If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch89 - Daily Mission: No Problem

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Chapter Ch89 - Daily Mission: No Problem

Slight NSFW at some parts, please check your surroundings before reading! You’ve been warned~

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He would like it indeed. After all, the missions came from Ren Jing’s subconscious.

Could it be that Ren Jing wasn’t satisfied? They had done this and that last night, yet it still was not enough?

Ye Chen felt that…their x.x.x life would probably be not harmonious anymore soon!

Death System put on an act. “Ren Jing is such a pitiful man. He loves you so much that he would throw away his life, yet in the end…you can’t even fulfill such a tiny request… Tsk, tsk, to compare oneself with others is truly…”

Ye Chen suddenly felt a stab in his heart. “Wh-who isn’t fulfilling him!?”

Death System said, “If he’s fulfilled, would he have that subconscious wish?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System should be called a Scheming Pimp System instead. It said again, “You don’t always have to count on Ren Jing to take the initiative. A person’s subconscious and conduct wouldn’t be the same, there are a lot of things he keeps in his mind that he wouldn’t do. Ren Jing treats you as his precious darling, how would he be willing to let you suffer pain? Therefore, he would immediately stop when he sees that you’re already tired, even though he might not be satisfied yet.”

“Think about it carefully. When you two did it, didn’t Ren Jing always consider how you were feeling?”

Ye Chen had doubt all over his face. “You’re peeking at us!”

Death System rolled its eyes. “Laozi could guess it right even without looking!”

After thinking about it for a moment, Ye Chen noticed that it did seem true…

When the two…, even though he was very tired, he felt really comfortable. He hadn’t really considered if Ren Jing was satisfied or not… Whenever Ye Chen couldn’t bear it anymore, he’d start to shout for Ren Jing to stop, shouting again and again… By the time he truly wanted to stop, Ren Jing would promptly stop.

Ye Chen felt really ashamed. “I’ll pay attention to it in the future.”

Death System said, “The chance is right before your eyes, climb on him now, young man.”

Ye Chen blushed as he exclaimed, “p.i.s.s off!”

Even though he made the system hightail it, Ye Chen was a bit convinced by its lousy idea.

The mission would definitely have to be done. But if he did it at night, he surely wouldn’t be able to get out of bed the next day. If he couldn’t get out of bed, there was no way he could go to the shooting site. If he couldn’t catch up with the shooting progress, Director Li would probably come over to ‘visit a sick person’. If that happened, th-that would be too awkward!

So the best choice for him was to do…do the mission right now!

But it’s so embarra.s.singgggg!

He squeezed the pillow, then turned over a few times, messing his hair up. Together with his rosy cheek and steamy eyes, he looked so alluring that Ren Jing nearly dropped the cup he was holding.

Ren Jing calmed himself down before saying, “You’re awake?”

Ye Chen thought of sitting up, but his b.u.t.t immediately hurt as he did so. He laid on his stomach again, resting his chin on the pillow as he blinked pitifully.

Ren Jing’s heart instantly turned into water at this moment. He said softly, “Drink something first.”

As he said so, he put the cup on the coffee table. Afterwards, he went to the bedside and bent down to lift Ye Chen up.

Ye Chen said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “I could manage by myself…”

Ren Jing frowned. “Don’t talk for now, your throat would feel uncomfortable.”

Ye Chen pursed his lips, then obediently nestled against Ren Jing’s arms.

Ren Jing put him on the sofa. He even considerately put a soft cushion for him. This way, his b.u.t.t didn’t hurt anymore! Ye Chen had happiness written all over his face.

Ren Jing pa.s.sed the water to the corner of his mouth. Ye Chen felt like if he kept on being like this, he would become a huge baby soon…

He promptly took the water and said, “I’ll do it.”

After taking a sip, Ye Chen was so amazed his eyes were opened wide. “It-It’s tasty.” It isn’t ordinary water!

Ren Jing smiled. “Drink it up, it’s good for your throat.”

Thinking back on the noises he made last night, Ye Chen suddenly couldn’t lift his head up.

At that time, Ren Jing had reminded him, “Keep your voice down, else your voice will become hoa.r.s.e.”

How could Ye Chen listen to him? Well, as a result…

Ahhhh, it’s too embarra.s.sing to recall!

After drinking some warm tea to soothe his throat, Ye Chen already felt much more comfortable.

Ren Jing told him, “The congee will take a while to cook.”

Ye Chen said, “I’m not hungry yet.”

Ren Jing was afraid that Ye Chen would be bored, thus he suggested, “How about playing some games?”

Just when Ye Chen was about to say yes, Death System reminded him, “Mission, mission, mission!”

Ye Chen’s heart trembled. He truly had no idea if he was nervous or whatever else…

Death System advised him, “You don’t need to say anything. Just kiss him, strip him off, then…oh my, sofa play sounds like a great idea!”

