If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch82 - It's None of Your Business!

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Chapter Ch82 - It’s None of Your Business!

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Zhan Chen was completely drunk. He went out of a famous bar carried by a man.

What was going on and what was about to happen was all too obvious.

Yan Han flared up in anger that he got out of the car, took large strides as he went over to them then forcibly took Zhan Chen away.

Afterwards, the two would have their first bed scene in the movie.

Yan Han was enraged once he saw the drunken Zhan Chen who was in complete shambles. They did that even before they arrived at the destination.

Later, Yan Han felt incessantly remorseful, yet he then completely understood his own intention at the same time. However, he still did not accept Zhan Chen and even pushed him further instead.

Because they couldn’t be together.

He couldn’t clearly understand Zhan Chen, yet he couldn’t escape this cage.

If Zhan Chen truly loved him, he couldn’t keep dragging Zhan Chen into an abyss; if Zhan Chen didn’t love him, then parting wasn’t a big deal.

Yan Han once again rejected Zhan Chen cruelly once he had found him, causing Zhan Chen to be completely discouraged. Then, Zhan Chen happened to stumble across an opportunity to go to a student exchange overseas. The still heartbroken Zhan Chen then decided to leave this place.

Let’s not mention the latter part of the script for now. The first part alone was difficult enough for them to act.

Firstly, Ye Chen had to be heartbroken and dead drunk. Then, they had to be in a dispute. The final bed scene had to be very intense, too.

Although it would be faked, the conflict and their infatuation with each other must be shown clearly.

Director Li was worried that they would be awkward during the bed scene.

Director Li was also worried that Ye Chen couldn’t act heartbroken and that Ren Jing and him wouldn’t be able to argue. As for the bed scene, hohoho, everything would be good as long as they did it seriously.

The scene began with Ye Chen drinking to drown his sorrows at the bar. One of the props in the bar was blended juice, which looked like the real thing. In fact, one wouldn’t get drunk even after drinking 800 cups of it because it wasn’t real.

Ye Chen was a bit troubled upon facing such a difficult monodrama. How should he act? How much should he drink?

Well, they hadn’t begun shooting yet. He should get used to it first.

But unlike last time, Ye Chen’s acting skills could be improved by approximately 20% with Gu Xi here (that was the limit, it couldn’t improve any further).

Seeing that Ye Chen was going to get stuck on the first scene, Gu Xi toughened his heart and told him straightforwardly, “Go drink the real liquor.”

Ye Chen was stunned. “I’m going to get drunk for real if I do so!”

Gu Xi said, “If you’re drunk then so be it. What are you afraid of?”

Ye Chen, “k2026;” What Gu Xi had said was reasonable. Ren Jing, Old Gu, and Old Yu were here, he really didn’t have anything to be afraid of.

Indeed, Yu Xingzhe finally appeared in the movie with the role he forcefully included himself in. When Ye Chen was tipsy, he came to chat and drank a few more gla.s.ses with Ye Chen. Afterwards, he carried Ye Chen out of the bar.

Originally, this role was just a walk-on without any lines. Yu Xingzhe would only be in this scene, drinking together with Ye Chen and then lending an arm to support him out of the bar…just giving an a.s.sist.

But Old Yu refused to accept it. How could he only be a walk-on in such a memorable movie?

Hence, he racked his brain and said, “This role has a room for improvement. Think about it, Zhan Chen and Yan Han would meet again three years later. Zhan Chen a.s.sumed that Yan Han had gotten married, so wouldn’t it be reasonable for him to bring a boyfriend back? This role is perfect as Zhan Chen’s fake boyfriend!”

Upon hearing his words, all the scriptwriters collectively thought: We give you the pen, you write the script!

Old Yu immediately added, “It’s tough being a scriptwriter. I’ll increase your overtime pay. How about twice your current salary?”

The scriptwriters took a breath, but still insisted: Money is worthless, art is invaluable.

Old Yu, “Three times.”

Scriptwriters, “!!!”

Old Yu, “Five times.”

f.u.c.k, we can’t afford to create art unless we accept this sum of money and become wealthy first!

Certainly, the script could be changed. Firstly, it wouldn’t interfere with the main theme. Secondly, this would increase the movie’s conflicts, which could be considered to be adding a vital finishing touch.

After reading the script, Director Li felt very satisfied and kept praising the scriptwriters for their ingenuity.

The scriptwriters: Haha, art is derived from ‘life’.

Let’s skip over this talk for now. We should discuss the shooting.

Ren Jing was quite anxious about the suggestion to have Ye Chen drink the real liquor since he knew Ye Chen’s liquor tolerance.

Ye Chen glanced at him, then smiled with his eyes in a curve. “It’s alright even if I’m drunk.”

Ren Jing was still staring at him.

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Ye Chen said again, “You’ll immediately come and pick me up anyway.”

Old Yu was not reconciled to act like this, but he had no more tricks. Who told him not to become a leading role…

Old Yu exited the scene professionally. Director Li was very happy, he felt that no one else would be able to express those emotional scenes more smoothly than his actors!

Zhan Chen was so drunk that Yan Han obviously couldn’t send him back to the school. If he went back to the school, he would be punished. How would Yan Han have the heart to leave him just like that?

He sent him to a hotel. He helped Zhan Chen settle down and intended to get up and leave.

At this time, Zhan Chen suddenly grabbed the corner of Yan Han’s clothes.

Yan Han stopped right where he was. Zhan Chen lowered his head then said using a hoa.r.s.e and exhausted voice, “Why did you come?”

Yan Han’s back was perfectly straight. He was silent for a moment before saying, “If I didn’t come, you’d have…”

Zhan Chen suddenly raised his voice. “It’s none of your business!”

A peculiar heat suddenly struck Yan Han’s chest. He turned around, his eyes were as cold as ice when he said, “Do you know what you’re doing!?”

Zhan Chen originally had a stern temperament. Now that he was drunk, he didn’t care about anything else anymore. He said in a loud voice, “I like men. I want to make love to a man. Teacher, you might take care of me this time, but could you take care of me for the rest of your life!?”

Yan Han’s pupils abruptly shrank. He clenched his fingers into a fist, then said with an icy voice filled with pain, “So you’re saying that you simply want to be with a man?”

His words trampled on Zhan Chen’s heart on the ground and crushed it afterwards. This was truly too cruel for Zhan Chen.

Zhan Chen burst into tears, yet unable to get the overflowing love inside his heart off his chest. He simply vented and said, “That’s right, I want to make love to a man. Please go away. I’ll find him right away after you’re gone…”

All of Yan Han’s lifelong self-cultivation had crumbled at this moment.

How could he see through the heart of a youngster like Zhan Chen?

When Zhan Chen was excited, he would promise an everlasting love, but what would happen after?

Zhan Chen was taking this seriously, yet once he had had enough of the freshness, he would turn around and leave.

It wasn’t that Yan Han couldn’t afford to bear how the world would view him, he couldn’t afford having his heart played with and losing his own ident.i.ty.

“Making love, right?” Yan Han’s smile was filled with a slight chill. His voice was very low as he said, “As long as we do it, you’ll let me go?”

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