If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 94 - Side Story (3) - Gu Xi said, “I Teased a Little Dog.”

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Chapter 94 - Side Story (3) – Gu Xi said, “I Teased a Little Dog.”

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This is awkward.

How could Shen Jiaze expect that karma would actually come so soon for him?

According to common sense, Shen Jiaze should dish out an explanation now, something like how he only said that without much thinking to put off the girl, that he didn’t actually like Gu Xi.

But fate was truly a nonsensical thing.

Gu Xi who had come out from the shadow was standing right below a warm, white light.

Gu Xi’s facial features were beautiful. His skin seemed to be glossy because of the light, so delicate that not even his pores could be seen… At this moment, his amorous eyes were perked up and he was smiling faintly. There was something indescribable about his looks that they fell into Shen Jiaze’s heart and made him feel an inexplicable itch at its tip.

Shen Jiaze knew that Gu Xi was deliberately ‘provoking’ him. However, President Shen feared neither Heaven nor earth at this point. Didn’t he himself make it clear that he liked Gu Xi?

Shen Jiaze also smiled. He simply said without thinking logically, “Yes, I like you.”

Gu Xi, “…”

What a bullheaded brat!

How could Gu Xi concede to him at this point? Thus, he decided to execute a killer move. “What a coincidence. I like you, too.”

Shen Jiaze knew very well that Gu Xi was talking nonsense, yet he couldn’t help but clench his fingers into a fist.

Gu Xi himself didn’t know what kind of mentality he had right now. He didn’t even know the boy’s name and everything was still unclear. Nevertheless, seeing the boy’s look made Gu Xi blurted out a series of words, “Since we like each other, why don’t we try dating?”

Shen Jiaze could almost be sure that his heart had stopped beating for a moment. His throat felt tight and parched that his voice sounded a lot lower when he asked, “You want to date me?”

Gu Xi’s eyes were in a curve as he smiled. “Is that alright?”

Shen Jiaze stretched out his hand abruptly, grabbing Gu Xi’s wrist. He questioned Gu Xi closely, “Gu Xi, you want to date me?”

Brother Xi felt a bit terrified at this moment. He didn’t know how to describe it, he somewhat felt that there seemed to be a fireball in the boy’s eyes?

However, he had spoken so much and was already in too deep, he definitely wouldn’t just admit defeat!

Besides, the boy’s look was absolutely Gu Xi’s type. It didn’t matter even if they dated right away, because it wouldn’t be him who would lose out.

Gu Xi completely portrayed what it meant by ‘no zuo no die’. He said, “Yeah, I want to date you.”

Shen Jiaze suddenly tightened his grip and actually made Gu Xi feel a little pained.

The two were looking at each other in the empty meeting venue, waiting for each other to compromise. However, none of them would concede.

After some time had pa.s.sed, Shen Jiaze finally asked, “Do you know my name?”

Gu Xi, “…” Man, I really have no idea.

Shen Jiaze approached Gu Xi, stared right into his eyes, then said with an exceptionally earnest voice, “Shen Jiaze. Gu Xi, my name is Shen Jiaze.”

For some reason, Gu Xi’s heart skipped a beat.

Shen Jiaze left upon saying that.

It took quite a while before Gu Xi collected his thoughts.

He’s very…handsome.

After waking up from a night’s sleep, Gu Xi had nearly forgotten all of the joking matters from yesterday evening. He simply didn’t take the confession and the dating things seriously at all.

However, someone else seemed to have taken it seriously.

Gu Xi had the habit of jogging in the morning. He usually went out to jog at around 6.30 AM. When he came back from his jog, he noticed that someone was standing at his dormitory’s door.

The person was leaning against the wall as he looked down at his cellphone. His posture wasn’t proper, but his figure made him look incredibly fine: broad shoulder, slim waist, and long legs. G.o.d really has his favorite child, huh.

The way he played his cellphone in a bored manner looked very good, as if it was a painting.

Gu Xi called out, “Good morning.”

Shen Jiaze raised his head and immediately saw the man who had just returned from his usual morning jog.

It was a warm spring season at that time, thus Gu Xi’s sportswear was drenched with sweat. It made his already exquisite features become s.e.xier than ever.

Shen Jiaze’s throat felt parched that his voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e when he answered, “Morning.”

Gu Xi asked, “You came to see me?”

Shen Jiaze tried his best to shift his gaze away from Gu Xi’s collarbone. “Mn.”

Gu Xi’s manner was friendly, yet somewhat estranged when he asked, “What’s the matter?”

His cold voice is really… Shen Jiaze felt like the wrath of his inner ‘demon’ rushing into his head. He raised his eyebrows and said, “We’re dating.”

Gu Xi, “…” He still remembers even though it’s a new day?

