Shen Jian - 神见

Chapter 2977: No Need to Fear Huang Xiaolong

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Chapter 2977: No Need to Fear Huang Xiaolong

The rest of the group was taken aback.

Is it really related to Huang Xiaolong?

“But, Lord Ming Fu, even if Huang Xiaolong defeated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils, he couldn’t have possibly subdued Yin Ming’s thirteen disciples simultaneously, could he?” An expert voiced his doubt, “Huang Xiaolong’s battle prowess is at Lord Ming Fu’s level at most, even half a move worse than Lord Ming Fu.”

“I think so too,” another expert chimed in, “It cannot be Huang Xiaolong. Even the Holy Dragon Race’s old ancestor can’t subdue Yin Ming’s thirteen disciples in the blink of an eye, then how could Huang Xiaolong do it!”

The Holy Dragon Race was one of the most powerful genesis races, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor was recognized as the most powerful cultivator in the entire Divine Tuo Holy World beside the Mystical Pavilion Master!

It was said that the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor had comprehended the absolute power of darkness, and absolute power of lightning. More importantly, he had achieved perfection in both absolute powers!

Ming Fu had just opened his mouth to speak when his third eye’s pupils suddenly needled, looking opposite him where a figure walked out from the dense layers of white fog!

This person approached them at a leisurely pace.

Other experts also discovered this person’s presence a second later.

“Huang Xiaolong!” someone in the group gasped.

A few experts in the group had witnessed Huang Xiaolong battling Huang Shuai.

“What, Huang Xiaolong!” Hearing that name, everyone was startled. Ever since Huang Xiaolong had defeated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils, even existences like Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, the Nine-headed Tree Demon had to pay attention to Huang Xiaolong. Hence, everyone now faced Huang Xiaolong as if they were facing a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert.

Resplendent luminance from Ming Fu’s third eye enveloped Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong continued to approach as if he wasn’t affected at all.

Ming Fu was inwardly astonished, his third eye was a Buddha’s Eye he was born with. His most pure Buddhist light energy was gathered in his third eye, and no late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable could move at ease like Huang Xiaolong after being s.h.i.+ned by his third eye’s luminance.

His face turned serious, and the experts around him tensed up, circulating their cosmos energy and locking onto Huang Xiaolong like they were facing a deathly enemy.

In the blink of an eye, Huang Xiaolong had crossed the distance between them.

“You are Huang Xiaolong?” Ming Fu asked the obvious,and his sonorous voice sounded like ten thousand Buddhas were chanting at the same time, while the world vibrated with the frequency of his voice.

Ming Fu had cultivated his Buddhist energy to the realm of ten thousand Buddhas manifestations by his side at all times, and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that with one word, he could influence an entire sacred land’s experts, infect them with his Buddhism, and make them feel a closeness and reliance towards him.

However, no one knew how strong-willed Huang Xiaolong was, and how steadfast his dao souls and inextinguishable dao heat was. Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over Ming Fu’s third eye, and he asked in return, “You’re the one they hailed as the Ancestor of Buddhas, King of all-Buddhas, and the highest Buddha in the world, Ming Fu?”

Although Ming Fu had not entered peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm, he had gained many t.i.tles and nicknames, from the Ancestor of Buddhas, King of all-Buddhas, and some even called him the highest Buddha in the world!

“That’s right, it is me.” Ming Fu nodded.

Then Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned indifferent as he spoke, “Make your move, and if you can take one move from me, I’ll let you leave.”

The experts around Ming Fu were immediately outraged.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re too presumptuous, do you think you’re the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Old Ancestor? I bet you can’t survive one strike from Lord Ming Fu!” A mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert berated Huang Xiaolong.

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“Hand out the Tree of Beginning!” Another peak mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable coldly demanded, “I don’t believe you can defeat all forty-plus of us here! If you don’t hand it over, hmph!”

Seeing this, Ming Fu and the others’ legs nearly gave out.

“More, more than a hundred of them!”


Even Ming Fu was visibly frightened. As the world's highest Buddha, born with Luminance Buddha Physique, there were few things that could scare him, but these black-eyed poisonous spiders were definitely one of them.

If there were only a few black-eyed poisonous spiders, Ming Fu was confident he could deal with them, but more than a hundred black-eyed poisonous spiders?!

“Everyone, don’t be afraid. Although these black-eyed poisonous spiders are said to be extremely poisonous, and they are immune to all attacks, their speed is not fast. We just need to pay attention and these black-eyed poisonous spiders can’t harm us. We have no need to fear Huang Xiaolong!” A peak mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert suddenly shouted, and he glared at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you’re a waste. All you can do is frighten us with these poisonous creatures. Do you think we will submit to you relying on these black-eyed poisonous spiders? What a joke!”

“Waste?” Huang Xiaolong sneered and suddenly punched out. In an instant, major completion absolute poison power turned into dark clouds that covered the sky as if night had fallen in the Blue Lotus Pond. Even the clear Blue Lotus Pond’s clear waters that had not changed for several hundred million years turned ink-black.


Huang Xiaolong’s fist sent the peak mid-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable expert flying, and when the expert plummeted into the waters, the armor on his chest had been pulverized to dust. Right under the armor’s shatter point was a fist-sized black hole through the expert’s chest. Overbearing absolute poison power was greedily devouring and corroding his flesh.

“Peak major completion absolute poison power!” Ming Fu was greatly shocked but his luminance Buddhist energy surged to the limit and wrapped around the expert like a river in an attempt to drive the absolute poison out from the expert’s body. But his Luminance Buddhist energy was useless. The moment his Luminance Buddhist energy came in contact with the absolute poison, sizzling noises sounded as his energy was corroded.

Those who did not take Huang Xiaolong seriously for his strength, now looked at Huang Xiaolong in horror.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Without these black-eyed poisonous spiders, any one of you that can take one blow from me can leave!”

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