If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 99 - Side Story (8) - Could You Please Be My Life Assistant!?

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Chapter 99 - Side Story (8) – Could You Please Be My Life a.s.sistant!?

Editor: Amaris

How could Yu Xingzhe have the face to say that his small preferences had been ‘fulfilled’? He corrected himself, “It looks pretty awesome.”

SUN poured warm water into a cup and placed it on Yu Xingzhe’s left side.

Yu Xingzhe gasped in response.

SUN said, “It’s such a pretty cup.”

Yu Xingzhe immediately smiled, then said joyfully like a child, “Do you like it?”

SUN replied, “I fell in love with it at first sight.”

Yu Xingzhe grabbed the white porcelain cup’s handle with his fingers, rubbed it gently, then said, “It was love at first sight.”

Yu Xingzhe bought the cup by chance. It wasn’t pricey, either, since it was just a cup. However, Yu Xingzhe loved and treasured it so much that he only used it to drink water. He was afraid that it would get ‘dirty’ if filled with other things.

When Yu Xingzhe was at home, he would always fill the cup with warm water and put it on his left side before having a meal. This position was his favorite since he could look at the cup and immediately felt better. It was also convenient to drink water from this position.

With that said, SUN’s behaviors had truly poked the bottom of Yu Xingzhe’s heart and made him feel extremely comfortable.

He didn’t think that SUN had investigated him, of course. After all, not even his brother had noticed his small habits. He simply thought that this was…

“Fate has brought us together.” Yu Xingzhe raised his head to look at SUN. He squinted his long and narrow eyes as he talked, making him look extraordinarily stunning.

SUN chuckled. “We really hit it off.”

Was it really fate? Or could it be that SUN had investigated Yu Xingzhe?

It was neither the former nor the latter; it was simply because SUN was very keen at observing others.

His past life’s circ.u.mstances had led him to necessarily have such keen insight.

Just like Sherlock Holmes in the novel, even the slightest observations were enough for SUN to get the information that most people wouldn’t even notice about.

The first time he set foot at Yu Xingzhe’s house, he was able to notice most of the owner’s habits just by taking a quick glance.

Yu Xingzhe put his beloved cup in the most noticeable place. There wasn’t any trace of other beverages in the cup, which showed that he usually used it for water only. The color of a part of the tablecloth was obviously different from the rest of it, and that part’s shape was exactly the same as the bottom of the cup…

SUN could get the answer to his questions by a.n.a.lyzing those clues a little.

Everything that SUN did suited Yu Xingzhe well because SUN could see through him.

Yu Xingzhe’s incessant complaints about even the smallest details didn’t annoy SUN. Instead…SUN felt that Yu Xingzhe was very adorable.

SUN could totally imagine Yu Xingzhe stubbornly adhering to his habits and his pitiful look when he had no choice but to compromise sometimes.

He didn’t want to see Yu Xingzhe act as such; he wanted Yu Xingzhe to be as comfortable as a kitten just like now.

Yu Xingzhe was perfectly content, eating joyfully. SUN had completely fulfilled his compulsive preferences that he felt indescribably refreshed.

Before he knew it, lunchtime had pa.s.sed just like that. Afterwards, SUN asked, “Do you want to read a book for a while?”

Yu Xingzhe’s eyes brightened up. “Yes.”

After entering the study, SUN immediately knew what Yu Xingzhe wanted to read just by taking a glance. After taking the book to Yu Xingzhe, the latter was completely won over. He said, “You’re awesome.”

SUN simply smiled. He felt happiness from the bottom of his heart that he hadn’t felt for a long time upon seeing Yu Xingzhe’s expression.

How interesting.

Yu Xingzhe is such an adorable child.

When SUN purposely wanted to get close to someone, he could easily do so at the shortest time.

And sure enough, Yu Xingzhe—nicknamed Princess Pea because of his extreme pickiness—only needed a day for SUN to ‘soothe’ him.

When Yu Xingzhe woke up the next day, SUN had left as expected.

After Yu Xingzhe got up, he got out of bed in a good mood. He went into the bathroom and immediately burst with happiness as he looked around!

This was such a blessing for a neat freak like him!

