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Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 98 - Side Story (7) - Old Fish and His Mr. Sun

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Chapter 98 - Side Story (7) – Old Fish and His Mr. Sun

Editor: Amaris

Among the three childhood friends, Gu Xi didn’t need to be mentioned since his mother died young and his father was strict. Although his stepmother was good-natured and treated him very well, she wasn’t his biological mother, thus his feelings for her would certainly be a bit biased. As a result, Gu Xi hadn’t experienced how it felt to be pampered and spoiled since childhood.

Ye Chen was the Ye Family’s biggest treasure, but neither Old Man Ye nor Mother Ye particularly spoiled their children, so Brother Chen had never really tasted the life of being born with the silver spoon.

But that was not the case with Yu Xingzhe. The Yu Family’s old man and Ye Chen’s uncle were comrades-in-arms. They had gone through the most bitter time and were now being regarded in a high position.

Needless to say, Father Yu was in charge of an important business.

Logically, Old Yu should be nurtured into an elite under that family circ.u.mstances, but he was the lucky one. Really impressive!

His brother was a true genius. He had graduated from college at age twelve. What he did afterwards was unknown to Yu Xingzhe. In any case, he was doing something awe-inspiring.

His sister was a woman who was not inferior to men. She had become an army commander at a young age, making her Old Man Yu’s favorite. She was a potential successor.

With the two of his siblings taking the lead in front, Yu Xingzhe—the third child in his family—became the youngest child who was pampered by everyone.

Yu Xingzhe had rosy lips and pretty white teeth when he was young, making him look incredibly beautiful. He also had amusing traits, unlike Yu Xinghai who couldn’t be understood by anyone since he was young, or Yu Xingrong who was calm and collected. He was an ordinary child; he could get angry and act spoiled, making him very amusing.

Seeing Yu Xingzhe throwing a tantrum like that, Old Man Yu teased him. Father Yu and Mother Yu also treated him as their darling.

Yu Xinghai and Yu Xingrong also spoiled him, which was why Old Yu was the one who truly grew up being completely pampered and spoiled between the three best friends.

The biggest frustration that Yu Xingzhe ever experienced was probably when he was a soph.o.m.ore. He realized that he had liked his own sworn brother.

The shackles of h.o.m.os.e.xuality was still too heavy for an underage to understand.

Yu Xingzhe went through that year feeling upset. Later, he fled to country F as fast as he could.

After going abroad, the environment, lifestyle, and customs were completely different from when he was still in his hometown. Unfortunately, the discomfort that came one after another couldn’t be solved with money.

Yu Xingzhe always liked to nitpick, thus he was extremely picky when it came to clothing, food, housing, and transport that not even Princess Pea could compare.

Old Yu’s family originated from his hometown, so no one would visit him here. Only after Yu Xingzhe left his parents and families had he realized how pleasant his life had been.

But he wouldn’t return. He didn’t want to see Ye Chen, he absolutely didn’t want to meet him!

Old Yu tried his best to get used to the foreign lifestyle, trying to get used to all of the uncomfortable things.

After barely holding on for more than half a year, Yu Xingzhe lost ten jin of weight.

Yu Xingzhe was only eighteen at that time, yet he had lost so much weight at one go. One could imagine just what kind of life he had gone through.

At the end of the year, Yu Xinghai happened to come to country F, so he visited Yu Xingzhe on the way. He almost thought that Yu Xingzhe was an African refugee from his appearance.

Yu Xingzhe missed his bed at home, the dishes the chef made at home, and the k2018;taste’ of everything in his homeland. As a result, his longing turned him into this wretched look.

Yu Xinghai flicked Yu Xingzhe’s forehead. “Just go back now!”

Yu Xingzhe still wouldn’t surrender. “Don’t wanna!”

Yu Xinghai wished Yu Xingzhe would return and he actually had a lot of ways to make Yu Xingzhe return, but he knew very well about the knot in his little brother’s heart…

Yu Xingzhe liked Ye Chen, but Ye Chen had never thought of him that way. Rather than not being able to even become his friend, it would be better for Yu Xingzhe to hide somewhere else to calm himself down.

After pondering for a while, Yu Xinghai decided to find something for Yu Xingzhe to do.

They were humans, they wouldn’t indulge in flights of fancy if they were busy. They would eat any food, be it tasty or not, if they didn’t want to starve to death.

