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Scrap Iron Walker - 废铁行者

Chapter 564: Philanthropy

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Chapter 564: Philanthropy

“My ear, what’s wrong with my ears?” The cla.s.s leader didn’t understand.

She touched her two human ears and didn’t feel any differences from usual.

It wasn’t until she looked in the small mirror above the shoe cabinet that she noticed two additional things on her head that humans shouldn’t have.

“What… is this?”

The cla.s.s leader turned pale as she thought of the previous group of employees who were gazing at her. She was so ashamed and angry that she ripped the cat ears off her and threw it on the ground which caused it to snap in half.

Shu Zhe and I looked at each other. I felt regretful that the cla.s.s leader’s cat ears were gone, but Shu Zhe was probably in pain because of the money he spent to buy the cat ears.

She was angry, but the cla.s.s leader couldn’t bear to see the headpiece, that was now garbage, lying on the floor of her own home, so she bent down to pick up the remains and toss it into the trash.

When she returned, she was twice as angry as before.

“Tell me.” The cla.s.s leader slapped the dining table, “Who put these cat ears on me?”

I pointed at Shu Zhe: “Your brother bought them. They were already on you when I arrived.”

Shu Zhe pointed at me at the same time: “It was brother Ye Lin who did it. He said something about ‘better flavor with cat ears’, what a pervert.”

Seeing the two of us accuse each other, the cla.s.s leader narrowed her eyes and first gazed at me, then at her brother.

Suddenly there was another knock on the front door.

“Knock knock knock, knock knock knock.”

“I’m here to check the water meter…”

The squad leader was furious and twirled her body around like a female G.o.d of war. Her eyes were spewing fire as she shouted outside.

“Someone just came by yesterday to check the water meter, there’s nothing to check here!”

The crestfallen inspector (male) then quietly left.

He must have heard about it from the other employees and also wanted to check out the cat-ear beauty. I believe in the near future, the cla.s.s leader will get constant visits from gas, water, or community inspectors, using any means possible to get a look at her in cat ears.

The cla.s.s leader isn’t an idiot. I might be able to trick her for a while, but not forever, so I decided to admit my mistake and confess.

I raised my hand as if I was in cla.s.s and replied, “Cla.s.s leader, I did it, I put the cat ears that Shu Zhe bought on your head. I just couldn’t resist playing a prank on you…”

Shu Zhe was not mentally prepared when I suddenly confessed. He had a momentary loss for words because he was originally planning to keep wrangling with me.

“Why, why did you make me wear cat ears?” The cla.s.s leader looked at me with suspicion. The cla.s.s leader was also quite concerned about the fact that Shu Zhe didn’t deny he was the one who bought the cat ears.

I said honestly: “I was just curious and thought you would look cute with cat ears~~”

The word “cute” seemed to hit a soft spot in the cla.s.s leader’s heart. Although she seemed both embarra.s.sed and angry, her embarra.s.sment had overtaken her anger.

If I was stubborn to the end and kept pushing the blame to Shu Zhe, the cla.s.s leader never would have forgave me. Now that I admitted it, the cla.s.s leader couldn’t really think of a way to reprimand me.

“Xiao Zhe.” In order to cover up her embarra.s.sment, the cla.s.s leader turned to her brother and asked, “Did Ye Lin force you to buy those cat ears?”

I smiled frankly and said, “I don’t need to force him to buy it, my family sells it. Shu Zhe purchased it elsewhere out of his own interest.”

Shu Zhe didn’t even have time to refute and could only stare me.

He certainly won’t expect my next words to help him/

“But it can’t all be blamed on Shu Zhe. The reason why Shu Zhe started all this was for charity.”


The cla.s.s leader widened her eyes in disbelief.

“Yeah.” I patted my thigh and said, “Shu Zhe acted as a rope… model where a portion of him payments gets donated to children in need. If you don’t believe me, you can go to my family’s online store and check one of the goods, the kiss mark balloons, in the product description it states that one-fifth of the profits will go to charity.”

Shu Zhe caught on quickly as he immediately understood my intentions. He was much more clever than Gong CaiCai in this aspect.

“I… got addicted to doing good things and only wanted to donate more money…”

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How shameless. I remember when I told you I was taking a bit of the profits to donate to a school and you acted like I was going to cut off your flesh.

“I said don’t call me Xiao Xiong, call me Winnie.” Xiong YaoYue shouted, “Huh, cla.s.s leader, why are you using Ye Lin’s phone, are you guys together right now?”

“If you want to be called Winnie, then I’ll call you Winnie.” The cla.s.s leader sighed, “I have something to ask you, please answer me honestly…”

“Not good!” Xiong YaoYue shouted in the midst of a barrage of keyboard taps, “We’re being attacked, this is bad. Cla.s.s leader, call back later, I can’t be distracted right now…”

Then she hung up. When the cla.s.s leader called again, no one picked up.

d.a.m.n, Xiong YaoYue, don’t get too addicted to LOL. I heard she had already organized a team, so was she doing training with them? I only needed her to verify with the cla.s.s leader and then she would believe me.

The cla.s.s leader returned the phone to me and didn’t say anything, as if she was waiting for me to provide proof.

“Fine.” I waved my hand, “Since you refuse to believe us, I’ll simply take you on a trip to the special education school. I mean they even encourage donors to visit, then you should know that we didn’t fake it.”

Shu Zhe also nodded, but when he went to the bathroom, he quietly asked me.

“Brother Ye Lin, the school actually exists? I thought it was something you made up to embezzle my share of the money.”

“Hmph, a knave thinks of others in terms of his own desires. It’s noon now, so you should order some take-out for everyone to eat, then I’ll contact the special education school to see what’s a convenient way to reach there.”

Shu Zhe subconsciously held out his hand to me: “Then, the money for the take-out…”

I slapped the back of his hand and made him grimace in pain.

“Stop always thinking about money. Now’s the time for you to put on a good performance, since your sister’s still angry.”

In the end, the lunch still wasn’t paid by Shu Zhe.

Rather, although the cla.s.s leader was still angry, she still warmed up the leftovers from breakfast for us to eat.

Ah, I was in tears, the shredded pork stir fry was a hundred times better than what my dad made last night.

After the meal, I contacted the young princ.i.p.al of the special education school. He had a very good memory, even though I had only been there once with Peng TouSi, he actually managed to remember my voice.

“You’re welcome to bring your cla.s.smates over for a visit. It just so happens that I have another guest here. You can take the route 23 bus and get off at Cui Song Shan stop, it’s easy to find our school from there.”

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