Shen Jiaze deliberately provoked Gu Xi when he asked, “Why? Was Senior only teasing me yesterday?”

Yeah, I was only teasing you. Gu Xi sneered inside his heart: Doesn’t it look like you’re the one teasing me now instead?

But since it seems like you want to continue ‘playing’, bring it on. Who’s even afraid of you?

Gu Xi said with a smile on his face, “How could I? Things like dating isn’t some trifling matter that I’d just speak thoughtlessly about it.”

Shen Jiaze continued to deliberately say, “In that case, it’s normal for two people who are dating to have breakfast together, right?”

Gu Xi smiled. “Very normal.”

Shen Jiaze’s heart thumped in response to Gu Xi’s smile. He shifted his gaze and said, “I’ll wait for you. You should take a bath and change your clothes first.”

After he said that, Shen Jiaze stepped aside and Gu Xi went to open the door. As their distance grew closer, Shen Jiaze saw Gu Xi’s fair-skinned neck at a glance… His heart thumped so wildly that he couldn’t help but take a step back.

Gu Xi simply thought that it was funny. This boy couldn’t even get used to approaching him, yet he dared to claim that they were dating? Really, what a bullheaded boy! His illness must be cured.

Gu Xi opened the dormitory door. He stayed in a single room, so it was pretty convenient for him to tidy things up. The room didn’t look like most boys’ dormitory rooms at all.

Once Shen Jiaze had gotten inside, he was immediately astonished.

The university dormitory forbade housekeeping staff to go in and out as they please. One had to rely on themselves to clean their own rooms.

Shen Jiaze’s mother donated the school building, thus the school’s administrator authorized a dormitory administrator to clean Shen Jiaze’s dormitory.

Most mothers wouldn’t go above and beyond like Shen Jiaze’s mom…uh…well. Hence, Shen Jiaze believed that Gu Xi had cleaned and taken care of his dormitory’s cleanliness by himself.

Shen Jiaze knew Gu Xi’s family background well. Logically, he shouldn’t have known how to do housework ch.o.r.es.

But then again, knowing how to do housework ch.o.r.es had nothing to do with family background. There were many students who were boarding at school; some came from a well-to-do family, but most came from an ordinary family. Nevertheless, the number of boys who didn’t know how to clean up accounted for more than 90% of them.

After entering the room, Gu Xi said, “Sit wherever you want. I’ll take a bath first.”

Shen Jiaze responded with a grunt. He couldn’t help but look around for a while.

Gu Xi turned around and went inside the bathroom.

Shen Jiaze sat down in front of the table. He could more or less see Gu Xi’s character by looking at it.

The table was neat and organized. This showed that Gu Xi was probably a little bit of a neat freak

Shen Jiaze took a look at the books which were properly sorted according to the t.i.tle and number of pages. Noticing that, he couldn’t help but find it quite funny.

Moreover, there was a notebook on the left side of the desk. Looking closely, the book was placed in perfect parallel to the desk.

Shen Jiaze decided to take back his thoughts. He isn’t a little bit of a neat freak, he’s a major neat freak.

The sound of water could be heard from the bathroom. Not long after, Gu Xi came out. He was wearing a bathrobe, drying his hair with a towel.

Shen Jiaze turned his head to look at Gu Xi. In the end, he became stiff all over, he turned his head around again stiffly.

Gu Xi, “I have to change.”

Shen Jiaze, “…”

Gu Xi said again, “How about you go out for a bit?”

Shen Jiaze asked, “It’s alright, no? Aren’t we dating?”

Gu Xi laughed. “That’s true.”

After finishing his words, Gu Xi took off his bathrobe. He was only wearing black briefs underneath!

Shen Jiaze didn’t look sideways. He focused himself on counting the number of the books on the desk carefully and seriously.

Gu Xi thought: Looking at me won’t gross you out to death.

Gu Xi turned around and looked for clothes in the wardrobe.

Shen Jiaze really didn’t mean to take a peek, but there was a small mirror on the desk. As it turned out, the mirror reflected…

Gu Xi’s back was glossy and fair-skinned. He had a beautiful figure, probably because he exercised regularly. His waist was slender, but not feeble. His gorgeous back dimples were almost not covered by his black briefs…

The tip of Shen Jiaze’s nose grew hot. Then, he suddenly got up.

Gu Xi was startled by Shen Jiaze’s sudden movement. “What’s wrong?”

Shen Jiaze responded with a m.u.f.fled voice, “I have to go out to answer the phone!”

Afterwards, he rushed out to the door with big strides.

Gu Xi laughed joyfully and thought: I’d like to see how long you’re going to be c.o.c.ky! Dating? What a naïve straight guy.

He thought that Shen Jiaze went out because he was grossed out, but Shen Jiaze actually went out to stop his bleeding…

Shen Jiaze turned on the tap, splashing water onto his face before he finally calmed down a long time later.

