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Chapter 1170: "Bragging About The Irregular Tamer Guild"

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Chapter 1170: "Bragging About The Irregular Tamer Guild"

[At least Ain won the challenge despite her serious injuries…] 

[But I heard she would challenge the two genius tamers from the two tamer guilds in three days!] 

[Really? Just why do these people keep challenging Ain? Are they not tired? Because, I feel tired on Ain's behalf!] 

[All Ain does in this country is fight and fight. Either a battle of wits or a battle of strength.] 

[Will she have any good memories of our country? What if she feels that our country is the worst...] 

A lot of Gasha Country's people, both ability users and the ordinary people had already turned into Ainsley's fans after getting to know her in the past few weeks. 

Which fans didn't want their idol to like their country so that their idol wouldn't leave their country or have any bad impression on their country? 

Unfortunately, Ainsley suffered too much injustice in their country and the Gasha Country's people were all ashamed of this fact. 

[It's all because of those big guilds. All Ain's trouble starts from them!] 

[I have long felt that the big guilds are too tyrannical. Just because all ability users have to join guilds and guilds have a huge influence…the guilds become arrogant.] 

[I don't know how many geniuses they have ruined in private.] 

A lot of guild members who weren't from the big guilds couldn't help but despite the big guilds. 

After all, the big guilds had suppressed them for so long and everyone really wanted to abolish their tyrannical restrictions. 

But many members of the big guilds had mixed reactions to other people's dissatisfaction. 

On the one hand, they felt they received many benefits and privileges from their big guilds. 

On the other hand, they were also suppressed inside the guild because there would always be a power pyramid inside. 

Ainsley's guild also had this cla.s.sification depending on one's strength and potential, but instead of leading it to the bad sides...

Ainsley encouraged healthy compet.i.tion and rivalry instead of using small tricks or abusing one's authority in the guild. 

As Ainsley's guild grew larger, many troubles popped out one by one, and many people with ambitious minds were tempted to reform the guild to be like other big guilds. 

Who didn't want to have their own privilege, status and power? 

Now that Ainsley's guild grew so fast and the future was limitless, many people wanted to seize the opportunity to have more influence. 

Facing this, Ainsley trained a lot of loyal and strong guild members to keep these ambitious people under control. 

Another thing that made it possible for Ainsley to control her guild that had grown so fast was the soul oath. 

Unlike other big guilds that didn't have any rights to force members to swear a soul oath, Ainsley's guild had every right to do this. 

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After all, the people who came to be the guild members received Ainsley's enlightenment, and they weren't irregular tamers at first. 

This is really like a small-scale school, unlike a guild at all. 

[I heard the members are also sent to Pandora Island for training. It's like compulsory orientation when we first enter college.]

[True, true. They also have an interesting point system, and everything is fair. It's hard to cheat on the missions or hurt other guild members for our own benefit.] 

[Their punishment for disobedient members is really effective...not only will their members.h.i.+p level be demoted, but they will also face a lot of blacklists.] 

[The guild didn't hesitate to kick someone who had committed a crime against the guild members, and this offender would always be on the guild's wanted list.] 

[The Irregular Tamer Guild is also very protective of their members, but if they find any members who make things difficult for others...they will be punished too.] 

[Someone deliberately raised the price of their tamed monster, and when the guild found out, this person's taming license was revoked.] 

[That's not the worst, ah.] 

[Because this person also violated the content of the soul oath, they lost their enlightenment forever and would never be able to become an irregular tamer anymore!] 

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