, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, and the others.

As someone with experience, Huang Xiaolong was aware how crucial it was to build a solid foundation in Venerable Sovereign Realm. A strong foundation in the Venerable Sovereign Realm was the first step in the successful integration with a high-order Saint Fate, or even more than one high-order Saint Fates. This would then help to forge a stronger body, and condense a higher quality dao soul.

Once one broke through to True Saint Realm, everything would be too late to change.

Therefore, after everyone had broken through to Venerable Sovereign Realm, he was not in a hurry to raise their cultivation further for the time being. Others took one step at a time, whereas, Huang Xiaolong made them take the same step ten times!

Even so, with the superb cultivation surroundings provided by the blood moon, Pure Soil, Huang Long Bloodline, along with endless supply of genesis level pills and herbs, many of them soon advanced to Second Order Venerable Sovereign Realm.

Naturally, while helping everyone to improve, Huang Xiaolong did not let go of his own cultivation. As usual, Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Tianyi, and the others would cultivate under the Tree of Origin, blood moon, and Pure Soil.

Huang Xiaolong also kept up with studying the art of formations.

Thousands of years pa.s.sed in this seemingly mundane routine.

With the various resources supplied by Huang Xiaolong, in less than a hundred thousand years, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei who was innately talented was the first to step into half-True Saint Realm, followed by Fang Xuanxuan, Li Lu, Old Man Grandmist, the little cow, Grandmist Emperor, and then Yao Chi.

In the end, except for some of the Thirty-three Heavens’ rulers, everyone’s cultivation had advanced to the peak late-Ninth Order half-True Saint Realm.

Although Huang Xiaolong also spent time and resources to cultivate the thirty-three rulers, who had ascended with his family, he did not improve their talent using his Huang Long Bloodline. Hence, these people’s cultivation speed couldn’t catch up with the rest.

When everyone’s cultivation had reached the peak of Ninth Order half-True Saint, Huang Xiaolong had everyone compress the energy within their bodies while cultivating under the blood moon, and Pure Soil as they waited for the Saint Fates to appear.

Another several thousand years went by when the time for the Saint Fates to appear arrived again. Unfortunately, there were merely twenty-plus Saint Fates this time, and only ten of them were high-order Saint Fates.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong chose to let his father, mother, young brother, younger sister, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yao Chi, Fang Xuanxuan, Bei Xiaomei, and Peng Xiao to integrate with high-order Saint Fates and break through to True Saint Realm.

Old Man Grandmist, the little cow, Grandmist Emperor, his father-in-law, Bei Lengyang, and the others could only wait for the next opportunity.

Despite there being mid-order Saint Fates to be chosen from, they were far from comparable to high-order Saint Fates, and Huang Xiaolong did not want his master, Old Man Grandmist, and the others to integrate with mid-order Saint Fates which would limit their future achievements.

After the Huang Family and ladies integrated with their own high-order Saint Fates, and advanced to True Saint Realm, Huang Xiaolong began bringing them around Cangqiong Holy World, World River, and even the Outer World.

Several hundred years pa.s.sed.

Huang Xiaolong and his family had almost traveled to every corner of Cangqiong Holy World, and the surrounding places before returning to the Holy Heavens Headquarters.

Deep into the quiet night, silvery moonlight was the only source of light.

In the air above the Holy Heavens Headquarters was Huang Xiaolong standing with his hands clasped behind his back, looking at the vast starry s.p.a.ce. His bright eyes seemed to see through time and s.p.a.ce, through one holy world after another, as well as the Demon World’s various regions, and outwards to a vast universe.

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Although he had been cultivating steadfastly, a.s.sisted by the Tree of Origin, blood moon, Pure Soil, Parasol Tree, Tree of Beginning, as well as Yuan Tianyi and the others’ absolute powers, his power of time and s.p.a.ce had not improved much. When the Huang Family ascended to the holy world, his power of time and s.p.a.ce were close to reaching the peak major completion stage, and it was the same today!

“Sure!” Just when everyone thought Huang Xiaolong would refuse, he actually nodded his head and agreed.

Everyone was too shocked to react.

“Xiaolong, you…?” Huang Peng asked, looking at Huang Xiaolong with a baffled expression.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the others and said, “I’ve thought it over, and this time, I’ll take any one with me to the Blazing Dragon World, as long as they want to come!”

There was a prolonged silence in the hall for about ten seconds, before a cheer erupted as Huang Xiaohai jumped and shrieked, “Long live Big Brother!”

He hugged Huang Xiaolong and jumped around, refusing to let go!

s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yao Chi, Bei Xiaomei, Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, Lin Xiaoying, Fei Yanzi, Feng Yue, and Yin Yue were just as happy and broke into tears as they hugged each other. Huang Xiaolong felt extremely guilty seeing this, knowing that he wasn’t very attentive in the past.

In truth, one of the reasons Huang Xiaolong considered taking everyone with him was because he didn’t know when he would come back, and it might be more dangerous to leave them here in the Huang Long World. Who knews when Huang Rong would return to Huang Long World while he was gone?

Although the Blazing Dragon World was the enemy’s lair, there was a saying that the most dangerous place is the safest place. In a big world like the Blazing Dragon World, it was a pipe dream if Huang Rong thought he could easily find his family.

Apart from that, it would be easier for him to continue raising their cultivation.

Hence, after considering various aspects, Huang Xiaolong decided to bring everyone. Preparations were swiftly made when it was decided everyone would be going to the Blazing Dragon World.

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