If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch87 - Was That Car Crash Really an Accident?

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Chapter Ch87 - Was That Car Crash Really an Accident?

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Hearing Grandpa’s voice, Ye Chen immediately stood up and called out, “Grandpa.”

Father Ye and Mother Ye also greeted him. Not long after, Father Ye asked, “What does it have to do with Ye Chen’s story?”

Father Ye and Mother Ye knew that Old Man Ye’s health had gotten better. They were quite shocked as well when they received the medical checkup’s report. All that they could express was implausibility all over their faces.

Diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, herniated cervical and lumbar disc, as well as gout… All of these geriatric diseases could be controlled with the current medical treatments, but it was impossible to cure them.

With Old Man Ye’s current age, there would be a lot of complications when he underwent treatments, too. Taking medicine all year round would also cause a great burden on the kidney…

To put it bluntly, Old Man Ye could live painstakingly for a lot of years with the help of the medicines, but everything would be truly very difficult for him.

Yet now…all of these illnesses were completely gone. Even though Old Man Ye was still aging, the tedious diseases which had plagued him were now gone.

Before this, no one could figure out what was going on, but now…they found the source.

Ye Chen said, “Yes. The life points could be exchanged for the health of my loved ones.”

Old Man Ye had been listening from the corner, so he could keep up with what Ye Chen said. He asked, “But aren’t the life points used to extend Ren Jing’s life?”

Ye Chen explained in detail how the life points worked.

After listening to Ye Chen, the three wore the same expression… They truly didn’t know how to describe their feelings.

Father Ye summed up Ye Chen’s stories, “You had a car crash, then you were revived because Ren Jing had given his life to you. After coming back to life, you needed to do missions to extend Ren Jing’s life. One of the life…life points you obtain must be given to Ren Jing everyday, then the rest could be used by you, or you could save them up for your loved ones?”

Ye Chen nodded. “Yes, that’s it.”

Mother Ye asked, “What are the missions like? Are they difficult to do?”

Ye Chen’s face reddened, then he said under his breath, “They aren’t… All of them came from Ren Jing’s subconscious.”

Mother Ye had no idea that there was dog food right ahead. She rushed forward and asked, “What are they like? Do you need Mom’s help? Mom is so worried.”

Ye Chen said as he stammered his words, “They’re pretty easyk2026; F-For example, kiss Ren Jing, hug Ren Jing, accept the flowers he gave and so onk2026;”

The three elders of Ye Family, “…”

Even though what Ye Chen said was hard to believe, they had no choice but to believe his stories with Old Man Ye’s health as the evidence.

And once they believed his story…they immediately accepted Ren Jing.

How could they not accept him? So what if he was a man? He was the only person who didn’t hesitate to die for their son. Such affection couldn’t be repaid by anything.

Besides, their son also liked him. Seeing them being so harmonious, what else could be the reason for them to oppose their relationship?

Old Man Ye let out a sigh. “Ren Jing is a good boy.”

As soon as everyone started to talk, Ren Jing was truly greeted with the warmest spring.

Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He felt really glad inside his heart.

Old Man Ye was an old hand after all. He caught another important point. “Was that car crash really an accident?”

Ye Chen immediately sat up straight. His back was stretched taut and both his hands were curled into fists.

Within the whole incident, the only thing he had lied about was the truth about Ye Lan.

With Brother Xinghai helping him, Ye Lan would definitely be punished according to the law. Grandpa would certainly know when the latter was arrested, it would definitely shock him, but he really didn’t need to know that Ye Lan had tried to kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen wasn’t good at acting, his family could clearly see that he was scared.

His expression had practically revealed everything.

Father Ye asked with a worried voice, “What’s the matter? Did someone do it on purpose?”

Old Man Ye looked at Ye Chen, then asked with a voice filled with exhaustion, “Was it…Ye Lan?”

Ye Chen suddenly panicked. He tried his best to act, but…

Old Man Ye’s hale and hearty body immediately became dispirited at this moment. He sat down on the sofa and took a deep sigh. “It was my fault…”

Seeing Grandpa like this, Ye Chen felt extreme grief in his heart.

Old Man Ye asked, “When I was in poor health back then, you had kept the truth from me because you were afraid that I wouldn’t be able to bear it, right?”

“You’re such a handful boy…” The old man raised his hand, then his secretary took out a doc.u.ment.

Father Ye and Mother Ye took it and Ye Chen also did the same.

Ye Chen only needed to take a quick glance…and immediately understood what was going on.

Brother Xinghai had set about really quickly. The things Ye Lan had done had been investigated, and strong evidence had been gathered together. He had been arrested and the verdict had also been pa.s.sed…it was life imprisonment.

Ye Lan had contacted Grandpa, begging the latter to save him.

It was lucky that the old man was already in good health. Otherwise, he would have died from anger on the spot because of these shady businesses!

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How could he even save Ye Lan? Smuggling, drug trafficking, murdering someone to silence them… A hundred deaths would still not be enough to compensate for what Ye Lan had done!

Ye Chen felt so devastatingly distressed that he was choking with emotion as he said, “It’s alright, everything’s already alright… I’m fine, everyone’s fine.”

Indeed, everything and everyone was alright.

The nightmares didn’t come to haunt them.

It took a long time before the whole family calmed down.

Looking at the time, Mother Ye said, “It’s almost time to have a meal… Chen Chen, you should bring Ren Jing back, we’ll…”

Ye Chen immediately said, “I have to ask you to help me keep this a secret.”

No one responded.

Ye Chen had no choice but to explain for a bit that he had decided to hide the truth from Ren Jing.

Everyone figured it out all at once. Undoubtedly…no matter how they saw it, it would be best to hide this. Ren Jing had suffered enough, he deserved a better life.

Ye Chen said bashfully, “You don’t need to accept him so soon…let’s take it slowly…”

Father Ye and Mother Ye expressed that they were ‘under great pressure’.

Ye Chen said again, “It’s alright, I won’t bring him home for the time being. I still want to wait a little longer. I’ll bring him back when the time is right, then you could slowly accept him.”

Mother Ye’s motherly love was filled to the brim. She kept on questioning Ye Chen closely again and again, “How long would it be? What about next week?”

Ye Chen, “…”

Father Ye said calmly, “How about next month?”

Ye Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “…It should at least be in the next half a year!”

Mother Ye said, “Half a year? How could you two even live a happy life? Who will cook for you? It’s not good to keep eating outside everyday, it’s bad for your health!”

Ye Chen, “…” Shoot, I have an extremely bad premonition about this.

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