The impact of that scene was truly too extreme. It was hard for a young and vigorous youngster like him to control himself after seeing that.

Again, Shen Jiaze knew that Gu Xi was teasing him and that he didn’t take things like dating seriously.

He didn’t take it seriously, either, but he wouldn’t concede no matter what. It’s just…just…

Shen Jiaze closed his eyes. All that he had in his mind was Gu Xi.

Naturally, the two didn’t get to eat the first breakfast after they were ‘dating’.

Still, Gu Xi was in a good mood after what happened. Ye Chen asked him, “What are you being so happy for early in this morning? Did something good happen?”

Gu Xi said, “I teased a little dog.”

How would Ye Chen understand what he meant? He thought that it was a real dog, thus his eyes immediately brightened up. “Where did you find it? You aren’t quietly keeping it in your dormitory, are you? Take me to look at it!”

Gu Xi smiled. “I didn’t dare keep him.”

Ye Chen thought for a while, then said, “Right, you live at school, after all.”

Gu Xi shook his head. “Nah… I’m just afraid he’ll bite me.”

Ye Chen was confused. He said after a while, “It’s a fierce one, huh.”

Gu Xi shot a glance at him. “Come on now, finish your meal.”

After finishing a spoonful of congee, Brother Chen even told Gu Xi considerately, “If you want to keep a pet, you must vaccinate it. Especially the rabies.”

Gu Xi couldn’t hold back anymore and burst out a rare laughter.

Ye Chen was even more confused. What’s going on? What he said was serious, what was so funny about them?

Gu Xi was in a good mood all day long. He wore a friendly look when he went to the student council that the administrators were discussing it spiritedly—His Majesty was in a cheerful mood today. Which lady had done good deeds?

Lady Shen…uh, nope…it was Shen Jiaze. He didn’t dare to provoke Gu Xi for the whole day. When night came, he tossed about in bed, unable to fall asleep for a long time.

I can’t accept it.

I can’t accept that I lose just like that!

The word ‘lose’ didn’t exist in Shen Jiaze’s book!

The next day, Gu Xi was about to go out for a morning jog when he saw Shen Jiaze.

Shen Jiaze was also wearing sportswear. He asked earnestly, “Let’s go together?”

Gu Xi smiled. “Sure.”

The scenery of the two jogging in the morning was especially wonderful.

On their way, they pa.s.sed through an open s.p.a.ce. There were a few people playing ball. It was unclear who was not being cautious, but a basketball suddenly flew straight to Gu Xi.

Shen Jiaze immediately caught the ball with one hand before it hit Gu Xi. He suddenly became furious. “Look where you’re throwing!” Afterwards, he threw the ball back to the person who had thrown the ball at Gu Xi.

What was impressive was that his aim was precise. That person shouted ‘ow’ and crouched down while covering his face. His comrades became angry because of that. “What the h.e.l.l are you doing!?”

Shen Jiaze squinted his eyes. One of the people in that group recognized him, so he promptly grabbed the person who had yelled at Shen Jiaze and told him something in whispers.

Even though he had been in the university for only a year, it was obvious that Shen Jiaze was quite infamous. When the group learned who he was, they behaved themselves and left. They were in the wrong, after all. This s.p.a.ce wasn’t a place to play ball. And if they created troubles, they were the ones who would get the worst of it.

Gu Xi teased Shen Jiaze, “You’re pretty impressive, huh.”

Shen Jiaze was still angry, “If that ball hits you, your face will be swollen.” Especially since you looked so dainty and lovely!

Gu Xi’s heart warmed up. “Thanks.”

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Great Young Master Shen, who initially had an ‘impressive bearing’, had his face suddenly feel somewhat burned after being thanked by someone. He didn’t look away and simply said indifferently, “What’s there to thank?”

Gu Xi eventually explained to Ye Chen about everything that had happened from beginning to end.

Hearing Gu Xi’s explanations, Ye Chen was flabbergasted. “You two…are really…something…”

Gu Xi, “I’d like to see how long he could hold on.”

Ye Chen went silent. After staring at the book for a while, he approached Gu Xi and asked again, “You think he’s competing with you?”

Gu Xi, “Otherwise?” Shen Jiaze was hot-tempered, and that was why Gu Xi loved to tease him most.

Ye Chen kept silent. A long time later, however, he couldn’t help but say, “I don’t understand you two.”

Gu Xi asked, “What made you think so?”

Ye Chen put himself in Shen Jiaze’s shoes and thought for a while before saying, “No matter how I see it, it’d be impossible for me. Getting up at six to accompany you on a morning jog; waiting for you to have a meal together on time everyday; learning what you like to eat, the places you frequented, and what you like to do; all of them just to compete with you…”

Gu Xi was struck dumb by Ye Chen’s words.

