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Chapter 2561: Dig Three Feet Under Looking for Huang Xiaolong

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Chapter 2561: Dig Three Feet Under Looking for Huang Xiaolong

After hearing the Ghost Talisman Founder’s order to kill all Clear Snow Palace’s people, Gui Buw.a.n.g and the remaining Ghost Talisman Holy Ground's experts immediately caught on to the Ghost Talisman Founder's intention.

Amidst sonorous voices of compliance, Gui Buw.a.n.g and the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground's experts frenziedly attacked the Clear Snow Palace's experts. Each of the Clear Snow Palace's female disciples was a delicate beauty, whereas the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground's experts were all tall and burly, and they exuded ferocious bloodthirstiness. This scene was no different than a pack of wolves running into a herd of sheep.

In a short few moments many of Clear Snow Palace's female disciples and True Saint Realm experts suffered heavy injuries.

"Ghost Talisman Founder, how dare you?" Xue Lingyun was indignant.

Watching this scene, the Ghost Talisman Founder laughed harshly, "Kill, kill for me! Tear these la.s.sies apart! Rip them apart! Torture them!"

Only this way he could vent the fury and hatred in his heart.

In the past, he had nearly lost his life at Cangqiong Old Man's hand, and today, Huang Xiaolong had consecutively killed experts of his holy ground. He was going to count the scores of the past grudge and this day’s feud on the Clear Snow Palace's head!

In the next moment, a Devil Palace's Ninth Heaven True Saint hall master shouted and led all Devil Palace's experts to join in the attack against the Clear Snow Palace's female disciples and experts, specifically targeting Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi. The two ladies were soon overwhelmed, and caught between a rock and a hard place.

Although Huang Xiaolong continued targeting the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Devil Palace's experts from within the Saint Fate's boundary, still he was unable to lift the Clear Snow Palace's immediate crisis.

Right at this time, Mo Cangli suddenly struck his palm towards the Ghost Talisman Founder in a sneak attack, sending the Ghost Talisman Founder reeling backward.

His action genuinely surprised everyone.

No one had expected Mo Cangli to suddenly make a move. Moreover, it was against the Ghost Talisman Founder.

After Huang Xiaolong had killed Huai Po, it was already considered a virtuous action on Mo Cangli’s part that he had refused to join hands with the Ghost Talisman Founder against Huang Xiaolong. But now, Mo Cangli had actually helped Huang Xiaolong and Clear Snow Palace?!

"Mo Cangli, what is the meaning of this?!" The Ghost Talisman Founder glared fiercely at Mo Cangli as he questioned.

Mo Cangli's response was less than lukewarm, "No special meaning, just don't like watching a big man like you bullying a few women."

Others felt choked by his words.

Then again, there were many other holy gates' patriarchs, who despised the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Devil Palace’s action of besieging the Clear Snow Palace's women, but they hesitated to interfere mainly because of their combined power.

They also understood that this was not the sole reason Mo Cangli had decided to interfere.

Mo Cangli had acted to express goodwill towards Huang Xiaolong!

Mo Cangli was expressing goodwill towards Huang Xiaolong as a Primal Ancestor because Huang Xiaolong had formed his Inextinguishable Dao Heart, and he was soon going to complete integrating with twelve high-order Saint Fates.

The Ancient Holy Emperor Duan Xuan immediately understood Mo Cangli's goal and his eyes lit up, as if he had seen the ray of life.

"Lord Mo Cangli is right. The Ghost Talisman Holy Ground is an unrighteous faction, and everyone has a responsibility to kill them!" Duan Xuan shouted, " All Ancient Emperor Holy Ground's experts hear my order, attack!!"

He was the first one to rush into the fray, leading the Ancient Holy Emperor Holy Ground's experts by example.

A wave of speechlessness washed over the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground's experts. It didn’t seem like Lord Mo Cangli p.r.o.nounced the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground as an unrighteous faction, but he merely said that it was displeasing to watch a big man like the Ghost Talisman Founder bullying Clear Snow Palace's women.

However, seeing both Lord Mo Cangli and their patriarch had already attacked, the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground's experts dared not hesitate anymore and joined the battle.

Mo Cangli and Duan Xuan had taken action, therefore, Shen Jiewen and others dared not dally anymore and entered the battlefield.

Having watched the situation's development for a while now, the Vajra Race's Patriarch Jin Nu also joined the battle with experts of his race. The Holy Race, Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, and others soon followed.

One after another holy ground's forces and ancient forces consecutively joined the battle.

All of them fought against the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Devil Palace.

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The situation reversed abruptly, and the number of casualties on the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Devil Palace's side soared.

The blood contained a cultivator's cultivation technique attribute. The three of them could tell at a single glance that most of the scent of the blood belonged to experts from the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground and Devil Palace.

"What the h.e.l.l happened here?!" Qiao Jinyang's face was frighteningly sullen, "Where's the Ghost Talisman Founder?!"

"I still can't reach him!" Cao Nan replied in a heavy voice, and there was a bad feeling in his heart, a very bad feeling. He had never felt so irritated before. Since two days ago, the Ghost Talisman Founder had lost contact with them, and he was not the only one. All the Devil Palace's experts and disciples, who were at the Cambrian Pool Star, were out of reach.

He had tried to contact the Devil Palace's hall masters, and vice-hall masters, but there was no response at all

"Don't worry about the Ghost Talisman Founder for now, order the people below to look for Huang Xiaolong!" Qiao Jinyang's eyes were icy and gloomy. "Huang Xiaolong must be found! He must not be allowed to fully integrate with the twelve high-order Saint Fates!"

This was what he was most concerned with.

Half a month later...

At an abandoned and unknown holy ground, a bulge in the ground moved and in the next second, a figure flew into the air. Who could this person be but Huang Xiaolong?

Except for the Ghost Talisman Founder and Gui Buw.a.n.g, all experts and disciples from both forces had died in the Cambrian Pool Star battle. Under Mo Cangli and Xue Lingyun's joint efforts, the Ghost Talisman Founder had escaped with heavy injuries, and Gui Buw.a.n.g's injuries were worse.

Now, there were more than a dozen holy souls imprisoned inside the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

After leaving the Cambrian Pool Star, Huang Xiaolong had separated from the Clear Snow Palace's group, and had gone away alone. He wanted to look for a hidden place to finish his integration with the twelve high-order Saint Fates!

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong had contacted the Heavenly Master and simply stated that he was unharmed, urging them not to worry about him. He'd also a.s.sured them that he would return to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds after he had fully integrated with his Saint Fates.

"This place it is." Huang Xiaolong decided as he looked at the deserted holy ground.

He would finish his Saint Fates’ integration there and break through to True Saint Realm!

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