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Chapter 2200 "The Start of The Project"

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Chapter 2200 "The Start of The Project"

Bello and Cellino knew that whatever the world union did, it would not be anything good, anyway. 

For the ma.s.ses, the world union was indeed a hero, and a stable organization where people could trust them with various dangerous situations. 

However, for minorities such as those rare races, the transmigrators and people who were not really welcomed by the world, the world union was the biggest villain, an existence that was worse than an abyss demon. 

At least an abyss demon could be killed, but such a behemoth like the world union was not too easy to be defeated. 

Bello and Cellino realized that something was wrong, but they could not break through the domain. 

Even if the mimicry domain didn't make the domain master the G.o.d of the domain and made them invincible, the domain master could still restrain the people inside the domain to a certain extent. 

Not to mention that this whole domain was created by more than fifty domain masters, much more than the number of people who created the joint domain at the new century war back then. 

Back then, there were only ten celestial elders who created a domain to summon those valkyries, angels and such, but now, there are five times more domain masters compared to those celestial elders. 

Although these domain masters only made mimicry domains that could only show off 10% of a real domain's true strength, it was more than enough to make everyone inside the domain obey the command from these domain masters. 

Bello could create a domain, but his domain was not complete yet, which was why he never showed his empire to other people, even Ainsley. 

Now, he wanted to break through a domain made of more than fifty masters, which sounded like a dream. 

Maybe he could make a small hole for Ainsley and the others to escape from the domain, but moving or getting out of the seats was impossible. 

Ainsley, Jake, Elliana and the two sacred beasts found out, to their horror, that they could not move their bodies at all. 

They couldn't even move their fingers or make an expression, and only some transmigrators with unique means could move freely to discuss things, but they still could not leave their seats. 

Ainsley, Jake and Elliana didn't have these transmigrators' unique 'technique', so the three of them were still silent, immobile, just like statues. 

Ainsley could only speak to the two sacred beasts through telepathy, thanks to their contract. 

[What's going on? How come we can't move at all? What did the world union do to us?] 

Ainsley was a little panicked in her heart despite still being able to monitor the people who were infected by the love virus. 

To be honest, it was exactly because of this that she panicked, because the love virus in the bodies of those staff and guards seemed to 'disappear' out of thin air. 

The love virus was still there, but the connection was cut off, so the love virus went into a dormant state or slowly disappeared. 

This was what shocked the little baby because unless these people drank super premium anti-charm potions, there was no way to get rid of the love virus or cut off the connection between the love virus and herself. 

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Other people could still cleanse the virus with their various abilities, but it didn't mean the connection between the love virus and Ainsley as the master would be cut off. 

Maybe that was the only last sign of her being a living being who had to blink her eyes instead of becoming a motionless stone statue... 

[A domain? What the h.e.l.l is the world union doing? Do they want to kill all of us, or what? But they don't need to create such a domain and invite so many experts just to kill us....] 

There must be a conspiracy here, because if the world union just wanted to kill them, there was really no need to be so overboard. 

So, what the h.e.l.l was the world union planning to do? 

Ainsley didn't know, but the world union had started to check and re-check the condition of the abyss' tunnel, the general location and how much energy was needed to completely blow up the tunnel. 

After confirming the progress of the project for ten minutes, the staff finally asked the soul experts to start manipulating the souls of those transmigrators. 

Death is incoming.

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