If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch88 - I Can't Do Without You

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Chapter Ch88 - I Can’t Do Without You

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After managing to coax Queen Mother and imploring his family over and over again not to spill the beans, Ye Chen hurriedly slipped away.

After getting in the car, Ye Chen sent a message to Ren Jing: [Where are you?]

Ren Jing replied: [In the hotel.]

How did he return so quickly? He couldn’t have been waiting this whole time, right?

Ye Chen replied as he beamed. [I’ll be right there.]

The chat screen always showed that the other person was typing…but he didn’t ask for the news even though “Typing…” had been flashing repeatedly for a while.

Ye Chen could almost imagine Ren Jing’s hesitation. He probably wanted to ask but didn’t dare to?

He couldn’t help but want to give Ren Jing a call. In the end, his cellphone rang first.

This must be the legendary ‘lovers’ telepathy’ people were talking about!

Hehehe. Ye Chen giggled first before answering the call.

Ren Jing’s voice sounded through the microphone, “…Are you already on the way?”

Ye Chen wanted to tease him a little. For instance, pretending that his parents had expelled him out of the house and the like. But he was afraid that Ren Jing would be anxious, so he promptly said instead, “Mm-hmm, I’ll be at the hotel soon.”

Ren Jing paused for a moment before finally asking, “Did Uncle and Auntie…”

Ye Chen said, “Let’s talk about it face to face!”

Hearing Ye Chen’s lively voice, Ren Jing couldn’t help feeling slightly relieved. Certainly, he never believed that he would be accepted. Still, taking this first step was already a great progress.

Ye Chen already hung up the call, but Ren Jing was still staring at the cellphone in his hand for a while. His anxious heart finally calmed down a little. He couldn’t help but touch his cellphone, his fingertips fell on Ye Chen’s fair-skinned face.

Ye Chen calmed himself down in the car beforehand before arriving at the hotel. He shouldn’t be too cheerful, he certainly shouldn’t…

Once he hypnotized himself with a few words of rea.s.surances, Xiao Liu asked faintly, “Brother Chen, did you score a penta-kill again just now?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Xiao Liu said, “The last time I saw you being so happy was when you got a penta-kill…”

Ye Chen glared at him as he said, “When am I happy? I’m obviously angry right now!”

Xiao Liu, “k2026;”

Ye Chen didn’t trust his own acting skills. He adjusted the emotions in his face, then questioned Xiao Liu closely, “Look at me. Do I not look pitiful, nervous, with a bit of lingering fear in my face?”

Xiao Liu’s reply was considerably euphemistic, “…I might need to search the dictionary for the definition of ‘pitiful’, ‘nervous’, and ‘lingering fear’.”

Ye Chen went silent. “Then, what expression could you see in my face?”

Xiao Liu said under his breath, “As pleased as Punch.”

Brother Chen was shamed into anger. “Liu Xiaoming, are you blind?”

Xiao Liu, “…P-p-probably!”

Ye Chen, “I’ll give you three days off, go see an ophthalmologist right away!”

Xiao Liu, “Eh…”

Ye Chen gave him a card. “Here’s a medical card for you. I’ll beat you to death if you don’t spend all of it.”

Xiao Liu took a look at the ‘medical card’. He truly had no idea if that famous luxury store had a hospital in it…

Forget it. Brother Chen was in a good mood, so he scattered money like running water. Xiao Liu could only accept it joyfully.

Ye Chen had thought about it carefully. It was too difficult to pretend not to be happy with his acting skills, so he would just abandon this idea.

He swiped his card and went into the room. When Ye Chen saw Ren Jing, he gave him a big hug.

Ren Jing was still feeling quite restless. He knew Ye Chen’s family background very well. The more he knew, the more he stepped back. This was why he only dared to watch from afar for fourteen years.

Ye Family was a big family with great wealth. Ye Chen was also an only child. One could see from his name just how pampered he was.

‘Chen’ meant ‘treasure’. Ye Chen—Ye Family’s treasure, word for word.

Under these circ.u.mstances, let alone being together with a man, even if he was to get together with a woman, he would probably have to select his partner very carefully.

Ren Jing wanted to be together with Ye Chen, yet realized that he wasn’t good enough for Ye Chen under any circ.u.mstances; he wanted to give him happiness, yet was afraid that he wasn’t the person who could give him happiness.

Ye Chen hugged him and said, “I’ve told my parents the whole truth!”

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Ren Jing was suddenly pulled back from his train of thought and immediately tensed up.

After doing it for a long time, Ye Chen’s back…ache terribly…

But really, the more they did this ‘play’, the more he became accustomed to it, too. It seemed like it wasn’t that difficult for Ye Chen to take it, though he still had no idea how in the world that thing could penetrate in…

Ye Chen asked for leave again today. Director Li was very worried about him. Hearing his hoa.r.s.e voice, he told him, “You must take medicine on time. Cold nowadays are pretty difficult to cure!”

Ye Chen felt really ashamed. Good thing his voice sounds like he had caught a cold.

After he hung up the phone, Ye Chen laid on his stomach in bed as he groaned. The important thing was that his back felt sore.

Ren Jing went to prepare a meal. Although they were in a hotel, the room had a small kitchen. After eating meals ‘outside’ for a few days, Ren Jing—who had magical cooking skills on par with Queen Mother’s—had already prepared breakfast for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen lazily waited for a while. He stood by for Death System’s voice as he waited for Ren Jing to finish cooking.

“Oh dear!” Death System’s voice was like an x.x.xx.x.xx-keeper of a certain ancient times’ quarter. It laughed mischievously and said, “Daily mission: Make love to Ren Jing, the reward is one life point.”

Ye Chen’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding me! L-Last night, we’ve just…just…”

Death System, “You’re pa.s.sionately in love after all. It’s pretty normal to want to do it everyday.”

Ye Chen: I won’t be able to stand it!

Death System said, “The mission’s time limit is 9:55 tomorrow morning, what are you afraid of?”

Ye Chen said with a bitter face, “If we do it again tonight, I definitely won’t be able to go to the shooting again tomorrow…”

Death System racked its mind, then gave a lousy idea to Ye Chen, “Go seduce Ren Jing when he comes back. If you completed the mission beforehand, you’ll be able to rest properly at night, no?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Death System was quite enthusiastic when it said, “You’ve just done it anyway, your body is still accustomed to it. If you rush to do one more round, you’ll be able to complete the mission and it won’t interfere with your shooting tomorrow. It’s killing two birds with one stone, Big Brother!”

Ye Chen glared at it using dead-fish eyes. “I’ve cried until I lose my voice, yet I still want to seduce him? Just…just how f.u.c.king thirsty am I!?”

Death System laughed cheaply. “No worries, your husband will definitely really like it.”

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