If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch90 - A Married Son is Like Spilt Water.

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Chapter Ch90 - A Married Son is Like Spilt Water.

Editor: Amaris

Ye Chen felt really ashamed. He said, “H…How could that be…”

Once he uttered them out, Gu Xi felt that he was a fool for blurting out toxic words out of habit. He even responded to his own words, that was truly too stupid of him.

Gu Xi didn’t feel like ridiculing Ye Chen anymore. He went inside the room and looked around. “Where’s Ren Jing?”

Ye Chen replied, “He has gone to work!”

Gu Xi understood instantly. “You slept until now?”

Ye Chen scratched his head in embarra.s.sment.

Gu Xi felt resentful towards Ye Chen for failing to meet his expectations. “You didn’t let him do as he pleases in the early morning, did you?”

Ye Chen gave a hollow laugh. “I didn’t…” In fact, it was him who had seduced Ren Jing.

Gu Xi still felt resentful. “I thought Ren Jing is a reasonable person, but turns out he’s the inconsiderate one!”

His words had really accused Ren Jing wrongly. Ye Chen couldn’t help but say, “He’s always very thoughtful.”

Gu Xi glanced at him. “Are you saying that on his behalf?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Gu Xi was enraged. “A married son is like spilt water. The ancestors’ words truly didn’t deceive me!”

Ye Chen knew that he was in the wrong, but Gu Xi’s words just now were roasting him a bit too much. He said in a low voice, “That’s not really what the ancestors had said.”

Gu Xi poked him on his back.

Ye Chen instantly exclaimed in pain. His back felt so sore he nearly collapsed.

Gu Xi snorted. “You’re still young and ignorant. You’ll regret it when you’re old.”

As one who had been through a lot of experiences, his words were really…too hard to explain in a few words.

Ye Chen would definitely make fun of him if Gu Xi and Shen Jiaze had been together again, but their current status was still unknown so he didn’t dare to say much.

Gu Xi simply came to check on him. After he drank the throat-soothing tea, he clicked his tongue. “Your Ren Jing is really devoted.”


Ye Chen suddenly felt that his words were particularly interesting. He hurriedly stated, “He truly is. He could cook porridge and prepare dishes, he’s proficient in everything. He’s also thoughtful and considerate, I only need to stretch out my hand and he would immediately know what I want to do…”

After blabbering for a while, Ye Chen realized that he seemed to have said a bit too much.

This feeling of desperately wanting to show his husband off would actually be quite annoying for others.

Ye Chen looked embarra.s.sed. He originally thought he would see Gu Xi’s disdainful sight, but unexpectedly, Gu Xi’s eyes were filled with the glimmer of a smile. His expression was warm and gentle.

Ye Chen was startled. A warm feeling engulfed his heart in a split second.

Gu Xi…felt happy for him.

If he was an ordinary friend, he would probably get tired of Ye Chen for being long-winded and constantly spreading sweetness all over. However, Gu Xi who wholeheartedly wished the best for him felt delighted instead. Ye Chen’s happiness would be ‘contagious’ for him, because he would also feel happy when the person he cared about was happy.

Gu Xi noticed Ye Chen’s sight on him. He hurriedly adjusted the expression on his face to show a ‘disdainful’ look, then said, “Alright, alright, your Ren Jing is amazing. You’ve obtained a treasure, congratulations.”

This tone of speaking was undoubtedly Gu Xi’s, but Ye Chen wasn’t angry at all. He felt very warm inside his heart instead.

His parents, lover, and friends…Ye Chen could only wish that everything could remain like this for all of his life.

Ye Chen asked Gu Xi, “Let’s have dinner together?”

Gu Xi replied, “No.” Who even wants to be an unwanted third guest!?

After pondering for a moment, Ye Chen eventually asked, “Is Shen Jiaze…still driving you around?”

Gu Xi, “Who even needs him?”

Ye Chen hesitated for a while before asking, “Are you two…”

Gu Xi wasn’t Ye Chen, he always had his own strong views. He raised his hand and said, “No need to worry about nothing. You should think about the movie shooting.”

Seeing that Gu Xi didn’t want to talk about it, Ye Chen immediately changed the topic, “Alright, I’ll definitely go to the shooting site to report tomorrow.”

Gu Xi didn’t stay for long, he had his hands full after all.

Among the three best friends, even though Yu Xingzhe ran the largest number of businesses with great successes, Gu Xi was actually the one who was the most dedicated to his work.

No need to talk about Ye Chen, he was the only one with zero ambition.

In the first place, most of Yu Xingzhe’s ‘accomplishments’ were established by SUN.

On the other hand, Gu Xi had relied on himself to achieve success. He had put in a lot of hard work in order to achieve great success at such a young age.

Not long after Gu Xi left, Ren Jing returned.

Ye Chen chatted with him for a while, then the two went to have a meal.

They didn’t do anything tonight, of course… If they did, Brother Chen would go on a strike soon!

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The next day early in the morning, Ye Chen’s body had mostly recovered, so he shouldn’t have any problem going to the shooting site.

Hearing his question, Zhan Chen was at a loss. However, he was still feeling happy and asked, “Would you like to have dinner together?”

It was at this moment that Zhan Chen’s heart truly felt like it was picked up, dropped, and smashed into pieces by Yan Han.

Yan Han, “I have kept my promise and done it with you. Why did you come to find me again?”

Zhan Chen was in a daze. “Wh-what do you mean?”

Yan Han’s voice was extremely cold when he said, “You don’t even remember your own words?”

Zhan Chen went pale. “I…I…”

Yan Han stared at him with an expressionless face. “I’m engaged and will get married soon. Can you stop pestering me?”

“Engaged?” Zhan Chen suddenly opened his eyes wide. “You…You’re engaged?”

Yan Han replied, “Yes.”

It was just a single word, yet it was enough to push Zhan Chen into the abyss.

After reading the script, Ye Chen was confused.

He glanced at Ren Jing and asked for his help. “How should I act out this part?”

Being at a loss, in a daze, looking pale, confused, and in the end…falling apart!

Brother Chen probably needed to search the dictionary for the meaning of these words.

Ren Jing began to mindlessly pamper his ‘wife’ again. “Why don’t we change the script?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Movie King Ren said earnestly, “Basically, Yan Han wasn’t actually engaged, he just said it to deliberately provoke Zhan Chen. It would be better for them to talk now instead of finding the truth only when they meet again four years later. They like each other after all, so they should face the difficulties together. What’s the use of constantly avoiding each other like this?”

What you said is reasonable! Well, if they changed the script according to what Movie King Ren said, did they even need to keep shooting the movie!?

Fortunately, Ye Chen knew his own mind and didn’t want to be ‘spoiled’ this time.

He said, “I’ll try it!”

Brother Chen folded his hand into a fist and said, “I feel like my acting skills could still be improved.”

Who even gave Ye Chen such confidence? It was no other but Director Li!

The author has something to say:

Hahaha, in a sense, Director Li is a talent scout!

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