Ye Chen shook his head. “I won’t be able to do it. Let alone the other thing, thinking about having to get up at six is enough to make me give up.”

After speaking for a while, Ye Chen himself still couldn’t figure out the reason, but Gu Xi had come to a realization.

The spectators see the chess game better than the players. Even though Ye Chen didn’t explain it in full detail, his words were enough to cause Gu Xi to have a sudden realization.

Gu Xi realized that…Shen Jiaze might have probably…

This doesn’t look good!

Gu Xi immediately had alarm bells ringing in his head. He suddenly sobered up.

Competing and playing with each other were alright, but being serious was a no-go.

Gu Xi thought about it throughout the lesson. The more he thought of it, the more he realized that he had messed up.

Shen Jiaze had been continuously accompanying Gu Xi for morning jogs for a month. This kind of thing…wasn’t something that anyone would be able to do for so long.

Although one could see that Shen Jiaze must have exercised regularly, it was different from a morning jog. Most people could get into the habit of running, that was true, but not everyone could get past the hurdle of getting up early.

Nevertheless, Shen Jiaze had been waiting for Gu Xi outside the door on time every morning.

Gu Xi began to feel that Shen Jiaze might have taken this ‘game’ seriously.

Did Shen Jiaze truly like him?

Gu Xi didn’t feel like provoking Shen Jiaze anymore.

The reason was no other but Shen Jiaze’s family.

Even though Gu Xi was originally not straight, he wouldn’t cause trouble out of nowhere. He simply wanted to find someone he liked and be faithful to him to the end. As a result, he would consider a lot of things if he wanted to date someone seriously.

Gu Xi’s own family was already a large ‘barrier’ for him, he didn’t want to add more problems by getting involved with the Shen Family.

This was getting out of hand. The obstacles that came from one’s family really could drive someone crazy.

Gu Xi wouldn’t take the risks if he didn’t intend to be serious in love.

Shen Jiaze was really amusing, but that was it; Gu Xi mustn’t be in a serious relationship with him. The future would be a b.u.mpy road ahead if they did. Gu Xi wouldn’t ruin his own life.

Gu Xi was someone who would quickly act on what he had decided, thus, he began to alienate Shen Jiaze.

He felt a bit unaccustomed to it, but it was still not too late now. This would be the best for both of them.

When he went for his morning jog, Gu Xi would deliberately go out earlier. He would even use another jogging route, completely avoiding Shen Jiaze.

Gu Xi unexpectedly felt somewhat lonely now that he had suddenly returned to jogging by himself.

Gu Xi took a bath, then ate breakfast. Ye Chen glanced around, resulting in Gu Xi asking him, “What are you looking at?”

“Where’s Shen Jiaze?”

Gu Xi replied, “I don’t feel like teasing him anymore.”

Ye Chen was confused. “Did you two…break up?”

Gu Xi, “What break up? I was only teasing him.”

Ye Chen, “You two are really…impressive…”

Hearing his words, Gu Xi inexplicably felt a bit distressed. “Eat your meal!”

Shen Jiaze didn’t show up until evening.

Gu Xi felt relieved yet upset at the same time.

He must’ve been overthinking. There was no way Shen Jiaze would like him.

In fact… Gu Xi was suddenly aware that they had actually not exchanged numbers even though they had been ‘together’ for a month.

Which was why, he must have overthought it.

Gu Xi had a sleepless night, rolling on his bed all night.

In the end, Shen Jiaze didn’t come to look for him even after two days had pa.s.sed.

Gu Xi lived his life like usual. He looked relaxed but felt extremely restless inside his heart.

On the weekend, Gu Xi’s cousin pestered him to go window-shopping with her.

Gu Xi didn’t exactly feel good staying at home, so he agreed to go out with her.

After strolling around for a while, Gu Xi was nearly tired to death. His cousin said, “Alright, alright, let’s rest for a while. I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee.”

Gu Xi needed a rest, indeed.

Hence, the two went to a café together. Just as they sat down, a low and cold voice could be heard, “Gu Xi!”

Gu Xi turned his head and saw Shen Jiaze. He also noticed his arm that was put in a cast…

What happened to his arm? I didn’t see him for only a few days, yet it was broken?

Gu Xi was worried, wanting to ask what had happened to Shen Jiaze.

However, Shen Jiaze had beaten him to it. He got up and approached Gu Xi with large strides.

It was dreadfully intimidating when tall people like him looked down on people like this.

Gu Xi’s cousin felt inexplicably diffident, she didn’t even know why.

Shen Jiaze looked at them, then asked with a cold voice, “Who is she?”

Gu Xi spoke at almost the same time with Shen Jiaze, “What happened to your arm?”

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