If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch86 - Confession

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Chapter Ch86 - Confession

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Regarding this matter, Ye Chen had been mentally prepared to face it long ago.

Since the last time grandpa saw Ren Jing and him together, he had expected this day to come.

Queen Mother was easy to deceive, but that would not be the case with Grandpa. On the outside, it seemed like Ye Chen had successfully fooled him, but Grandpa would certainly investigate them in secret…

Neither Ren Jing nor him had avoided it, either. Although they had used the filming as a facade and had more or less deceived Director Li, but the others…well…they really couldn’t fool them.

When Grandpa knew the truth, he would definitely tell Ye Chen’s parents… Basically, Queen Mother was the one who presided over the important matter of educating her son, so she immediately called Ye Chen the moment she got off the plane.

Hearing Ye Chen’s steady voice, Mother Ye was shocked. She turned her head around to look at her husband. “Our son wants to talk to us face to face!”

Father Ye raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s good he wants to talk face to face. I’ll beat this unfilial son to death first!”

Mother Ye rolled his eyes. She didn’t feel like ridiculing him.

But not long later, Father Ye was somewhat confused that he couldn’t help but ask, “Does Chen Chen truly like men?”

The feeling of waiting for his son to come out of the closet…

Mother Ye glared at him. “Who told you to laugh at Old Gu back then!? I’d like to see if you could still laugh now!”

At the time Gu Xi came out of the closet, Father Gu was so angry that he ‘ran away from home’. Father Ye had ‘consoled’ him clearly and logically, continuously telling him to accept it. Younger generations will do alright on their own, we won’t be able to control their life… And so on. Now his words were coming back to slap him!

Father Ye recalled another thing. He promptly held back his reddened face, feeling extremely restless.

After agreeing to meet at a certain place with his parents, Ye Chen drove there under Xiao Liu’s guidance.

Before leaving, Ye Chen said to Ren Jing, “My parents should have known already.”

Ren Jing suddenly felt somewhat nervous. He slightly tightened his grip on Ye Chen’s hand.

Ye Chen said, “It’s fine if they knew, I’ve always been planning to confess to them.”

Ren Jing’s black eyes twinkled, obviously filled with worry.

Ye Chen’s heart immediately felt soft that it was melting. He imprinted a kiss on Ren Jing’s lips. “Don’t worry, my mother likes you a lot. She has been your fan for many years.”

Ren Jing smiled bitterly. “I’ve stolen her darling, now she’s…”

Hearing the word ‘darling’, Ye Chen blushed. His heart was feeling so pleasantly sweet when he said, “There’s really no need to worry. I promise that my parents will accept us.”

Ren Jing truly had no idea where Ye Chen got that confidence from.

After all, things like coming out of the closetk2026;would make most parents furious enough to overturn heavens.

Society hadn’t been open-minded enough to not discriminate against same-gender relationships.

Ye Chen’s eyes were sparkling. He said confidently, “Ren Jing who is the best person in the world belongs to me, so they could only be happy for me.”

Ren Jing can’t help laughing. “How could I be the best?”

Ye Chen’s eyes were in a curve. The words coming out of his mouth were extremely sweet, “You’re awesome all around. You’re good-looking, have a nice personality, have great acting skills, could earn a lot of money, and…”

Ren Jing didn’t dare to hear more. If he did, he would be reluctant to let go of Ye Chen’s hand.

“Go ahead…” Ren Jing planted a kiss on Ye Chen’s lips. “I’ll be waiting for the news.”

Ye Chen corrected him, “You’ll be waiting for the good news.”

Ren Jing’s restless heart became much calmer upon hearing his words. He replied softly, “Mn.”

Ye Chen joyfully went out and rushed to the ‘battlefield’ with Xiao Liu.

If Queen Mother had looked for him before today, Ye Chen would’ve probably thrown away his cellphone and taken a flight to the end of the world to hide there.

He couldn’t help it… He was terrified. What would he do if he got beaten to death!?

But now, he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with courage. He wouldn’t be afraid even if he had to eat ‘stir-fry pork with bamboo shoots’ first.

Ren Jing had done so much for him, how could he just retreat now? He had to courageously face this first step for their future together.

He would lay his cards on the table to his parents. He could tell his parents the things he didn’t want Ren Jing to know.

No matter how unbelievable it was, it was the truth.

Ye Chen valiantly returned to his parents’ private house in the suburbs. After he parked the car and got off of it, he still felt a bit nervous.

It was quite scary when Father Ye was enraged.

Even though Mother Ye was his ‘fire extinguisher’, the premise was that Queen Mother was on Ye Chen’s side.

If Queen Mother was on Father Ye’s side, Father Ye’s fiery temper would be multiplied by ten!

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What made Ye Chen even more scared was, he would probably not be allowed to explain anything and be beaten up by his father first as soon as he entered the house.

Ye Chen’s eye sockets felt a bit hot. He unexpectedly couldn’t say the words which were already on the tip of his mouth.

He actually thought that his father would fly into a terrible rage, but in fact, he didn’t say anything. Not only did he not lose his temper, he was even feeling scared instead.

This must be because of…Brother Xi’s incident.

Ye Chen really didn’t expect that his parents would think of that first before being enraged.

At this time, Ye Chen understood very well that even if Death System didn’t tell the truth to him, his parents wouldn’t throw him out of the house and wouldn’t force him to compromise.

Most parents wouldn’t be able to accept if their son liked a man.

But compared to the safety of their child, everything else wasn’t worth mentioning.

The feeling inside Ye Chen’s heart couldn’t be explained in a few words. He shook his head and confessed, “Dad, Mom, please rest a.s.sured, I won’t do foolish things.”

Hearing the words ‘foolish things’, Father Ye instantly opened his eyes wide, then began to steal a glance at Mother Ye again.

Just when Mother Ye was about to say something, Ye Chen took a deep breath. “There’s something I want to tell you. Although they sound unbelievable, all of them had truly happened to me.”

Ye Chen said the series of things he had experienced in an orderly manner.

Starting from being revived until the truth which had been revealed not long ago.

Hearing his stories, Father Ye and Mother Ye had confusion all over their faces.

They couldn’t help it, whoever heard these stories would probably have the same dumbfounded expression.

Ye Chen let out a sigh. “They’re unbelievable, right? But the truth is…just like that.”

After being in a daze for a long time, Mother Ye said, “Ren Jing, that child…” Her voice was choked with emotion that she couldn’t finish her words.

Anyone who heard Ren Jing’s childhood stories would definitely feel sorry for him.

He had gone through such a miserable childhood experience, yet he ‘bloomed’ into such a fine Ren Jing because of a ray of light called Ye Chen.

A predestined marriage was truly a marvelous thing.

Father Ye said after being perplexed for a while, “This is really…too unrealistic.”

Such a ‘fantastical’ matter couldn’t be accepted by most people.

Right at this time, an old man’s voice could be heard. Old Man Ye came in with his hands on his back, then opened his mouth and went straight to the point, “So, that’s how my body recovered?”

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