If You Don't Fall In Love, You'll Die

Long Qi - 龙柒

Chapter Ch80 - Very Happy

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Chapter Ch80 - Very Happy

⋇ NSFW warning: 背后注意!Please take a look at your back (and surroundings!) before reading this chapter, unless you want to get your name excluded from your family registry!! You’ve been warned!!! ⋇

Editor: Amaris

This was a confession which made Ren Jing feel warm down to the bottom of his heart.

A moment ago, Ren Jing had felt like he was in a freezing abyss. But now, he felt as if he was surrounded by flowers, a warm springtime coming onto sight.

Ye Chen was very embarra.s.sed, but he also felt mushy upon finishing his words: “..worrying about the gains and the losses.” He truly meant it, he had gotten so much happiness that he was afraid he would lose everything.

Ye Chen still wanted to say something but Ren Jing had kissed him, giving him a reply using feverish, pa.s.sionate, and messy kisses.

Ye Chen’s mouth felt numb and his heart felt itchy, but he simply closed his eyes and acted compliant. The two who were dazed by the intimate kisses could feel their hearts which were separated by their chests beating in sync.

It’s nice that the person I love also loves me. I cherish him and he cherishes me, too.

When the two parted, Ye Chen gasped for breath. Ren Jing said, “No need to worry about the gains and the losses, Chen Chen, I’ll never leave you.”

Ye Chen pursed his lips as he looked at Ren Jing. “I know,” he added, “I’ll never leave you, either.”

Ren Jing couldn’t resist kissing Ye Chen again. He was a lot calmer this time, kissing Ye Chen leisurely and carefully. The surging emotions at the bottom of Ren Jing’s heart were conveyed to Ye Chen through the contact of their lips.

If Ren Jing’s profound love could turn into an essence, it would probably turn into a soft ball of cotton which would wrap Ye Chen up, bringing warmth to Ye Chen who was immersed in the cold.

When they parted again, Ren Jing’s big member had become somewhat disobedient.

Ye Chen felt quite limp and numb, then he was suddenly reminded of that night… It was true that he was drunk, but actually, he remembered some parts of it. He felt very uncomfortable at first, but afterwards…

Ye Chen’s eyes glittered, yet his voice was very firm when he said, “Let’s do it.”

Ren Jing felt a buzz in his head. This was the second time Ye Chen had ‘invited’ him.

Who could even endure when the person they cherished at the tip of their heart mentioned such a thing twice?

Ren Jing’s reasoning told him that he shouldn’t. He should consider this carefully. Now is not the right time yet, is not the right time…not. In the end, he couldn’t utter even a word.

Ye Chen’s cheeks were burning crimson. His expression of plucking up his courage had greatly stirred Ren Jing up. “If you go slower…it shouldn’t…shouldn’t hurt too much. If I really can’t make it tomorrow, I’ll ask for a leave…” His volume became lower and lower as he spoke that it was almost inaudible to the end. It was really too embarra.s.sing!

If Ren Jing still could hold back, then he truly wasn’t a man anymore.

Ren Jing held the back of Ye Chen’s head then kissed his lips.

Ye Chen felt so nervous that he almost forgot how to take a breath.

Nevertheless, Ren Jing didn’t keep kissing his lips. He traced down his fair-skinned chin, to his neck, collarbone, and then…

Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes wide. He panted for breath rapidly, feeling riled up.


After a while, Ye Chen eventually cried.

Ye Chen woke up in the wee hours. He couldn’t move a muscle, looking like a carved sculpture groveling on the bed. Even his fingers were too stiff to budge.

Brother Chen had perfectly depicted what it meant by ‘the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear’.

It hurts, it hurts so much! It felt as if the entire lower half of his body wasn’t his anymore.

The most shameful thing was, how did he cry into that kind of mess!?

At first, he cried because it hurt. Later, he cried because it felt good. In any case, it seemed as if he was possessed by Sister Lin that his tears wouldn’t stop flowing.

Ye Chen noticed that not only was he unable to move a single step, his voice had also turned hoa.r.s.e. He had shouted too fiercely that he was unable to blurt even a syllable out now.

How shameful! Thinking back to what he had done, Ye Chen was flushed with shame. He wanted to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

Ren Jing’s voice resounded above him. “Are you alright?”

Alright my s.h.i.t! Ye Chen felt extremely wronged. He couldn’t move or say anything, he could only lay down on his stomach.

Ren Jing carefully took Ye Chen into his embrace, then coaxed him like he was coaxing a child, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Ren Jing had indeed been treated unjustly in this situation. He had reminded Ye Chen a lot of times that it would hurt considerably, but Brother Chen was bold and brash. He had persistently ground his teeth and said it was alright, he had even deliberately seduced Ren Jing. Later, he was completely done for. It was Ye Chen himself who had enticed his lover and lit the fire up, yet he cried and shouted that it hurt. But Ren Jing really couldn’t stop anymore.

Ye Chen replied, his voice hoa.r.s.e, “It’s not your fault.” Then he continued angrily, “It’s its fault!” As he said so, he used his knee to nudge Ren Jing’s big member.

As a result, he kicked an iron plate.

Ye Chen felt like crying again. “Why…why is it…” perked up again!?

Ren Jing said, “Don’t be afraid, just ignore it.”

Ye Chen could only be obedient. He didn’t dare say anything or provoke Ren Jing anymore. He was so well-behaved like a poor little boy.