Everything was neat and tidy. All things were placed on where they should be; every single thing was simply arranged so tidily. The point was, they were absolutely, totally in line with Yu Xingzhe’s wishes!

The author rarely wrote three repet.i.tive sentences and exclamation marks, but Old Yu was just very delighted she had to do so!

When Yu Xingzhe checked the changing room, it made him blush in excitement.

His clothes that were in season were sorted according to the pattern and color. They were so tidy that Yu Xingzhe felt reluctant to even touch them!

Yu Xingzhe felt extremely refreshed for the entire day.

He was fastidious because his obsession with tidiness had reached a terminal stage. But he simply thought he was like that because of his family environment. He was the great young master who led a pampered life, so…he was kinda lazy.

His laziness and neat freak personality combined had almost ‘hounded him to death’.

Within this one year, Yu Xingzhe had led a painful life, which had something to do with his bad habits.

Since he was so picky, untrained housekeepers couldn’t make Yu Xingzhe happy at all and made him feel more uncomfortable instead.

As a result, he drove them away after complaining for some while. He would rather do things by himself than letting others invade his ‘territory’.

And now that SUN had appeared before him, Yu Xingzhe seemed like he had gotten his ‘last straw to clutch at’.

After struggling for a while, Yu Xingzhe eventually called SUN.

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“Although he’s somewhat presumptuous…” Old Yu mumbled.

At twenty, he had been high-spirited and vigorous, plus incredibly handsome.

However… Whenever Yu Xingzhe thought he had to return to his hometown, he felt perturbed again.

When Yu Xingzhe went abroad and didn’t see him, he still felt fine. But now that he had to return, he became uneasy.

Yu Xingzhe couldn’t sleep for the entire night at the thought that tomorrow was the family gathering of the Ye Family and the Yu Family.

SUN naturally sensed it. He asked, “Is something weighing on your mind?”

In the course of the year, Old Yu had treated SUN as his acquaintance, so he didn’t think of hiding it.

“You know…” Yu Xingzhe thought for a while before saying, “…I think I might have liked someone.”

The smile on SUN’s lips—which had always been as warm as the sun—suddenly disappeared. He asked Yu Xingzhe, still wearing the same expression as before, “Which girl?”

Yu Xingzhe sat on the sofa, hugging the kitten-shaped pillow, then said as he lowered his head, “It’s not a girl…”

SUN knitted his brows. “Then who is it?”

Yu Xingzhe didn’t notice the change of tone in SUN’s voice; his mind was only filled with his own worries. After a long pause, he eventually said, “He’s my childhood friend.”

Several faces promptly flashed through SUN’s mind.

But Yu Xingzhe had said his name before SUN could guess, “It’s Ye Chen. I’ll see him tomorrow.”

SUN paused. He ‘locked’ on the boy with a delicate look on his mind.

Yu Xingzhe had never told anyone about this load in his mind, but he didn’t treat SUN as a stranger anymore. He became like a chatterbox and said more than usual, “I’ve liked him since I was still in high school… But I didn’t dare to confess, I…”

SUN asked, “Is that why you ran to Paris?”

Yu Xingzhe blushed. Considering his awkward personality, SUN shouldn’t have asked him that bluntly.

SUN knew better than anyone that asking this kind of question would have broken off the conversations, but he asked anyway.

In fact, he didn’t want to hear it from Yu Xingzhe, since the answer had always been there.

The author has something to say:

These two’s stories would overall be very sweet, hahaha.

Although…yeah…SUN is actually a hard one to understand.

But it’s about falling in love, after all; one is a pot and one is a lid combined together.

T/N: Author-sama wrote so many hints of SUN’s past and personalities sdfdsfgdsfsdfsdfdsgdfgdfdgf!! Sadly his past and background won’t be elaborated further… It’s only hinted that he used to work together (?) with Yu Xingzhe’s brother, Yu Xinghai; that’s all. I need to know more about SUN bby but he’s a side character so there’s nothing we could do…

Also random thought but I kinda miss Death System HAHAHAHAH;;; As much as spicy chicken system it is, I’ve gotten used to all of its trash talks (pats Ye Chen bby in the back) and it feels weird not having it to ‘spice things up’ for eight chapters already… Aiya…

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