Ye Chen brushed it away like he was brushing away a fly, “Go away now!”

Doing it on the sofa would seem too thirsty of him. Ye Chen felt that he had to be a bit more reserved.

After racking his brain for a long time, he eventually resisted the temptation and said instead, “I want to take a bath.”

Ren Jing said, “I’ve helped you bathe last night.”

Ye Chen summoned up his courage. “I…I want to soak in the bath.”

How would Ren Jing know that his pure and adorable Big Darling was actually seducing him? He simply thought that Ye Chen really wanted to soak in the bath.

Hence, Ren Jing got up and said, “Sounds good. Having a hot bath is good to relieve tiredness. I’ll draw the water for you.”

Ye Chen sat down nervously as he waited for a long time.

Death System praised him, “This is good, too. Bathroom play is pretty thrilling as well.”

Ye Chen, “If you don’t get out of my sight, I won’t do the mission anymore!”

Death System was afraid that Ye Chen would be ashamed into anger, thus it hurriedly said, “Alright, alright, I’ll put up the shielding. Is it still no good even with the shielding on?”

After Death System bugged off, Ye Chen took a few deep breaths to summon his courage up!

Once he finished drawing the water, Ren Jing called Ye Chen, “Come here.”

Ye Chen suddenly got up. He kept telling himself that he had to be brave, he was a man, there was nothing he needed to be scared of. He simply needed to ‘climb’ on Ren Jing, that was all!

Ye Chen was dressed in silky pajamas. His pants were pretty loose, thus he took them off in no time. He wasn’t wearing anything under them. The pajama top wasn’t long, so it could barely cover his b.u.t.t.

Ye Chen moved towards the bathroom while dressed as such. Ren Jing turned the faucet off then got up, only to see Ye Chen’s straight and fair-skinned legs.

Ren Jing felt a buzz in his head. His big member had already perked up to ‘give a salute’.

Ye Chen pretended to be calm and collected, but his face had actually become thoroughly red! He silently mouthed ‘be brave, be brave, I must be brave’ to himself a hundred times!

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Afterwards, he unb.u.t.toned and took off the pajama top.

As the saying goes, ‘comparisons are odious’.

Ren Jing undoubtedly had just ‘worked hard’, yet he was in high spirits, not tired at all. He could still get dressed neatly to go out and hold a meeting, sign a pile of doc.u.ments, and handle a lot of work. His efficiency was astonishing.

How to explain this? Probably by using the idiom Xiao Liu had mentioned—as pleased as Punch!

Big Brother Yang and the young aides sent a bunch of weeping emojis in their group.

What were they crying for?

They were crying tears of joy as if they were crying for their fathers, of course!

What did it mean by ‘after suffering comes happiness’? No one understood it better than them.

Ren Jing’s ten years of infatuation (the a.s.sistants didn’t know about the things that happened when they were young) had finally been reciprocated. They felt extremely moved!

When Ye Chen woke up, his lover was not at his side.

Death System said, “Your husband has gone to earn money to support you.”

Ye Chen, “…”

He was already used to Death System’s trash talk. To translate its words, it meant: Ren Jing has already gone to work.

Ye Chen tried to move, but his back immediately ached so much that his eyes became tearful. He ma.s.saged his back slowly as he asked, “Is he not tired?”

Death System thought inside its heart: Tired? He probably still wants to ‘fight’ for 300 more rounds. What do you think is the reason he has been working so hard for fourteen years?

But certainly, it didn’t say it out loud. It simply said, “You want him to accompany you when you’re awake. If he didn’t take the opportunity to work when you’re asleep, when will he be able to?”

Ye Chen felt so pleasantly sweet inside his heart. He said some hypocritical words, “How would he be able to accompany me everyday? I won’t disturb his work.”

Death System felt its tooth aching. It didn’t feel like talking to Ye Chen anymore.

Ye Chen got out of bed and went to find water to drink. He noticed that there was still some throat-soothing tea left. It seemed that Ren Jing had put it into a thermos cup for him. The temperature and the taste were just right, how wonderful!

Ye Chen drank the tea joyfully.

He got dressed and intended to find something to do to kill time.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Has Ren Jing returned? No, this was Ren Jing’s room. He could immediately swipe his card and come in when he returned.

Who is it?

Ye Chen slowly went to the door. When he peeked through the peephole, he saw a demon wearing a gloomy face outside.

Eh… It’s Gu Xi!

Ye Chen promptly opened the door. He spoke first, “Brother Xi—”

Before he had the chance to finish saying his greetings, Gu Xi rolled his eyes and said, “You’re not dead yet, huh.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Gu Xi said, “I thought you have died from excessive x.x.x!”

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