Ren Jing adored yet felt distressed seeing Ye Chen like this. He really wished he could hold Ye Chen in his palm and carefully take good care of him.

Ye Chen felt wronged for a while before his stomach disappointingly rumbled.

Ren Jing promptly asked, “Are you hungry?”

Ye Chen nodded.

So hungry…

Ye Chen had only eaten a little bit because he was feeling blue at noon. Then he proceeded to have vigorous exercise afterwards and immediately missed dinner. He slept as soon as they were done and only woke up now, how could he not be hungry?

Ren Jing, “Wait a bit, I’ll get something for you to eat.”

Ye Chen replied in a whisper, “Alright.”

After Ren Jing left, Ye Chen lay in bed. He grimaced in pain right away. It hurts so much! He promptly turned his body over and lay on his stomach again.

Not long after, Ren Jing returned.

Ye Chen was laying face down on the bed, thus his straight, fair-skinned legs were directly exposed to Ren Jing…

Ren Jing’s Adam’s apple bobbed. In the end, he discarded his ‘evil desire’ and came over to hug Ye Chen instead. “Do you want to drink water first?”

Ye Chen nodded.

Ren Jing poured water for him, bringing it to the corner of his mouth.

Ye Chen thought of sitting up, but the moment he moved his legs, he accidentally tugged a certain spot and immediately felt like crying because of the pain.

Ren Jing hurriedly stated, “Don’t move, I’ll feed you.”

What else could Ye Chen do… He could only let Ren Jing serve him like he was a handicapped person.

After drinking some water, he felt much more comfortable. It felt as if he had gained some of his strength back.

At this time, the doorbell rang. It seemed that the midnight snack had arrived.

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Ren Jing went to open the door and pushed the dining cart in.

Ren Jing was the one in control, Ye Chen was the one who ultimately kicked the bucket.

How dreadful!

Ye Chen looked at Ren Jing as if he had seen a monster. “You…this is…”

Ren Jing chuckled and said, “This character is quite difficult to play indeed. If you want to play well, you should concentrate.”

Is this important now??

Ye Chen was in high spirits. He urged Ren Jing, “Play it again, I want…I still want to watch you play.”

Ren Jing complied. “Sure.”

After an hour had pa.s.sed, Ye Chen was completely won over. It was true that Ren Jing hadn’t played the game before, but his brain was pretty responsive and his hands were extremely nimble, his reflexes were also particularly quick—in a simple and crude way, he could be said to be a genius…

Such a genius like him… Ye Chen had seen one before. When he had dragged his younger cousin into the pit (of gaming), he had been astonished by his cousin’s outstanding Han Xin.

To compare oneself with others…truly infuriated Ye Chen!

Ye Chen cheerfully watched Ren Jing play the game for two hours.

After finishing another round, Ren Jing looked at Ye Chen and said, “Time to sleep.”

Ye Chen had disappointment written all over his face.

Ren Jing pinched his cheek. “I’ll play it again tomorrow when I’m free.”

Ye Chen’s eyes glimmered. “Really?”

“Mhm.” Let alone playing games, Ren Jing would accompany Ye Chen to do anything as long as it was what Ye Chen wanted to do.

Eventually, the two hugged each other sweetly and slept soundly.

Ye Chen obviously asked for leave the next day. Even though he could get out of the bed, it still hurt too much to walk. If he went to shoot the movie in this condition, he would probably pa.s.s out at the shooting site.

He clung around Ren Jing and nagged him to play for the whole day. He was so happy all over, wishing he could go to his uncle’s house in a flash and drag his arrogant cousin out to let him see what ‘genius’ truly meant!

Ren Jing is truly so amazing! Ye Chen himself wasn’t aware that he had become Ren Jing’s fanboy now…

Near the evening, Ren Jing went out because he had a business to take care of. Ye Chen joyfully rolled a few times in bed.

Death System voice resounded faintly in Ye Chen’s head. “Triggering a compulsory mission…”

Ye Chen was startled. “What?”

Death System continued, “Compulsory mission: Tell Ren Jing about Death System. The time limit is twenty days.”

Ye Chen gasped. “What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

Death System said slowly, “The compulsory mission must be completed. Otherwise, all of your remaining life points will be deducted.”

Ye Chen turned his body over and got up at once. “Death System! Do you f.u.c.king really want to go to h.e.l.l!?”

T/N: h.e.l.lo. Sorry I took so long to update this chapter. Online cla.s.ses are s.h.i.ts, and I’ve been trying to improve my health so I’ve been resting a lot.

But hey, they did it!!! Well they have done it before but still!! Congratulations on your marria— I mean, congratulations on becoming one (???)!!!!! Do we need to make red eggs? Or cook sekihan? Or jump right into the ceremony?? In any case, congratulations!!! Now we’re just waiting for the wedding, please invite us!!! //no

Alsoooo the cliffy!! What’s with the compulsory mission!? What the h.e.l.l is that?? Well, stay tuned until the “revelation” to find out what it is!!!!!!

Anyway, I’m not too familiar with Chinese gaming terms, so please do correct me if you see any of the terms being translated incorrectly. I’ve only worked on three or four chapters of e-sports manhua in the past, so I only know some bits of it. Really, kudos to all of the gaming novel translators out there, y’all the true MVPs.

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