Illimitable Until Death


Chapter 237

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Chapter 237

Suddenly, an electronic sound erupted, causing Fang Li to turn his head and simultaneously startling the slumbering Aria awake.

However, as soon as Aria woke up, her pair of crimson eyes widened to their limits. Her charming face turned a deep shade of red with a resounding “Bang!” sound, and it instantly became extremely flushed.

The reason was clear.

Fang Li, in his haste to tuck the Butei handbook back into Aria’s embrace, hadn’t even had time to withdraw his hand.

In other words, Fang Li’s hand was currently inside Aria’s embrace.

It looked as if he were about to inappropriately touch a young girl.

“Uh…” Fang Li, realizing his current situation, twitched the corner of his mouth as he looked at Aria’s extremely flushed charming face and her eyes that were wide open in shock.

“You… y-y-y-y-you… What are you doing?!” Aria’s eyes welled with tears as she furiously pounded on Fang Li’s body with her small fists, all the while shouting.

“Didn’t… I didn’t expect you to be like this! Open a hole, open a hole! Open a hole, twelve strikes! Open a hole, maximum level!”

“Are you playing mahjong or reciting an advertis.e.m.e.nt?” Fang Li quickly extended his hand and caught each of Aria’s fiercely swinging fists and he spoke with a wry smile on his face, “Alright, stop messing around. It seems we’ve reached our destination.”

Hearing this, Aria finally stopped her playful a.s.sault. However, her charming face remained deeply red. After patting her own cheeks and realizing she hadn’t lost anything important, she let out a sigh of relief.

While Fang Li would have liked to tease her about her antics, it wasn’t the right time for that now.

Thus, Fang Li and Aria used an electronic telescope to observe the outside situation.

“Gū Lū…”

Bubbles continued to rise in the water, creating a faint sound that spread through the water.

In the deep sea where even light couldn’t penetrate, an enormous creature floated.

This creature was a large nuclear submarine.

The nuclear submarine’s length was estimated to be at least Three hundred meters.

Its size was colossal, making even whales appear insignificant next to it.

Through the electronic telescope, Fang Li and Aria could clearly see two letters on the surface of the ma.s.sive nuclear submarine.

— ‘I’.

— ‘U’.

That precisely referred to the I-U Submarine.

Compared to this submarine, the small one Fang Li and Aria were on seemed as insignificant as an ant, barely clinging to its surface.

Looking at this gigantic nuclear submarine, even though Fang Li and Aria had received some information from Riko, seeing the real thing still left them somewhat speechless.

After a while, Aria took a deep breath, as if trying to calm herself down, and said, “So that’s the Vostok, right?”

— Vostok.

That was the name of the nuclear submarine renowned as the largest in history.

After its development, the submarine had garnered worldwide attention. However, on the day of its launch, it went missing and met a tragic end, becoming the most tragic nuclear submarine incident in history.

However, according to Riko’s information, the submarine hadn’t actually met with an accident. It had been taken over by I-U, seized, and repurposed as their base of operations.

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The ‘I’ and ‘U’ on the submarine’s surface referred to I-U.

Seeing Aria’s mood shift from embarra.s.sed to angry, Fang Li quickly backed off.

This tsundere girl was dangerous whether she was being arrogant or playful.

Especially when this tsundere girl was also armed.

Amidst this playful atmosphere, time slowly pa.s.sed by.

An hour later, the bottom of the ma.s.sive nuclear submarine’s tail slowly opened, creating a vortex-like current.

And the waiting small submarine nearby was fully prepared. With a swift motion, it followed the current and submerged into the nuclear submarine.

The water chamber’s door remained open for another minute before closing, restoring the silence of the underwater world.


Amidst a splashing underwater sound, the small submarine emerged from beneath the water’s surface, parting the waves as the water streamed down its streamlined hull.


The hatch on the top of the small submarine was opened.

Fang Li and Aria emerged from inside, stepping onto the wet surface. They jumped down and landed on the ground.

The two exchanged glances and then burst into laughter.

“Infiltration, successful.”

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