Yu Xinghai had never been an average person. Others would usually help their younger brother to hunt for a job, that was the extent of what an average person would do commonly.

But Yu Xinghai left Yu Xingzhe with a group of one of the world’s top luxury brands for him to take care of.

Yu Xingzhe was left dumbfounded. “You want me to take over this job? Are you crazy!!!?”

Yu Xinghai said, “When I was your age, I was already—”

Not waiting for him to finish his words, Yu Xingzhe rolled his eyes and interrupted, “You might not be a human, but I am, alright!?” Who could even compare with his brother, the Tom Sue who wouldn’t appear in the story!?

However, Yu Xinghai had made his final decision. “It has been decided. Contact me later if you have any problems.”

f.u.c.k, f.u.c.k, f.u.c.k! Contact your s.h.i.t! You deciding everything one-sidedly is a f.u.c.king big problem, alright!?

Yu Xingzhe yelled ‘Brother!’ for about seven or eight times. Thus, Yu Xinghai thought for a while and said, “Hm… I’ll find an a.s.sistant for you, then…” Then, he continued to talk to himself, “He could be said to be on a holiday, right? Since he had just gotten injured a while back.”

After that, Yu Xingzhe and SUN met.

Honestly speaking, Yu Xingzhe didn’t have a deep impression of SUN at first.

SUN was a handsome mixed-blood man who had the silhouette of a Westerner and the calm demeanor of an Asian.

Generally speaking, SUN was a pretty nice person. Moreover, he looked really handsome when he smiled as if he was carrying a kind of warmth. His personality truly lived up to his name.

Yu Xingzhe knew not even a single thing about managing a company.

Since SUN was the ‘a.s.sistant’ that his brother had chosen for him, he definitely could be trusted. Hence, Old Yu shook SUN’s hand and entrusted everything to him.

After half a month had pa.s.sed, not a single trouble happened. Even though Yu Xingzhe didn’t quite understand the data SUN gave him, it probably wasn’t the time for the company to go bankrupt yet since his brother didn’t come to find him.

Just when Old Yu felt a bit relieved, the annoying days of ‘not eating and sleeping well, feeling uncomfortable here and there’ had started for Yu Xingzhe.

He only got in touch with SUN once a week for a meeting he must attend.

SUN presided over the meeting, but everything he said was incomprehensible to Yu Xingzhe.

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The meeting was always held for a long time. Yu Xingzhe ate nothing in the morning because the croissant didn’t taste good, he only drank a gla.s.s of milk. And now, he was so hungry he became dizzy.

Yu Xingzhe blinked his eyes. “You could cook?”

SUN replied, “Yes.”

Yu Xingzhe pondered for a bit and felt intrigued.

His nitpicking would lessen when he was at home. After all, the environment at home was his favorite. The tablewares were his favorites… Except for the food that didn’t taste good, everything else could more or less be given 80 in score.

Still, Yu Xingzhe promptly replied, “That won’t do, I’ve promised to treat you to a meal.”

SUN said, “That’s alright, I don’t really like to eat out anyway.”

Yu Xingzhe hesitated for a while before he decided to compensate SUN, “Alright then, let’s eat at home. I’ll double your pay for this month!”

SUN chuckled, then replied softly, “Thank you very much.”

With that, Old Yu finally felt at ease.

Actually, Yu Xingzhe didn’t expect a lot at this moment. Cooking was easy to learn, but difficult to master. For instance, there was a certain chef who could cook quality dishes, yet a certain someone didn’t even like them.

Yu Xingzhe had always eaten the food cooked by Old Chen, since the dishes cooked by others would always make him nitpick things he didn’t like about the dish.

Looking at how young SUN was, Yu Xingzhe thought that he was only saying that casually.

In the end, Yu Xingzhe got to taste the most delicious meal he had ever eaten in the whole year!

The dishes smelled, looked, and tasted great. The most important thing was, the variety of dishes were all Yu Xingzhe’s favorites!

Yu Xingzhe looked at the dishes, his eyes filled with astonishment that he was unable to hide. Seeing him acting like that, SUN felt somewhat happy inside his heart. His face always says it all, huh.

Yu Xingzhe sat down, then SUN put the knife and fork in front of him. This arrangement and position was Yu Xingzhe’s favorite habitual arrangement.

Old Yu was astonished. “You’re…awesome!”

SUN asked a question he already knew the answer to, “You haven’t tried the dishes, yet you already praise me?”

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