If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine

What he never thought would happen, what he could not even think would happen, happened!

Right in front of him, but not to him!

He's so angry that he could not keep his smile!

Gu Xi was still saying: "This action is actually very difficult. First of all, Ren Jing, you can’t show a tired look. Du Ke Shi, you have to look at him with trust but you’re also very surprised. When you look at each other, Ren Jing, you should give her a look of pampering. Du Ke Shi, your complexion must look a bit reddish…”

After he said a bunch, Duke smiled and said: “This…I don't think I can do it.”

Gu Xi said: “No problem! Believe in Ren Jing!” This action is more difficult for the man, the woman, well, as long as there is a surprise, shy, and affectionate appearance.

Du Ke Shi said: “I don't trust my self…”

Gu Xi was puzzled.

Du Ke Shi finished what she was saying: “I recently gained a lot of weight … Ren Jing, can he really lift me up?"

Gu Xi didn't believe the mouth of the actress. Saying she was fat, 0.0001 kilograms are also in the fat category? It’s like who hasn’t had a hundred and eighty!

He waved his hand and said: “Nothing, it's okay, Ren Jing’s physical strength is very good, this I know.”

After he finished this, many people looked at him. Gu Xi also responded: He is gay and has long been out of the closet, so what he said easily affected people’s crooked minds.

He continued: “Do not think much, ah, I have seen a few films of Ren Jing before, to know him, after all, to find a male lead, one must be appropriate for the job.”

Saying Gu Xi added another sentence: “Again, Ren Jing is a straight man. I will not hit straight men.”

Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is thinking: What are you looking at, you straight b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He glared at him.

He is so fierce, Ren Jing was full of laughter. He hasn't started the scene yet and he was already enticing. Du Ke Shi, who was near him, was afraid to look at him directly!


They started the scene, but it was a pity that the man who was doing the lifting did not lift the person who urgently needed to be lifted.

Ye Chen looked at him resentfully. The envy and hate in his eyes are too obvious.

Gu Xi’s too immersed in shooting and could not extricate his self, otherwise, he would find the face of the “bitter woman” beside him.

Gu Xi did not find out but Ren Jing could see clearly.

He found that Ye Chen was jealous, and his heart was filled with sweetness. Because there was emotion brought in, the teaser was taken very smoothly; it was successful after two or three times.

Du Ke Shi was still slightly red, she unconsciously played and was completely taken by Ren Jing to the role, as if she really returned to the age of seventeen or eighteen, met his young husband, and he… stop. When her husband was eighteen years old, he was a white cold chicken. Holding her took time, don't even mention lifting up!

Gu Xi looked at the photos and was very happy: “It’s so beautiful! It’s so perfect!”

Ye Chen looked over and saw it, he became sour and angry: “Insincere!”

Gu Xi smiled at him: “Your acting skills are insincere.”

Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing’s eyes as if they had twinkling stars, he inexplicably shivered, his mouth deepened: “With Ren Jing’s acting skills, I am afraid his future wife will be cheated to death!”

Gu Xi patted him: “Don’t eat grapes and say that the grapes are sour." He only thought that Ye Chen was jealous of Ren Jing's acting skills, not knowing that Ye Chen was actually jealous of being held high.

He also wants to be held high QAQ!

Death System: “Friendship reminder, there are five minutes left.”

Ye Chen frowned and his mood was very low.

The death system said: “That was a good opportunity. Why didn’t you jump on it?”

Ye Chen sneered: “What did you want me to do? Get the script, act as the heroine, and then go to the pinnacle of life?”

Death system: “Oh, what you think is really far!”

Ye Chen: “…”

There are five minutes left, and there is only one way for the Ye Chen.

Cheat Ren Jing, force him to lift him up.

Afterwards? Ren Jing would think that he was a fool and avoid him thousands of miles from then on. His follow-up mission will also be a dead end.

After he dies, Ye Chen must be happy to fly, but what about his parents?

There is his Grandfather, too…

Although he always let him down, but he also do not want his *white hair to send black hair. (elderly people sending younger people to the grave)

Ye Chen's whole body was covered in dark clouds, hiding in the corner and looking pitiful.

Xiao Liu gave him a gla.s.s of water. Ye Chen shook his head and then thought that it might be his last gla.s.s of water. He took it and drank it.

The death system is very quiet.

In fact, Ye Chen does not blame him.

No, he had already died long ago. How mysterious is this coming back from the dead?

Although death system made him do all that he did, compared to life, these things are not too much for him.

It’s just that he did not make any progress… yeah, he’s always been very unpromising.

Ye Chen was seriously lost. Then he suddenly felt like he wanted to pee. If he knew it earlier, he wouldn't drink that gla.s.s of water. Will he finally die in the toilet, would he be disgraced?

Think of it here, Ye Chen rushed to get up, 'thump thump thump' he ran to the bathroom, he must dare to solve the physiological problems before 9:55.

He went out and Ren Jing followed.

He had been watching Ye Chen, and it was a distressing experience to see him easily cry.

It was just a trial if he would *eat vinegar. (be jealous)

From now on… Well, Ren Jing planned the future of his 'man' without permission. If Ye Chen doesn't like it, he can retreat behind the scenes.

There are only two minutes left.

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After Ye Chen solved the problem and came out, he suddenly b.u.mped into Ren Jing.

Ren Jing did not say anything.

Ye Chen was nervous and worried all day and only wanted to go back and sleep. He said, “I also have something!”

Ren Jing then said: “Since there is something, then another day to get together again.”

Gu Xi also just casually asked, so said: “OK, then…”

At this moment, the voice of the death system sounded in the head of Ye Chen: "Friendship reminders, weekly missions: stay with Ren Jing for eight hours" have completed 43%."

Ye Chen: “!!!”

He almost forgot about this!

Yes, at 7:30 in the morning, he met with Ren Jing and continued until eleven o’clock. The three and a half hours divided by eight hours. Uh… It should be 43%!

With only four and a half hours left, he can complete the task!

He deeply regrets. Ye Chen's intestines turned green. Why did you have to refuse a meal? If you eat together, you will certainly be able to smash at least two hours!

For a moment, Ye Chen felt that he had lost 100 million life points.

How to remedy this?

After today’s life and death, Ye Chen knows that having a life point deposit is essential!

If he had one, he wouldn’t have to complete a task before 9:55. He could drag it until night, even before 9.55am tomorrow. Because he will have a secured point, as long as his life point is not lower than one, he will not die!

There are so many things that can be done in a full 24 hours. It will certainly not be as 'desperate' like today.

Ye Chen made up his mind, and even today it is hard to get together for four and a half hours.

Gu Xi asked Ye Chen if they would like to eat together, and Ye Chen found a reason to push.

Gu Xi didn’t think too much, greeted the staff to dine, and in the afternoon he was very busy.

Ye Chen lingered for a while. He saw Ren Jing going to the elevator and hurried to follow him up.

In the enclosed elevator s.p.a.ce, four people stood.

Ren Jing, Ye Chen, and their a.s.sistants Yang Sen and Xiao Liu.

Ye Chen was tangled for a very long time and cannot open his mouth.

Ren Jing asked him: “Where do you eat at noon?”

Ye Chen asked him: “What about you?”

Ren Jing said: “Go to Lan Ting.”

Ye Chen quickly said: “What a coincidence! I also booked a table at Lan Ting!”


That ‘dying in the toilet’ made me remember the death scene of a certain character in Game of Thrones. LOL He died while sitting in the throne. How disgraceful. LOLOL

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