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Chapter 1673  Crystal Is Also a Candidate to Be the  Ruler

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Chapter 1673  Crystal Is Also a Candidate to Be the Ruler

'This old woman is really something.'

Xiao Tian was currently on his way to Yu s.h.i.+'s house.

When he was working in his office, Yu s.h.i.+ suddenly called him using Crystal's smartphone.

She did not tell him why he had to come to her house.

She only told him that Crystal would be sad if he did not come to her house.

This was the reason why countless questions appeared in his mind because he wanted to know why she said something like that.

'I will scold her if it's not something important.'

He said in his head.

After driving for more than thirty minutes, he finally arrived at Yu s.h.i.+'s house.

'Hmm? Are they waiting for me?'

He saw Crystal and Yu s.h.i.+ in the front yard.

When Crystal and Yu s.h.i.+ caught sight of him, they rose from their seat and walked toward him.

"Crystal, what's wrong? Did someone cause trouble for you?" Xiao Tian asked when he was in front of her.

"No." Crystal shook her head.

"Then what is it?" he looked at them with a confused look.

answer his question immediately and only exchanged a glance with each other.

'Why are they acting like this?'

He was even more confused when Crystal and Yu s.h.i.+ did not answer his question immediately and only exchanged a glance with each other.

"Xiao Tian…" Yu s.h.i.+ spoke abruptly.

Xiao Tian s.h.i.+fted his gaze from Crystal to Yu s.h.i.+. "What is it?"

"Crystal is like you." Yu s.h.i.+ uttered.

"Like me?" he tilted his head to the left.

'What did she mean by saying Crystal is like me?'

He did not get her words.

"Un, un. I'm like you now." Crystal nodded her head happily.

"I don't get it. Can you explain it?" He wanted them to explain everything in detail because he did not understand it.

"She is a candidate to be the Ruler like you. She can feel the energy of heaven and earth now." her disciple was still at the Master stage, so Yu s.h.i.+ was thrilled when her disciple could feel the energy of heaven and earth.

"Crystal, is that true?" Xiao Tian asked happily.

"Yes." Crystal responded as she nodded her head. "I can feel the energy of heaven and earth now."

Without asking for her permission, he grabbed her slender waist before finally lifting her and spinning her body.

"Haha. Good. Good!" he laughed happily. "I know you are a genius martial artist, Crystal. Haha."

Crystal's face broke into a smile when she saw his happy face. Even though his sudden actions surprised her, she did not say anything and only smiled at him.

Yu s.h.i.+, who saw them, mused, "Look at them! They always refuse whenever I try to make them together, but here, they are acting like a couple."

Of course, she was delighted because she always wanted them to be together.

She even hoped that one day they would get married because he deserved to be her disciple's husband.

After putting Crystal down, Xiao Tian uttered, "Do you know what it means to be a candidate to be the Ruler?"

"No." Crystal did not know anything about it because Yu s.h.i.+ was not a candidate to be the Ruler like her.

"That means we are like G.o.ds in this world." Xiao Tian gave an honest answer.

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"Like G.o.d? What does that mean?" this time, it was Yu s.h.i.+ and Crystal who were confused.

"Xiao Tian, you said you could destroy a big stone, right?" Yu s.h.i.+ pointed her right index finger at the big stone on her right side. "Can you destroy it?"

"Sure." After saying that, Xiao Tian jumped before finally landing in front of the big stone.

Like a master in martial arts movies, he put his right hand behind his back and clenched his left fist.

"This is what you can do after mastering the third stage." Without taking a square off, Xiao Tian hit the big stone with his left hand.


Even though he did not hit the stone with his full power, the big stone still shattered into pieces.

Yu s.h.i.+'s jaw dropped open.

'He destroyed the big stone easily as if it was tofu.'

When she remembered that her disciple would also be able to do that in the future, her heart throbbed with happiness.

Yu s.h.i.+ walked closer to him before finally speaking, "Xiao Tian, you have to teach Crystal everything later."

"I know someone who has mastered the seventh stage. I'm also learning from him now. How about I take Crystal to meet him later? With this, we can learn together from him." Xiao Tian was willing to help Crystal get stronger because she was his friend.

"Good! Good!" Yu s.h.i.+ was thrilled after hearing his words. "You are indeed the best son-in-law!"

Xiao Tian coughed instantly. "Couch. Couch."

'This old woman is really something.'

He said in his head.

Crystal acted normally because she had heard it many times.

'Master is right. Meeting him and becoming his friend is the best gift heaven has given me.'

Crystal kept looking at him without saying a single word.

When Yu s.h.i.+ noticed it, she teased her disciple. "Crystal, why are you looking at him like that? Do you want to confess your feelings now?"

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